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  1. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Actually I read. Just ignored it pretty much because it was politico style double speak.😉 Also that can be further narrowed down by whether it had a rear exhaust pipe at the top. 5765-5769 (5765 was also non-Cummins) didn't have the typical external exhaust pipe if memory serves correctly. So if the exhaust pipe is missing, it's one of those. If it does, then it can't be either of those five. If you blow the picture up, you can see the slight slant of the rear of the bus a bit more clearly. You can also see that the rear route identifier display juts out some from the rear surface panels, further indicating that this is the police bus that used to be a former CTA Metro B. And yeah it's likely that the bus was at SS for some type of maintenance work. I remember @CTA5750 mentioning that it's a similar situation for the former 5800 series New Flyer that's now a Chicago Fire Department bus that they keep at the station house located on California at Fillmore on the west side (the last updated location I remember him giving for the bus). The bus may now be CFD property but CTA still helps out with refueling and maintenance.
  2. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Which the rest of us took quite correctly as "this is how the changes should look based on my and other's observations." So yeah. You were in fact being rude on top of not reading closely enough. Now as for the question from a few as to what FG gets in return, the answer is quite likely nothing. With school being out for the summer, FG doesn't need as many buses on hand for the summer as many of the routes there have school day only trips on their schedules.
  3. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Reread his post. He was sharing a brief summary of what moved from FG to C, NP and K for the summer increases in service at those other three garages. Not making a judgment on others' efforts on roster tracking. So you were being a tad rude there.
  4. Well that would line up with the body of the final report stating that phase 2 was targeted for mid to late 2019 (even though interestingly enough the diagrams summarizing the implementation schedule targets state early to mid-2019).
  5. Looks like Pace and CTA still don't communicate with each other on some things if the newest CTA maps still showing 856 as a separate active route is any indication.
  6. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Yeah you guys haven't had those two for quite a while. I believe it may be about a couple of years. As I recall, they were at 103rd only a few months once the big swaporama of NFs to consolidate fleet numbers settled down, after which they did in fact end up at 77th.
  7. And Emanuel is on the way out very soon, so yeah this is more him stroking his own ego as Lightfoot taking over the mayoral reigns gets ever so closer.
  8. Don't forget the issue here was also limited resources. How would CTA pay for the above two fantasies and unneeded parallel of service that would result?
  9. On the 147 change, it seems CTA has determined the bulk of the high ridership on the route from downtown in the PM rush is north of Randolph which jibes with my observations during those times I've ridden the 147 in PM rush times. A lot of those State Street riders are getting on the 146 and 148 from what I usually see. The 147 picks up a lot more when it's on Michigan Avenue. So that 2 to 3 minute headway in PM rush on the NB side shown in the schedule is needed more on Michigan Avenue and State Street riders should be able to make due with the 10 minute average headway that will remain for those buses that will still start at Michigan and Congress Plaza. But looking at the current schedule again more closely, it looks like CTA is actually correcting typographical errors and putting the R back next to the Randolph beginning trips that should be there but aren't, unless one wants to believe an artic on the route has actually been equipped with warp drive and starting at Michigan and Congress at 4:20 PM and making it to Michigan/South Water at 4:22 PM for example.
  10. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    It's a Kedzie run created by CTA last year by using artics from Kedzie that would have otherwise deadheading down Lake Shore Drive into downtown and along the Ike back to the garage after completing a final trip on the 156 that terminated at Belmont/Sheridan.
  11. He thinks Kedzie should get Novas whenever it trades out NFs during change of season reassignments and that K has something against Novas.
  12. We might have been wrong about 103rd getting the 8325s, but FG going all NF is still fairly unlikely. We already got the NW siders on the forum saying FG is the system stepchild. PLEASE do not put out scenarios that will increase that fuss.
  13. Unlikely since bus operations managers also want the least number of different models at any one garage possible to cut down on that individual garage's costs from what it would cost them if they had to stay stocked in parts from a lot of different models. Add to that that we're talking about over 1000 NF diesels buses compared to one, 100, 200, and 450 each of the other existing models with all models having to be divvied between only seven bus garages. So the options of what to trade for is going to be severely limited still. So you're not going to see a trade for a model a garage doesn't already have or for a model that it already might have too many of from the start. K already has 80 some artics it doesn't know how to reduce its high spare ratio for (which is also the case for NP and 103rd with their artics btw), and it's not going to see any Novas of any generation. So the only choice is NF 1000 for NF 1000.
  14. 45 wasn't a concrete number. Remember the operative words here are UP TO 45 since CTA and just about every other TA in the US buys in base orders with one or more options if the TA has the money and determines more buses from the options would be needed. So 45 would be if CTA decides it wants the option from the contract. CTA ended up with 1030 NF diesels not because it put in a firm order for that many, but because it first took in a base order of a few hundreds and then exercised several options to bring the final tally to 1030.
  15. But remember though that 18-20 years of service isn't mandatory for any TA. FTA guidelines say that standard bus life for a bus is 12 years if federal money is used in the purchase. So after 12 years and that bus has survived getting snagged by a total wreck retirement, that TA can retire the bus any time it wants as long it has adequate replacements available. What has kept CTA buses in service for 18-20 years has been the challenge of lining up the funds for the replacement series of buses. So in the case of the 5800s, the controversy wasn't that they were retired after 14 years because federal guidelines say that's allowed. The controversy was that CTA had just completed rehabs on the series only about two or years years prior, if memory serves correctly, leading to a lot of us at the time saying that CTA wasted money.
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