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  1. Nope, your just boring entertainment to pass the time. As always, a conversation begins and then the party pooper comes in to ruin it for everybody else. Thanks Busjack, Really Thanks............
  2. Wouldnt "Busjack" Like to "Know"?????????????????? Did you ask CTA "Customer Service" to mail it to you at a Milwaukee
  3. Making nothing into something, the usual Busjack
  4. Well @Busjack, well have to wait until May 2013, now won't we?????
  5. @jajuan that's exactly my point. Most people may not reference to the printed information, but it's nice to know that you have printed information available incase of computer errors or just need a reference point to refer to when traveling to your destination. Also, it's handy when teaching new customers about travel throughout the city. it might not be a big deal to some, but to others good old fashion paperis the way they travel around & note paper was a way to reference before we had multiple technologies to choose from. Plus, watch how important this map will be to customers when it's updated in May
  6. #I stand corrected, but as stated from the post above, CTA isn't going to do revisions on the map
  7. A & Q session from CTA Customer Service. My questions had to deal with The Historical Calendar & rather they will produce printed versions for 2013 & will the Bus & Rail map reflect the January 14 fare changes Thank you again for your e-mail. The 2013 Historical Calendar is available at the link provided in our first response. CTA does not provide printed copies. Your map request will be processed and mailed by our Customer Service Department. Please note that our current map is dated December 2012 and does not reflect the fare changes that will take effect on January 14, 2013. CTA FEEDBACK TEAM Please Note: CTA has produced a 2013 fare changes brochure to detail the January 14 changes
  8. #Exactly, but then that would cost money to reprint those maps to reflect the fare changes when the brochure clearly covers the fare changes. They were in conflict with the Crowd Reduction Plan & The Fare changes
  9. Most likely not,CTA posted a Fare Changes Brochure online, so i think that map is final
  10. Did the CTA release this map @ rail stations yet??
  11. Nope & the map reflects that, although an honorable mention of Route 90 on the map would have been greatly appreciated, as it seems it was featured in the Downtown Shelter Maps, it should have been mentioned as a limited service route, but no avail, Route 90 will be unforgettable in 2013 as well
  12. Happy New Year & Welcome to 2013. The 2013 MCTS Transit Guide is now available!!!!!!!!! :-)
  13. Is the December 2012 Bus & Rail Map & Crowd Reduction Brochures @ Rail Stations yet???
  14. The version CTA has must be 2.0, because MCTS must have gotten the 1.0 revised DF40LR
  15. Could the 11 Lincoln/Segdwick be revived until June 2013 from the additional surcharge at O'Hare effective Monday January 14, 2013, here's what CTA told the Chicago Tribune Today " The $750,000 the CTA will lose by delaying for six months the $2.75 surcharge on the $2.25 base rail fare is enough money to cover the cost of bringing back the popular No. 145 Wilson/Michigan Express bus route for a year, or restoring the No. 11 Lincoln/Sedgwick bus to its full route for about six months, according to figures the CTA provided related to operating each of the lines. The CTA eliminated the No. 145 and scaled back the No. 11 this week to cut costs. The agency reinvested the money in a crowding-reduction program aimed at adding service on other bus routes and rail lines with higher ridership.
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