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  1. Any reason why West Division does not operate their New Flyers on weekends.
  2. Pace bus tracker appears to be down. Getting message "Unavailable".
  3. Has anyone noticed that a number of the New Flyer buses do not have license plates.
  4. Photos posted on Pace Facebook page
  5. Looks like the photo was taken at West Division. West Towns heritage bus in background.
  6. Pace is not the only transit operator that has wrapped buses for their anniversary. Tr-Met in Portland Or has wrapped one of their 40 foot Gilligs in the old Tri-Met colors. Photo from Tri-Met Facebook.
  7. This was posted on Pace's Facebook page on Thursday.
  8. Found this photo on Facebook. Posted by Karthik Parvathinathan. Cannot make out the number.
  9. Tracked down two more Pace Heritage wraps today. First is Pace 6567 (Nortran) not 6571 as originally stated. Then drove down to Oak Park and photographed Pace 6360 (West Towns). Very productive day to say the least.
  10. Two of my friends happened to photograph two of the Pace Heritage wraps. Don Ellison photographed Pace 6770 in Waukegan. Joe Goryl photographed Pace 2825 at Midway.
  11. Took a ride on Route 603 to Elgin on Friday and photographed Pace 2738 at the Elgin Transportation Center.
  12. Pace 15500 has been wrapped for South Suburban Safeway. But instead of red and cream, Pace used red and white. Looks horrible. Photo from Pace Facebook page.
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