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  1. Yikes already one down ?? Was it hanging out with one of the CTA New flyers ?? lol 😝🤪 Dave
  2. uhhh you sure about that ?? When I lived there i saw these running Dave
  3. WOW !! Very interesting that AC trans got double deckers !!. Are they Van Hools ?? I remember when living in SF bay area a story were there was some "chicago'ish activities" going on between Van Hool and top level characters at AC transit leading them to ONLY purchase Van Hool vehicles and no other manufactures ?? I think once the "Dirty Closest" door was opened of all those shenanigans. It lead to GIllig and other companies >fairly< able to bid on Alameda county contracts ?? Dave
  4. WOW New Flyer @ Pace times 'are a changing 🤪 Look forward to riding these next time i'm in town and hopefully NW gets some cause i'm never in the area that West division serves. On a side note. I sure do miss the Orion 1's, Those were my "Childhood" buses
  5. Probably "Social Distancing" at the factory with skeleton crew😝 ?? But wild guess, Things probably getting "Complicated" since parent company is from China ?? Dave
  6. You can thank all xmas eBay/Amazon/Online ordering for those extra shifts @ UPS and the same. It ALL trickles down to everyone. Including our fellow bus drivers
  7. I agree new 7000 series front/end caps look A LOT like the 2400 series lol
  8. OT. Looking at those front wheels on the Bluebird School bus, I can tell its OLD !!! Brings back grade school memories from the 90's lol
  9. Legal hold=LONG LONG LONG while !!!
  10. Just curious are there ANY Orion 1's left ?? I saw a thread last year with 2378 covered in snow @ South holland garage
  11. Your best bet is to try facebook marketplace or ebay for a used motorola radio or scanner I believe Motorola is what they use ? since its a local company (schaumburg) ??
  12. That bad boy is almost 50 years old lol !!! If it made it this far and seeing how METRA is scouting/purchasing 2nd hand locos due to so called "lack of funds" and increase service, It would make more sense just to keep it and rebuild it ?? Another vote for nostalgi purposes since it will be the ONLY in-service operating F40C left in the US !!! Just my 2 honest abe's
  13. Ya that sucks. Luckily I don't have to worry about any old NABI junk in my area
  14. I agree that's a mega-diesel !! Never thought we'd see 6 axle locomotives again on Metra lines lol Is METRA planning to run 8-15 car consists lol ??? Here's a "Preview" of what's to come lol
  15. Wraps on new buses.....meh. Shame PACE isn't running any ACTUAL historical buses Don't they have a few Orion 1's at south shops ?? and Fishbowl Nortran 460 ??? Would be cool to see those old dogs running around Dave
  16. That board meeting was hilarious, Those "Pencil pushers" on the board really have NO clue about their operations/Fleet. Only care about a nice, safe position on a transit board $$$ and pension I'm surprised none of them recommend ordering buses from Orion or Flxible lol
  17. MODS feel free to move if not the correct sub-forum Interesting one of the characters is a "CTS" rail operator lol At time stamp 1:19 looks like Red line Sheridan station ?? And looks like they used 2600 series for the series !! Synopsis: The Red Line's plot involves a white cop in Chicago who mistakenly shoots and kills a black doctor. It follows three different families with connections to the case, and the story is told from each perspective. 8 episode limited series on CBS
  18. The question is, How were you able to drive through CTA property and not get into any trouble or noticed ?? Did your P71 Vic had anything to do with it ?? lol Dave
  19. Bout time My dad said Jeff park station really hasn't changed at all since he moved to Chicago in 1980 Dave
  20. That's nothing, one of those stupid things had a old CTA Flx metro in it !! Dave
  21. Not sure if this has been posted before ? But somehow a few EX-RTA/CN&W cars have ended all the way in California One of them is car # 7774, 7700 pullman series Weird seeing these Chicago out the desert lol $100 says METRA desperate to save $$$ would still reclaim these, Clorox, Slap some METRA logos and put them back in service HA HA
  22. From my memories. The 5300,6000 and 4400's had notorious wheelchair lift issues. But it seems like that issue went away as TA"s transitioned to low floors Dave
  23. I remember one ride on a Nabi Artic leaking rain water on me while on the LSD But I agree with busjack they were JUNK and good riddance to them And being built in Alabama didn't help either lol Dave
  24. We all know Skokie shops can pull some "Miracles", I'm thinking it shouldn't be too much work to reverse back to "In service" condition ?? Dave
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