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  1. Correction: King Drive instead of South Park.
  2. That would be a good idea, or have the Green Line continue further east after stopping at Indiana, following what used to be the Kenwood Branch to 42nd Place, stopping at South Park--Vincennes--Cottage Grove--Ellis/Lake Park--42nd Place, then branching over to follow the MED tracks to 93rd/South Chicago, stopping at 47th--Hyde Park--55th--59th-University of Chicago--63rd--Stony Island--Jeffrey--South Shore--75th--79th--83rd--87th--93rd/South Chicago.
  3. As for the Green Line, I would extend it down to Blue Island, IL via the current route between Harlem & Garfield, then have it go further south, stopping at 63rd, then further down south, making a turn wide enough to continue going 55 m.p.h., connecting to a South Chicago leg following the track that parallel South Chicago/I-90, stopping at King Drive--Cottage Grove--75th, then winding over to the tracks currently run on by the ME tracks, stopping at 79th--83rd--87th--91st--95th-Chicago State University--103rd--107th--111th--115th--Michigan--Stewart--Halsted--Racine--Ashland--127th--Blue I
  4. Harlem--Oak Park--Ridgeland--Austin--Central--54th/Cermak--Cicero--Kostner--Pulaski--Central Park--Kedzie--California--Western--Damen--18th--Roosevelt--Polk--Racine Transfer to Blue Line)--UIC-Halsted--Clinton--LaSalle--Jackson--Monroe--Washington--Clark/Lake--Grand/Milwaukee--Chicago/Milwaukee--Division/Milwaukee--Damen (Transfer to Blue Line to O'Hare)--Then on the branch which is currently a walk path: Western--California--Humbolt--Kimball--Lawndale (or Central Park)--Pulaski--Kostner--Grand/Cicero--Laramie--Central--Austin--Narragansett--Oak Park--Harlem/Grand
  5. Not really. 69th was taking care of 38 Michigan Express, not 77th, & initially I only saw 4000 Series M-A-N Americanas. Later on I began seeing 4400 Series RTSs, then 6000 Series Flxies, all in the mix. In 1996, 69th Garage was replaced by 74th.
  6. Actually, sometime after the Orange Line began service, the artics were moved from Archer to Chicago for the 23 Washington Express, which was operating as a west side alternative for the Lake Street leg of the Green Line. After the Green Line reopened, 23 Washington Express was discontinued, & the artics were then moved from Chicago to North Park, & then later, from North Park to 103rd.
  7. Just my personal preference: I would prefer more Novas, both 40' & 60'.
  8. Exactly what I'm thinking.
  9. I saw an 82xx on 94 South California this afternoon.
  10. My mistake. Artics of other TAs, including NYMTA & LACMTA, & even some in Seattle, have 3 doors.
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