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  1. Bus Wraps

    Has anyone here observed an artic wrapped for Blue Man Group. If yes, what is the bus number.
  2. New Eldorados?

    6778 and 6779 were photographed at the CA/AZ border last week. Picture posted on previous page.
  3. Annual Holiday Bus

    Here is a photo of CTA 4374 taken at Jefferson Park earlier today.
  4. Niles Free Bus

    Niles has wrapped bus 2641 as the Holly Trolley again this year.
  5. Random Pace

    I should have mentioned earlier that about 10 minutes before that I photographed bus 6518 on its layover at Golf Mill.
  6. New Eldorados?

    No link, but here is the photo. From Eddie Anthony's Facebook post. Taken around the CA/AZ state line. He mentioned three Pace buses, possibly the third one was 6769.
  7. New Eldorados?

    Someone has posted on Facebook photos of 6768 and 6770 being delivered.
  8. Random Pace

    I know that. But since I was on Mall property I just left.
  9. Random Pace

    Had something strange happen to me at Golf Mill. A Pace Supervisor from NW came up to me and said that a driver had called and reported that I was taking photos of their buses. I told him that I have been taking bus photos for close to 50 years. He told me that if I want to take photos of Pace buses I need to get permission from Pace because of the "problems" that have been occurring. Since I was on Mall property, I did not want to get into a long drawn-out argument with him, and said I was leaving. If I had been on a public street, I would have stood my ground.
  10. Niles Free Bus

    Niles Free Bus appears to be re-branding their bus fleet. I saw a number of their buses at Golf Mill today in this new scheme as shown on 2646. .
  11. New Eldorados?

    Pace 17568 was on display at APTA in Atlanta earlier in the week.
  12. New CTA Maps Are Out

    New CTA map dated September 2017 is out.
  13. Welcome Aboard 70 Years Of The CTA

    Shouldn't this be in the 70th Anniversary thread under CTA General Discussions.
  14. Welcome Aboard 70 Years Of The CTA

    On October 1st, the CTA will be operating the 4000 and 2400 series "L" cars around the Loop beginning at 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. Also, 8499 will be giving rides at the same time. If you wish to ride the first 4 trips on the 4000's or 8499, you will need to get a special ticket from the Community Service bus that will be at Daley Plaza. The CTA will begin handing out the tickets beginning at 0930; one per customer. More information can be found on the CTA website.
  15. Random Metra

    That picture is not a bathroom door. It is a door to enter the cab, which is located on the upper deck of the cab car. The bathroom is on the lower level.