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  1. ChicagoNova

    More Bus Moves

    Understood, but I thought 77 was going all Nova with the 7900 Series Novas.
  2. ChicagoNova

    More Bus Moves

    NF 1592 spotted on #77 Belmont.
  3. Then it may have been a brawl afterwards.
  4. ChicagoNova

    More Bus Moves

    I've also seen 6400's on 85 & 152.
  5. ChicagoNova

    More Bus Moves

    You're right. Each of the said routes are going all Nova. 56, however, has a 6400 Series Nova & the rest are 7900 Series.
  6. ChicagoNova

    More Bus Moves

    54 Cicero appears to be going all Nova interestingly.
  7. Just my idea: If Kedzie is to get Novas, that would be 6 out of 7 garages. I'd say how about CTA evens it out: 75 Novas per garage.
  8. That sighting was at 9:06pm, outside of rush hour.
  9. 4098 & 4172 found as we speak on 28 Stony Island.
  10. This idea probably won't work, but how about extending the 44 Wallace/Racine to downtown via the old 15 Canal/Wacker route.
  11. I don't see 7904 anywhere, but 7903 is still currently on #28 according to the bus tracker.
  12. You're welcome. My current rating is 50%. I may try later on to get it increased.
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