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  1. More Bus Moves

    Yeah I remember when being a small kid of about 5 or 6 and seeing artics for the first time and being mesmerized by how big they seemed compared to standard buses. My first ride ever on one was on the 66 believe it or not. I used to see them quite a bit on 94 since in those days it was assigned to Archer before going to Kedzie for a while starting in 1986.
  2. More Bus Moves

    Sorry but no. This isn't about CTA assigning buses to fit an enthusiast's specific wishlists to see any one model at a given garage. It's about whether CTA keeps enough operable buses assigned at the garages to fit the schedule needs for each of the garage's assigned routes.
  3. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    I kind of figured this one since BusTracker shows it on the #6 Jackson Pk Exp today. Makes you really wonder how soon the rehabs are finally set to begin with the number of Jump wrapped buses continuing to decrease.
  4. If you know it's not relevant to this particular topic, please follow the community guidelines and keep the X54 restricted to how it would fit in coordinating Pace and CTA service in the North Shore study area. Otherwise, it would fit better in either the topic related to the return of the X9 and X49 or that speaking on bringing back dead routes and route segments in general.
  5. Well since all these are Phase 1 changes and Phase 1 they both hope to implement Fall of this year, they had to start the hearings soon anyway.
  6. More Bus Moves

    Spring, summer, fall, and winter with minor tweaks in between. Each season has a different service level need among the garages. The biggest roster changes happen typically at the summer pick and fall pick starts due primarily to CPS school service needs and the beach service needs changing. When the rehabs of the 4000 series artics finally start there's a potential for roster changes there as different buses undergo rehab, although the artic assignments being reduced back to down to Kedzie, 103rd, and North Park after Chicago like 77th showed it couldn't figure out how to use artics efficiently may cover that front.
  7. Um it's going to take an hour to Jeff Park before and after (presumably you mean by bus since as @Busjack pointed out a ride on a Blue Line train itself from downtown to Jeff Pk should be no more than 20 to 25 mins). So what's your point other than unintentionally showing that 641 is a better option than keeping 54A? Anyone wanting to get to Old Orchard from the east who wants to get there quicker is more likely going to hop on the Yellow Line and take one of the Old Orchard bound buses from the Yellow Line. If they only want to do so on one ride, they're taking a 97 or 201 directly there. So your argument doesn't even stick from that point other than to show you're grasping at straws to keep ignoring that the Jeff Pk connections are meant to make better connections from the west. Like I pointed out yesterday, if anyone wanted to get to Old Orchard from Irving Pk Blue line can still take the 53 and swap to the 215 upon reaching the 53's Peterson terminus.
  8. I'm also confused by the 2 hour reference because when all the changes are implemented over the next two years, the ride from the far north and northwest sides will still be one or two rides on average depending on the start. As you noted in regards to 54A being replaced by 641, the ride will be faster and without the four hour midday gap.
  9. The swap over of 54A to the new 641 doesn't happen until next year. Once it does, it's essentially the same ride except for the start at Jefferson Pk and running express from Foster to Touhy and the expanded hours. If you don't like that ride and still want to get to Old Orchard from Irving Park/Pulaski instead as CTA only provides during rush hour on the 54A, then there's always taking the 53 to Peterson and hopping on the realigned 215 which also isn't until next year.Plus the 97, 201, and 208 aren't going anywhere, meaning there will still be ways to get to that mall from the relevant CTA Blue, Yellow, Red and Purple Line stations as is possible now. So I too am confused on what you find so wrong the upcoming changes.
  10. CTA's 54A isn't drawing the ridership because it's rush hour only service on a 30 minute headway. Pace at least is sweetening the pot when it takes over the service by making the service an express route and adding in midday service. As Busjack points out, if a significant number of Avondale residents are going to Old Orchard then this helps them more because Pace will be offering a faster ride than CTA currently does and with expanded hours. They must feel some kind of market is there between Avondale and Old Orchard because they could have just said CTA will drop the route entire with no replacement. But instead they agreed that CTA will give the route over to Pace and let Pace change it to a streamlined express route with beefed up service hours.
  11. More Bus Moves

    Yeah 74th gained both 1366 and 1367 last weekend. See RJL6000's post reporting it here Mr.cta85.
  12. I think the point that's getting missed in this 226 not going to Old Orchard concern is that the main reason Pace wants to swap terminals between the 215 and 226 is that they wanted to eliminate the crazy shapes to the current route structures and iron out the big kinks in the route structure of all the current routes overall. So keeping in line with that, they swapped the terminals for these two so that 215 can be a purely North-South route overall and the 226 a purely East-West one. Why would they eliminate some of the oddities in route structure only to create a two-mile kink in the new 226 on its way to Howard Red Line Station? Like was pointed out, anyone wanting to ride to Old Orchard from 226 can transfer to the 97, new 215, or 641 to make that two mile ride to the north of the 226.
  13. New transitchicago.com website

    Yeah. I was surprised CTA had put that much effort into it too. Even with the streamlining in the bus routes, they still have 130-some routes to do this for if they are planning to put the effort toward all bus routes.
  14. New transitchicago.com website

    Yeah I noticed the change today. And a thing I noticed for the individual route pages when you click them on the schedule pull down is that for some of them, CTA has pictures of buses you most likely find on the route at a given time with that bus displaying the route in its headsign. For example, X49 has a photo of a New Flyer standard heading southbound on Western just south of the Western O'Hare branch Blue Line Station, and X9 has a photo of a northbound newer Nova rolling along Ashland just south of Grand Ave. Other things I noticed is an option to search bus schedules by route name and rail elevator alerts being more descriptive on the respect alert links right away, telling you the actual stations affected and with you clicking that station name to get dates the alerts are in effect.
  15. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    True. The same can be said for the Stevenson at times when it comes to Midway. The Orange Line doesn't exactly hurt on that front either if the earlier morning service between Midway and downtown is any indication. Service in that 3:30 AM to 4 AM timeframe on weekdays and Saturdays got transferred from the N62 to the Orange Line just recently.