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  1. Pace 2641 operated by Niles Free Bus has been wrapped once again as the Holly Trolley. Here is a picture of it taken at Golf Mill today.
  2. I have noticed on some of the community vehicles that they have a small number in the front windshield by the driver.
  3. New CTA map dated October 2016 is out.
  4. The 2015 Holiday Bus had the middle and rear wheel guards and "Sprint" in a number of places.
  5. Bus 4397 on Milwaukee just north of Kilpatrick
  6. The schedule for the Holiday bus is posted on the CTA website.
  7. Here are some photos of 1763
  8. Here is a shot of 6525 in the sun.
  9. Thanks. Was able to get a photo of it at Cumberland.
  10. I have been checking Bus Tracker for the past few days and have not observed the bus. Could it be a ghost bus.
  11. Here is a view of 8305 taken on Addison Friday Afternoon.
  12. Here is a photo from The Chicago Transit Authority showing the Jefferson Park area before the Kennedy Expressway and long before the Jefferson Park Transit Center construction.Hope you enjoy.
  13. 6375 and 6376 at West are now wrapped for Wrigley Field Express service.
  14. 6474 was operating on Western this afternoon.
  15. 6448 is also wrapped for the Pace Wrigley Field Express and 6450 is wrapped for Cruise through Construction.