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  1. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    North Park has been using this bus since at least the week before last. It's been used primarily during the rush periods from what I've seen, given a lot of the observations have mostly been on NP's rush only LSD express routes and some of the rush only short trip runs of the daily LSD routes. Yeah it's quite true that this pandemic has forced CTA bus operations brass to rethink keeping artics stacked only at 103rd, Kedzie and NP only for a half of them to sit unused at the garage a good chunk of the time during daily operations and sitting waiting to hopefully be one of those lucky en
  2. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Yeah a good example I spotted yesterday was an artic on the 147 during PM rush that sported NP run number 908, which is a run number for the 97 Skokie.
  3. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Schedules for the 35, 63, 72 and 78 are now posted with effective date June 20, 2021 calling for beach service on those routes. You won't see it on the tracker for the 35 and 78 this evening though since those routes only have beach service on weekends only. But the tracker does show the 63 and 72 providing beach services.
  4. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Interlining with the 59 would be a no go anyway since that one is already interlined with the 55A, 55N, 62H, and depending on the day the 63W and 165. I've noticed the artic moves didn't change route deployments too much in that the 146 and 147 each still used a few 40 foot buses in line with what's been seen the last few months of the COVID restrictions on passenger loads. About the only change I noticed with NP is that the 22 and 151 operated with a high number of artics compared to 40 footers. 103rd must not have gotten artics back since the 6 and 26 still operated with a good number o
  5. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Probably not since only a small few 6400s went back into service.
  6. Your pic reminds me of the thought that I had at the announcement of CTA going with Nova for next base order of diesel buses that it would be nice if CTA could at least make the next Novas hybrids. MTA's BAE powered Nova hybrids make the diesel engines of CTA's more recent Novas even more boring than I already think them to be.😂
  7. Oh yeah, I can believe it. I take the 136 sometimes as an alternative to 147 on my home commute, and each time the passenger count rarely went past a number you could count on one hand. Only a few times since the pandemic started in full force, have I seen the count hit 10 to 15 passengers, and each time it was mainly because the bus was delayed or one on a trip following one that went unfilled that day. That was true of the route even after CTA boosted the reduced passenger with the rise in vaccinations before finally lifting the reduced limits altogether yesterday in conjunction with Chicago
  8. Yeah downtown is still hurting people wise. There are a few grumbles still of why 147 still sees as many standard size buses as it does (odd complaint to me looking at how the route is back to being heavily artic run compared to last year), but they fact that 40 footers on the route still rarely sees a large number of standees with the easing of passenger limits on the buses along with peak direction traffic on Lake Shore Drive still being pretty light during weekday rush periods speaks to how few people going into downtown outside of those who are down there shopping or there as out of town t
  9. I see it as resistance to change as well. It's pretty shameful really that Pace and even Champaign-Urbana's MTD both have a significant number of Xcelsiors and CTA only has a paltry two. The two electrics that they acquired to conduct their first tests of the viability of all electric battery powered buses in regular bus service.
  10. Sounds more to do with traffic beyond where the lanes are located than the lanes themselves. And you also pointed out that buses ahead of you on Chicago moving slower to keep from getting to far ahead on the schedule. We can blame the continuing effects on ridership for that one. The lanes can't fix those two issues. You'd probably be one of a small few guilty of that one because whenever I ride a 157 to connect to 147, I really see no other vehicles in the bus lanes except other buses. Even on Canal, enforcement and overall behavior of car drivers leave the lanes free of cars.
  11. Yeah and I'm wondering if CTA really sees improvements in Nova's A/C issues on the 7900s because if not, they theoretically could be looking to add 700 saunas to the roster on top of the over 400 they already have.😂
  12. They've definitely gotten better at being more efficient with artic assignments after social distancing spurred a need to spread the artics out at all garages that have maintenance facilities to handle them when repairs are needed. But I'd say we need to be cautious about taking these numbers with more than a grain of salt given that they actually have to regain the numbers lost because of the pandemic. And observing how passenger loads look on the 147 even on the 40 footers, which have become a bit more prevalent on the route than in the last pick, during the middle of PM rush shows me that C
  13. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Yup basically seeing signs that the city is getting a small step closer to a pre-COVID normal. We didn't see NP buses on 152 because of how everything got shutdown due to the pandemic. But with the Cubs having games at Wrigley Field again and some CPS high school students just recently started going back to in person classes these final couple of months of the school year, we were bound to see NP buses helping out on the 152 again. I wouldn't be surprised if there are similar sightings on other routes that have a second garage helping that route's primary garage with extra school day service.
  14. Like I said. Gaslighting and stereotyping. And how nice when one has to resort to petulant lashing out and name calling when his bad behavior is called out. And nice try since I and no else brought up race. Yours or anyone else's for that matter. SO obviously I must have hit some nerve that hits close to guilt. Whether you're black, white, or green with orange polka dots, it does not change your obvious bad behavior and the fact that you resort to gaslighting and stereotyping, just as everyone sees. My "snarky" remarks aren't turning anyone against you. Your own bad attitude and arrogance is d
  15. What truth? What you toss out is no hard truth. It's gross generalizations and gaslighting steeped in ridiculous stereotyping. So let's not play these silly games of faux innocence and confusions of why you get called out on the gaslighting games that you know you do. That "Old Skool Chicago" smoke and mirror shield you're trying to hide behind isn't going to fly here.
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