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  1. Found this photo on Facebook. Posted by Karthik Parvathinathan. Cannot make out the number.
  2. Tracked down two more Pace Heritage wraps today. First is Pace 6567 (Nortran) not 6571 as originally stated. Then drove down to Oak Park and photographed Pace 6360 (West Towns). Very productive day to say the least.
  3. Two of my friends happened to photograph two of the Pace Heritage wraps. Don Ellison photographed Pace 6770 in Waukegan. Joe Goryl photographed Pace 2825 at Midway.
  4. Took a ride on Route 603 to Elgin on Friday and photographed Pace 2738 at the Elgin Transportation Center.
  5. Pace 15500 has been wrapped for South Suburban Safeway. But instead of red and cream, Pace used red and white. Looks horrible. Photo from Pace Facebook page.
  6. Pace Fox Valley – 2614 Aurora Transit System Pace Heritage – 2764 Joliet Mass Transit District Pace North – 6770 Waukegan North Chicago Transit Pace North Shore – 2656 Wilbus Pace Northwest – 2775 and 6571 United Motor Coach and NORTRAN Pace River – 2738 City of Elgin Pace South – 15500 South Suburban Safeway Pace Southwest – 2825 Suburban Transit Pace West – 6360 West Towns Bus Co Highland Park Garage – 2631 Highland Park Transit McHenry Garage – 2661 1970’s RTA Naperville Garage – 2681 West Suburban Updated list. At the moment there are only three buses wrapped: Aurora, Joliet, Wilbus. They are redoing the wraps to cover-up the rear grill area to get rid of the Pace "P" and paint the front of some of the buses to match the original scheme and not have the blue front. Melvin
  7. Let the fun begin Pace Heritage – 2764 JMTD Pace Fox Valley – 2614 Aurora Pace North Shore – 2656 Wilbus Pace Northwest – 2775 United Motor Coach Pace North – 6770 Waukegan Pace South – 15500 South Suburban Safeway Pace Southwest – 2825 Suburban Transit Fleet
  8. Here is a rundown on the Divisions and what company wrap will be at each Division. Fox Valley Division – Aurora Transit System Heritage Division – Joliet Mass Transit District Highland Park Garage – Highland Park Transit McHenry Garage – 1970’s Era RTA pumpkin Naperville Garage – West Suburban North Division – Waukegan North Shore Division – Wilbus Northwest Division – Nortran and United Motor Coach River Division – City of Elgin South Division – South Suburban Safeway Southwest Division – Suburban Transit West Division – West Towns
  9. Traveled out to Joliet today to get a photo of their Heritage wrap. Here it is. I guess it looks alright. I wish they had put the red around the front like the original.
  10. Thanks for the info. Interesting wrap.
  11. Was CDT bought out by National Express. Saw this Road Supervisor van by their Racine garage.
  12. How did the Proterra buses being operated by Aon weather the cold snap we had. Heard nothing about their status.
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