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  1. You know. I'm going to stand by my "Call" After seeing BLUE line route map on that test train @ Linden last week. I still see 7000's going to BLUE line first. IMO, Still time to upgrade tracks/power feed to accommodate them. Also I could have sworn I saw a luggage rack on one of the 7000 test cars on a youtube video ??
  2. And she got caught on a lie in front of nationwide media also !!! Hope leaves VERY soon and goes out to hand with Rahmy boy
  3. I think Lightfoot has more on her "Plate" at the moment than Metra fares Dave
  4. I know very well that they're testing the trains all over the system, I have been watching videos of them on YouTube for weeks now lol My main point is why even bother to install a route map at all if its not 100% locked in which line will get these cars first ?? IMO just seems like a waste of time Dave
  5. OUCH !! Boy did I let the "dogs" chew me up lol πŸ€ͺ Regarding the video on Youtube had I seen the AD board with ALL line maps I would have written off my blue line theory. In my view all I see are 2 line maps (Blue and Green) ?? It's very confusing and pointless for it to be there if that's NOT where they're planning to use this series of trains 🀨
  6. A friendly request:😎 Anyone who ACTUALLY viewed the video. Please feel free to share your thoughts of those line maps inside the cars on the Advertisement boards IMO 7000's on the BLUE line would make sense to help retire the remaining 2600 series ??? Dave
  7. Well i just picked up a MAJOR clue !! Looks like the 7000 series are heading first to the BLUE AND GREEN lines !! Check out video Time stamp 0:46 The line route map inside has the "Blue line" and next a GREEN line on them Also first time I ever seen "Howard" sign with a blue colored background lol Video Credit goes to youtube user: Transitlife NYC
  8. I agree 100% !!! Why would the CTA keep that junk around ?? Hungarian company and Made in Alabama = Disaster waiting to happen We should be thankful no serious injuries or lives lost related to that joint defect on those buses !! Dave
  9. Rather see this VS a homeless guy taking a dump in a bag on the blue line 🀨 Dave
  10. The picture was early 80's. I read this was taken in 1981 so Look under the windshield in the picture to answer your question TMC was the builder for CTA 1991 RTS 4400 series Dave
  11. Easy. Any bus/train route that operates on the west and south sides 🀨
  12. CRAZY COOL !!! never knew these were ever made !! 😡 According to GM ARCIVES on facebook only 12 of these RTS artic's prototype were ever made I'm sure CTA/NYC MTA and many other TA's would have SCOOPED these up in the 90's if they actually made it into production
  13. Awesome to hear !!! πŸ˜ƒ Guess NF has some type of safety side impact support for situations like this ??? Dave
  14. Well looks like "Halloween bad luck" for this NF πŸ˜• Location: West Englewood area Route: 67 Bus: New Flyer 1490 Bus got hit on the side by a chevy trailblazer It's a early delivery 2007?? NF. What do you guys think ?? Out of service until repaired or off the roster indefinitely due to age ??πŸ€” I'm going with decommissioned and scrapped for good do to age of bus ?? CBS2 Video link below https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2020/10/31/3-injured-when-car-crashes-into-cta-bus-in-west-englewood/ Dave
  15. Has to do with refresh rate on our screens Dave
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