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  1. 700-series XE40 - Deliveries & Assignments

    I've heard of them too.
  2. More Bus Moves

    I forgot to put this up Sunday. I don't remember the bus numbers, but I spotted 2 of 74th's Novas by North Avenue Beach on Sunday after coming from the LGBT Pride Parade.
  3. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Actually I'd like to ride one once it's in CTA's hands.
  4. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    I'd like to see & ride those Proterra electric buses. I've seen a good few running around downtown on Michigan & Randolph.
  5. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    I'm gonna have to think about that one, counting I'm not allowed in the yard.
  6. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Real close to where I live. I live right by 79th & Perry.
  7. Combining Bus Routes

    I'm not sure if this would be the appropriate forum for what I'm about to talk about, but I was thinking, what if CTA were to discontinue 54A North Cicero/Skokie Blvd. & extend 54 Cicero to operate to/from Dempster-Skokie Yellow Line station & let 97 Skokie take over the rest of the way to Westfield Shoppingtown Old Orchard.
  8. More Bus Moves

    What seems to be the problem? I seem to be seeing a good handful of 40 footers on the #6.
  9. More Bus Moves

    Spotted an old RTS at South Shops & 1 of NYCMTA's NF XD60 artics eastbound on the Dan Ryan.
  10. 700-series XE40 - Deliveries & Assignments

    I finally got the opportunity to ride 701 from 79th/Racine to 79th/Perry this evening.
  11. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    So that's 82 old Novas still in service, huh?
  12. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    That's funny. How come they're not showing up on the bus tracker that I'm looking at (http://www.ctabustracker.com/bustime/map/displaymap.jsp)?
  13. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    I'm surprised to see no Novas on #66.