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  1. You would think CTA would make an announcement about this already. It has been posted a couple of times to the O'hare twitter page, but nothing on the CTA page. Also, block club Chicago is reporting that the outbound platform at division will be closed beginning Sept. 23rd for replacement of the platform slab (https://blockclubchicago.org/2019/09/11/blue-line-trains-to-ohare-wont-stop-at-division-from-sept-23-oct-18-as-station-undergoes-repairs/). This also has not been posted on the CTA page.
  2. Looks like the first of 2 9-day closures on the blue line between O'Hare and Rosemont have been scheduled. First one runs from 9/27 to 10/7. 24-hour bus-shuttle (https://t.co/4lxYXae55j). This should really cause havoc at O'Hare, they can barely handle the current bus shuttle between terminals.
  3. Looks like the permits been issued for the charging station on the 66 route
  4. The latest news release states that the ATS will shutdown completely beginning January 9th for testing. Completion is scheduled for next fall. Not sure if that means the system will be completely closed for the entirety of that time. Either way, things will be painful given the problems they have had thus far with meeting demand and keeping schedules.
  5. A picture of one of the new ATS cars is on the website of one of the construction managers for the upgrade (R.M Chin & Associates). You can find it here: https://www.rmchin.com/portfolios/ohare-airport-transit-system/
  6. Manufactured by Bombardier - INNOVIA APM 256 cars https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/construction/contracts/125.pdf
  7. So what happened to the new platform and station house opening on Sept. 11? Do not see any alerts on the CTA website.
  8. It seems the completion date for the washington/wabash station has been pushed back again. The website now says September 2017. Just a month ago they were talking about the end of June. Sounds like they keep falling behind schedule.
  9. https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20170209/near-west-side/damen-lake-green-line-station-l-announced-united-center
  10. just saw the set head south towards midway a few minutes ago.... And now it's headed back towards Roosevelt
  11. Its confirmed, the Cermak green Line station opens on Sunday. Press conference with the mayor scheduled for Monday.
  12. Saw that single car in a lot at 21st and just west of Peoria on a set of tracks.
  13. They built the turnaround around the school... serves a dual perpose now, used for parents to pick up there kids and for the 55 to layover
  14. rl12383

    More New Flyers

    As an Aside to this discussion. I just saw (noon 12/4) a nova articulate bus headed west on Madison right by Western. It did not seem to have the CTA paint scheme. Maybe headed to Chicago for a demostration???? not sure.
  15. the reason why they are using wood instead of concrete is explained here: http://www.ctastationwatch.com/main-line/587
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