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  1. What!??
  2. So that's 82 old Novas still in service, huh?
  3. That's funny. How come they're not showing up on the bus tracker that I'm looking at (
  4. I'm surprised to see no Novas on #66.
  5. I did read it. Thank you very much. That's why I wrote that.
  6. What seems to be the problem? It seems like FG's losing a good bunch of it's new Novas.
  7. Is this really really happening right now?
  8. WTF!!
  9. Then maybe opening up another garage would be an option as far as freeing up space from a garage is concerned in case it doesn't have anymore room for artics.
  10. Just my personal opinion: I think CTA should purchase >100 more artics to flush the remaining 6400 Series Novas out of service.
  11. Yesterday afternoon right after I got off work, I spotted NF artic #4206 on 146 SB.
  12. 2600's actually.
  13. You mean 6400 Series Novas.
  14. Just a simple error. They may have been thinking about J14.