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  1. Just my personal preference: I would prefer more Novas, both 40' & 60'.
  2. Exactly what I'm thinking.
  3. ChicagoNova

    More Bus Moves

    I saw an 82xx on 94 South California this afternoon.
  4. My mistake. Artics of other TAs, including NYMTA & LACMTA, & even some in Seattle, have 3 doors.
  5. No. Our artics only have 2 doors.
  6. I really think that CTA's next order of artics should feature 3 doors instead of 2. CTA is already behind in the times in that area.
  7. That idea's been on my mind ever since the 1st time I've heard of CCW. & I totally agree. CTA should look at this option. It would save them a real good chunk.
  8. I used to ride those cars in that video when I was stationed in Japan.
  9. Yes, & I would love to see more 3200s on the Blue Line!
  10. Meaning CTA's gonna get another round of Novas?
  11. ChicagoNova

    More Bus Moves

    8278 southbound on Kimball but not in service.
  12. ChicagoNova

    More Bus Moves

    Spotted 8086 (one of 74th's buses) on Route #2, along with 1704 (NP).
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