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  1. On October 7, 2011, The Omnibus Society of America had a tour of CTA's Maintenance Training Center located at 1120 E. 89th St. Attached are some photos of equipment that was on-hand. Mel
  2. Attached is a company photo taken by the CTA in 1961 from my collection. The reason I am posting the photo is that you know you are getting old when you remember the gum, candy, peanut and soda machines that were in the Chicago subway stations. Mel
  3. Is this the Flyer Low-floor demo you are talking about. I stumbled across it while it was working Cermak one day. Mel
  4. Attached are some photos of 9532 that I received from a CTA employee a few years ago. Mel
  5. I have a Pace One Day pass in my transfer collection. I received it from a retired driver that had worked out of South Holland. Supposedly could only buy it at the Hodgkins UPS plant. It is printed on the back 'Use by 12-01-05. Mel Bernero
  6. How long would a strike have to last for the CTA to save $96 million. Mel
  7. I wonder if the Conducters are having a difficult time keeping enough dollar bills on hand to make change when they are given $10 and $20 bills, what with the increase of the weekend pass cost. Mel Bernero
  8. While out today, I saw 4 artics on Route 82, Kimball-Homan at 5:45pm Mel
  9. At least two Flxibles were out today, Saturday. 6167 was running Central and 6140 was on Milwaukee. Mel
  10. mel bernero

    Bus holodins

    Any truth to the rumor that ILDot redlined a number of New Flyers on Monday at Chicago Garage because of frame cracks. Mel Bernero
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