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  1. Several years ago I was walking through the bus terminal at Howard and found a small pamphlet laying on the ground. I almost didn't pick it up, but I'm quite glad that I did. I stashed it away with some other CTA odds and ends for a while until recently when I pulled it out having now started as a bus operator myself (North Park). I took a few minutes over the past few days when I was able to try out some of the codes on this guide and, for the most part, they all work as you would expect. It seems that the CTA's style is to leave old signs in the programming, adding codes when needed and updating others. (For example, the code for "NW Station" in the guide properly displays "Ogilvie Station".) It's interesting to see what options are available and I have a few questions that perhaps someone can help with such as why there is a 290 to McCormick option. Was that at one time part of a North Park pull in routing? Regardless, this at least explains why from time to time I see 145, etc. signs on buses when I assume something went wrong. Other things I've noticed include that "to Howard Station" (061) seems to no longer work and displays "Chicago is / My Kind of Town" and that code 003 gives an easter egg, likely from whoever was programming the signs at some point reading "Hi Zac!" Anyway, enjoy!
  2. I was at the Jarvis Red Line stop this evening and noticed a small trackside sign today. It was very dirty and seemed like it had been there for a while, about the same size as the car birthing markers, but much lower to the ground. All it says is “MH”. (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to grab a picture today.) I haven’t come across such a sign before and searching around yielded no results. My curiosity has been piqued by it and I’m hoping maybe someone here knows.
  3. I presume this is the right place to mention this... It seems that I cannot find the button on the home page to submit a new topic (Windows 10, tried in IE and Firefox), and when I managed to find the link in the code for the page, I cannot select the category for the post to go in to continue. I'm having the latter problem on my iPhone as well where the button is visible, but cannot select the category there either. After doing some research, I understand why now. I was unaware of the "new" policy regarding minimum number of posts to create a topic. If I may suggest, would it be possible to note that in the guidelines page for others to be aware of?
  4. That is another intersting idea... Also, if you do happen to find your sign box, let me know the general measurements as we were previously thinking it might have been a 6000's side sign.
  5. I had figured Id have to do something like that, but after looking around chicago-l.org I also found out that the one I have has the (as IRM says) "rare" Loop Shuttle reading was only used from '69-'77, which definitely narrows down the time frame its from, though I think that my sign ran on the Evanston Line, since the sign is pristine and clean except on the readings for Evanston, which is again more specific info for me. The one thing that I haven't difinitively determined is what series train it came from, but I THINK it is 6000 series, but correct me if I'm wrong. Also, SE CTA Fan, thanks for the photos, I was sketching plans to make a box, but I feel stupid since I didn't consider that it still had to be lit, since on the trains light just shone through. Thanks y'all for all the help. -Chicago.Trains
  6. Also, I was looking at chicago-l.org and found out that the IRM has a set of 6000s, so they have the signs from those cars, and may have kept some others for backup. But yeah, its a nice thing that one could so easily get CTA stuff from the IRM, since you used to have to trawl eBay and other places, and before that hope you knew someone who worked for the CTA.
  7. Well, thanks for the great answers, I didn't pay too much attention to the fact it was Milwaukee not O'Hare, but I had considered it to be perhaps 6000s. Also thanks for the Teleweld tip.
  8. Yeah, it is a bit older... It's got the Howard/Englewood/Jackson Park signs and whatnot. If you want to see the whole thing, go to http://www2.irm.org/about/ctasigns.html and look on the last page, #RS0007 I would think that if it is as wide as it seems, it probably is a side sign, but I'm not sure. I'll contact the IRM and see if I can get a definitive answer. Thanks everyone for your help. At least I've narrowed
  9. I was looking at the size, and it appears that the sign I have is a bit wider than the current ones, and the display may have been a bit taller to accomodate the amount and size of text. But there is a good chance that the CTA would have stuck with the same manufacturer for both casings/mechanisms. Thanks for your help. By the way, I THINK that when I had measured it it was 22" wide, and about 6-10" in height (I don't know how much space would have been left above/below the text) I attatched a picture of the bottom 2 destinations, but there isn't a good size ref.
  10. I recently purchased one of the roller signs from the IRM's website (a full one from before the whole North-South change) and was wondering what the size of the mechanism that held it would have been as I want to display the roller curtain in its "native" environment. Thanks in advance for your answers.
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