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  1. Random CTA

    Spotted a Kedzie NF marked as an instruction bus rolling SB along Damen on Monday afternoon. Makes me wonder if Kedzie is gaining runs on the #50 in the upcoming winter pick changeover on the bus operation side of things.
  2. The Breakdown Thread

    That still does not say the bus won't be fixed, especially when with what we're seeing with the 6400s and previously saw with the 4400s and 5300s and even the 6000s before the remaining just under 300 were pulled all at once in the 2010 cuts, buses don't get retired in order. Heck the rehab program wasn't even done in numerical order. So the only thing barring 1088 going back into service is if the damage is more extensive than frame damage. And the rehab program didn't necessarily have anything to do with how fast 1148 (I just realized I flubbed the fleet number) went back into service. The frame damage 4327 while still at Kedzie suffered proves that. Folks thought that one would be out for quite a while and if memory serves, it was repaired in a matter of months, not two years, and back in service a very short time before it got moved to 103rd.
  3. The Breakdown Thread

    It's quite possible 1088 will be back. And it's not necessarily 50/50 either. 1147 smacked a guardrail on Western just a couple of years ago when it was still assigned to 74th. CTA could have said oh it's close to retirement age for this bus so just retire it. But they fixed the front end damage and it's now still chugging along as a current 103rd assigned bus. I guess the approximate $500-600 million CTA invested to rehabbed the full series not too many years before that dictates they just don't casually throw buses away that can be repaired after investing at least a half billion bucks in keeping their series running more years until they secure capital funds for replacements.
  4. 2005-2009 New Flyer D40LF(Retiring)

    I think both of you are jumping the gun here. A need for of some cosmetic body work is a heck of a lot different than a bus actually being able to run. And two things to also remember further, if Kedzie didn't take care of its buses, 804 would not still be running many years after the test the 800s and 900s were part of would have thought to have long ended. The second point to remember is if cosmetic body flaws dictated a bus series retirements, then NONE of the 6400s should still be on the road transporting passengers. The remaining 6400s should indeed be gone by CTA's own initial timetables for retirement, but the fact that close to 100 still remain in service makes the impulse for making this thread entirely overblown. Maybe one should have ideas on how CTA secures hundreds of millions of dollars on a faster timetable as needed to get new buses before squawking about retirements based merely on a cosmetic flaw. What do you think you're going to ride if CTA retired buses on such a trivial matter? Heck there are 4300s and 7900s with worse cosmetic damage and those two series are CTA's newest series in the fleet. As stated, the 1000s as a series aren't going anywhere any time soon. And if we're going to worry about retirements, let's come up with better reasons than what amounts to little more than a scratch at a rear back corner of one bus out of the whole freaking series. Sheesh
  5. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Last I saw they do indeed designate work buses with WB as part of the fleet number, and the 6400s have the odd present day distinction of still being in revenue service and having a few from their midst be work buses. Prior series of CTA's more recent times became work buses only after full retirement from what we all saw up to this point.
  6. More Bus Moves

    There's no need for that especially with others pointing out that Forest Glen still has just under 100 older Nova 6400s that still have to be retired from service.
  7. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Adding on to @Sam92's point, you also have not demonstrated that the demand is even that high during the weekends. If weekend riders were feeling that hard up for extra service, they would have pressed for it. But they have not, so the routes in question should remain as they are.
  8. More Bus Moves

    I highly doubt that you guys are getting more than the 14 you heard from the mechanic. It's far more likely that you guys are getting a few to cover your night cars as the mechanic told you if in fact you're getting more than the one that you've seen inside the garage. On that front, I've noticed that the garages that already have the assigned have moved to using mostly Novas for their night cars. The 49 for example, which 74th handles alone in owl hours, went from NFs primarily to being all Nova overnight except for one bus.
  9. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Um as @Busjack mentioned with your idea about running 155 to Cumberland, explain to us how and why this would be needed passenger-wise and not simply ideas you're pulling up from thin air and just proposing them just for the sake of proposing them.
  10. Random CTA

    Also confirms the already known fact that Ashland BRT ain't happening any time soon if ever in favor of bringing back X9 and X49.
  11. Random CTA

    Um nope on that. North Park has 140 artics and does not need more for the umpteenth time whenever folks make that suggestion.
  12. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    From what I've been seeing every school day on the 49, the artics seen are for both Lane Tech and Clemente. They all head north to Berwyn terminal and then deadhead down Foster and LSD to do whatever runs needed on NP's LSD routes keeping in line with everyone else's observations that many of the school tripper artic runs are interlined with LSD routes or local routes that regular see artics.
  13. CTA bus simulator releasing soon

    Some other game shots from recent months:
  14. CTA bus simulator releasing soon

    I downloaded the beta version that's currently available and have been testing things out the last couple days. I must say so far I've been finding it quite a nice expansion upon the original Cayuga. You've really made this your own with what you've done with it so far. I also noticed the original developer did his own upgrade and update the original. Anyway here is a pic of my test drive on the X35 in your work.
  15. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    Um did you not see @Busjack's point that PACE does not have the garage or transit center infrastructure available to accommodate artics? So this incessant proposing that CTA sell some to PACE even on a temporary basis is a nonstarter and just not going to happen no matter how many times you keep pushing it or how temporary you mention it would be.