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  1. With mention of the PTC system in this thread, I wonder, when PTC becomed manditory, what would that do to the ATS system on the UP-North line? I know the old bridges around Evanston keep newer motive power from being used, but I also have a feeling the ATS system might too. It would be one reason less, perhaps, that the MP36s are not used on the UP-North. Then it would just be a matter of upgrading bridges. Much as I am partial to the F-40-PHs from a railfan standpoint, those units won't go on forever.
  2. I've seen a lot of ballast trains in Kenosha and Waukegan recently, and a few days ago saw a Plasser self propelled MOW car as well. I get the idea there's trackwork being planned on this end of the line too.
  3. Garmon, what type of video chip is in your laptop? Intel graphics chips are not that great so that might be part of it. Also, if the EMU cars in question are British, and I am gathering they are by the thing about the 365s, then those might not be headlights in the first place. For a long time, British trains had lights on the front, not as headlights, but as train classification lights. If anyone here has kids that watch Thomas the Tank Engine, you can sometimes see small lanterns on the fronts of the engines. Those would be classification lights. Modern equipment doesn't use the lights anymore though, but I would imagine after decade after decade of not needing headlights on trains (Old law about having right of way totally separate from the rest of the land via fences), they might just put something minimal on them now.
  4. Since I just realized I never said if the new card works or not, yes it does. In fact, it hasn't once failed to read so far. Though I do realize I probably just jinxed myself.
  5. I gotta ask, since I'm not on here anywhere near as much as I used to be, did someone say something nasty that prompted this topic? In general, I can say that people can be jerks. Moreso when they are behind a computer monitor. If someone was knocking your pics or posts, keep that in mind. Frankly, I'm still surprised no one has gotten on my rear for any of my griping about the poor management of Pace North Division. (Now's your chance everyone! ), though in my case, some of it is from being involved in labor issues by way of written testimony, and in one case, testifying against them in court. For all the behind the scenes type stuff you've put pictures of up, that's basically gold here.
  6. My dad and I were in Horicon, WI for a Scout camp promotion presentation he did for our camp (He's camp director in the Northeast Illinois Council), and while looking for a McDonald's to get coffee and a bathroom break, we found a bunch of old Metra Pullman-Standad bilevels on a siding along the Wisconsin & Southern railroad. I didn't have my camera, but Google Maps shows the cars, and so does their street view, though a small delivery truck partially blocks their view. Interesting place for them to show up, and they look rather old. Some are pretty rusty. I think this link will work for showing them through Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/@43.4474553,-88.6381656,3a,75y,138.55h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s4h2RRmPKDP17eKkpt9GyZA!2e0
  7. Some of the NABIs at North Division have had that problem too. Mostly the 6200s I've noticed. One of them, if the dashboard switch was set to heat, you got cold. Set to cold, you got heat. At least that's how it appeared. The switch looked like a basic toggle you can get at Ace Hardware, and it probably got rotated 180 degrees or something. It was probably more complicated than that though. All I remember of it, was that the floor heater was so hot, I burned my ankle on it.
  8. Kenosha, with the exception of the buses used in school tripper service, is all Gillig. They seem to work quite well up here. Some of the old hats at Pace North have told me about their experiences with the Gillig Phantoms. Being the first buses equipped new with wheelchair lifts, there were incidents where a bump in the road would cause the wheelchair lift to deploy, of course, slamming the bus to a halt. I got the impression that they drove fairly well, but rattled quite a bit as they went along.
  9. The Gillig buses here in Kenosha still have that seat that folds down right behind the wheelchair area priority seats.
  10. I was in Waukegan today and saw more blue ones than the last time I was down there. Way I figure it, it's kind of nice that they're now trying to unify the look of their buses more, but junk in different packaging is still junk. Just looks a little nicer, that's all. The 6600 and 6200s are just that. Junk.
  11. I got my new Ventra card the other day. It got sent to my dad's house by mistake (I lived with him briefly before moving to Kenosha. He is also payee for my SSI, mostly because he is much better at keeping track of that and insurance than I ever will be), and he activated it for me before he brought it up for me. We'll see if this one works.
  12. Yes, and I think there is something printed on it to that effect too. June 30 is also when my old magnetic card was set to expire too, so I think the Ventra card was merely to replace my existing magnetic card. I was not only told by someone I talked to at the RTA that my existing Ventra card would be good through September now, but a trainman on a Metra train told me there was a bulletin downtown that said that too. I did try the 800 number for the Ventra card, and was unable to talk to a "real" human being. I also hate these computerized phone systems with a passion.
  13. I did call the number a while back. Where it gets interesting, is that the Ventra free ride card I have was set to expire June 30. After a couple calls to find out where my new one was, I was told that the card I had was going to be good through the end of September now. Sounds like a delay in getting new cards out. I used my old magnet stripe card until June 30 on the buses (Though it was faded, worn, and chipped in the corner, it always worked on the buses) and kept the newer cleaner Ventra card in my wallet to show Metra trainmen. The picture on the mag stripe card was so worn the trainmen could not verify it was my card. I actually activated the Ventra card right before June 30, I think a day or two before. I have very little tolerance for the talking heads at most customer support centers and avoid them if at all possible.
  14. The bus I saw, yes, actually was blue. North still has a number of 6600s and 6200s that are white with the yellow stripe, and some that are all white (No yellow stripe) with the wrench (Or snail shell, as I call it) logo. Now at least one bus that actually is blue.
  15. I used my disability free ride Ventra card for the first time on a bus last week. It should be activated, and should all be set up, yet when I tapped it against the machine, nothing at all happened. As in no response whatsoever from the reader. Even the driver had no idea why it did absolutely nothing, especially because no one else that day had problems. He let me ride anyway, since it IS a free ride pass. Before I deal with the "Customer (Lack of) Support", I figure I'd ask here and see if anyone has any guesses what the problem is?
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