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  1. Random Pace

    Pace has wrapped 6963 for Ankin Law
  2. New CTA Maps Are Out

    New maps dated July 2018 are out.
  3. CTA 8499 out on July 19th

    APTA was in town visiting METRA 47th Street. Used it to take them to 47th and their hotel.
  4. CTA 8499 out on July 19th

    CTA 8499 was out today and was photographed by me at Jefferson and Harrison. If in wrong thread please correct.
  5. ATS O'Hare

    The legal lettering shows Continental Air Transport. It appears there could be 20 buses being used, S102X/S103X.
  6. maths22 bus tracker web site

    I received the same message
  7. Random Pace

    Southbound Pace bus stops at Harlem-Lake (307-318) have been moved to far-side stop. CTA stop is still near-side.
  8. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Why would you think that.
  9. Pace Roster

    On 5-1-2018, 6235 was operating on 307, while 6251 and 6258 were operating on 311.
  10. Took the Milwaukee North Line to Grayslake yesterday to see how the work on the track replacement between Grayslake and Fox Lake was proceeding. There was the usual Metra MOW equipment and trucks parked around the station, they happened to be working on the northbound track this day. According to the construction schedule, they should be finished this weekend. Photographed a Metra caboose while there, along with Metra switcher 6. Also photographged the replacement bus service being operated by Pace between Grayslaks and Fox Lake. The two buses being used were out of Northwest. Surprised they were not out of Waukegan.
  11. Bus Wraps

    Has anyone here observed an artic wrapped for Blue Man Group. If yes, what is the bus number.
  12. New Eldorados?

    6778 and 6779 were photographed at the CA/AZ border last week. Picture posted on previous page.
  13. Annual Holiday Bus

    Here is a photo of CTA 4374 taken at Jefferson Park earlier today.
  14. Niles Free Bus

    Niles has wrapped bus 2641 as the Holly Trolley again this year.
  15. Random Pace

    I should have mentioned earlier that about 10 minutes before that I photographed bus 6518 on its layover at Golf Mill.