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  1. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Yes I agree. It shows that IIT is indeed the traffic generator. It also confirms that even though it's coming slowly the route has been showing credible potential to make its stated goal versus the 11 consistently remaining flat at each extension of the trial there. So yeah a credible next step for CTA would be looking toward whether the route is tailored enough toward demand on the IIT side of things now that it's confirmed that the primary traffic generator is IIT.
  2. More Bus Moves

    Nothing moved. Just a sign that Sunday service is small enough compared to a weekday that Chicago can get away with using all or mostly Novas on its routes that have Sunday service hours.
  3. This seemed like a more appropriate spot to respond to this. I too am pleased to see CTA and Pace once again showing more willingness to coordinate with each other in areas that their services intersect. It really does improve things for the customer when they actually do real coordination. Plus it does cut down on sometimes silly arguments of who should be where between city and nearby burbs while where relevant preserving one ride bus options between city and nearby suburban locations, since it is annoying from the customer point of view to start a trip in the city and have to transfer to a different route on a short remaining leg into the a near burb or vice versa for surburban rider doing the opposite.
  4. More Bus Moves

    Oh no worries. It happens to us all from time to time.
  5. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    At the very least, the 31 showed more potential to grow than the 11 did. So it's not as easily seen a waste of money as with the 11 when it was pretty clear to us that the 11 just wasn't going to pick up and they were only postponing the inevitable.
  6. Watch this

    Yes looking at how she had paper transfers instead of the transfer cards and the buses shown were Flx's of the 5300 series and Fishbowls with Che Che identifying her garage as FG, I too figured that this was about the earlier part of the 1990s before catching Busjack's post having verified that this was from 1993. I do like how she showed a little bit of how she gets her bus and run as well as explained what a split run was (I forgot that they had those as far back as 25 years ago at least LOL!).
  7. CTA Transit Times archives

    I remember these. I used to pick one of these up on occasion as a young transit fan back in high school during the final years these were getting printed back when CTA headquarters was still on the seventh floor of Merchandise Mart. It was in an early 90s issue that I read that it was policy that bus operators allow passengers to ride on deadhead trips. I suspect they meant something like "52 TO JACKSON" or "22 TO FOSTER" as buses that flash the garage name don't generally take passengers. Though there times on late evenings that North Park operators heading back to the garage along Western with their buses displaying "NORTH PARK GARAGE" will sometimes pick up passengers and take them as far as Foster since they know many are traveling to make that connection to the #49.
  8. Random CTA

    No this is just some odd thing with the gearing in the transmission that used to be heard in some of the MAN 4000s, the TMC 4400s, and the Flxible 6000s. I actually encountered this once on 1869 on the X9 back when 74th garage had 1800s assigned and when New Flyers still ran regularly on Ashland. The maintenance crews at 74th had it corrected within a couple of days.
  9. More Bus Moves

    I think you misread me there. I'm saying they appear to have moved BACK to NP FROM 74th in the past week as part of the winter pick transition of services. Both sightings were on NP runs including my ride on 1405 on the X49 Wednesday morning. After I made it to Foster. It pulled into the Berwyn terminal and immediately headed to North Park garage. And the 136 is obviously one of NP's routes. So my ride in 1406 on that route yesterday evening looks to be further evidence to the possibility that 74th may have given up a few 1400s to NP for winter pick.
  10. You should have been able to use your current number as long as you used your 4 digit access code you created at registration of the original card. I used my cell number even though I registered with my house phone number and gave my access code and everything switched over smoothly in the few minutes it took to complete the call. About the only cumbersome part for me was keying in the number on the card that several digits longer than the original card number and had a lot of zeroes in it one after the other.
  11. More Bus Moves

    Looks like 1405 and 1406 migrated to NP from 74th. Rode 1405 on X49 run from NP, and right now riding 1406 on the 136.
  12. Got my new Ventra Card in the mail today and the expiration is indeed longer, 20 years out in fact. The expiration is November of 2037. I wonder if the chip will hold up better than in the old cards with these new longer active cards since the chip in my old one started weakening and taking longer to read on the Ventra readers during these last few weeks before expiration.
  13. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Also one thing worth mentioning about the 14 (now J14) which gets to the crux of what you're actually asking @Master58 and therefore more directly answers your question, is that at the time if was peak direction rush hour only before the 2003 restructuring and was for a time interlined with a number of the old 127 NW/McCormick Place (later NW/Madison when McCormick Place portion was axed and Roosevelt/Madison Circulator before elimination with the interline ending in the Roosevelt Circulator days) runs. Though both it and the 6 ran along Jeffery before summer 2003, it's attracting feature in its compliment of the 6 was it having a longer express zone than the 6 making it possible to reach Jeffery at 67th Street in about 10 to 15 mins without the tour through Hyde Park done by the 6 in both its 6 Jeffery Express and 6 Jackson Park Express iterations. Also since the 14 at that time was a rush only route it merely ended at Olgilvie (still named Northwestern Station for most of those service years) on the Madison side and started at Olgilvie on the Washington side. Also at its south end, buses operated on Yates between 100th and 103rd while the buses on the 6 operated on Torrence.
  14. Thanks for the link. One of the other things to note on the CTA side is that CTA has indeed already started implementing some of the proposed changes for their side when it comes to 49B, 93, 155, 201 and 206. 49B saw its change back at summer pick of this year. 93 and 155 saw their changes at fall pick. 201 is slated as Winter 2017-18, and 206's schedule change of last week is confirmed as being part of this coordination plan.
  15. Amtrak Tacoma,WA derailment

    True. So now they've got to spend more money on repairs as well as contend with disruption of service that normally comes with accident clean up, evidence collection for investigation, and the resulting infrastructure repairs. That's not counting the traffic disruptions and service disruptions to other transportation services as yesterday Sound Transit had been warning its passengers to expect longer commute times on its express bus routes that operate on that stretch of I-5 while simultaneously assuring them that buses would still make all normal stops.