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  1. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    And that's what I was kind of getting at. The elderly and disabled were the biggest voices wanting the extension, but it still needed younger riders too to be enough of a success to justify continued service. With so many of them being more likely to opt for Uber and Lyft, those two did indeed have some impact at least among that yoga studio and Trader Joe crowd.
  2. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Which gets to the point that LA and other major cities in the western parts of the US have historically had higher air quality concerns than in the rest of the country. Hence LACMTA having an all CNG bus fleet, SF Muni having a sizable electric trolleybus fleet and replacing its diesel fleet with hybrids, and Seattle's King County Metro having a large electric trolleybus count and having the distinction of being among the first major city TA's in the US moving toward hybrid buses being a huge portion of its bus fleet.
  3. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    Question is has retail grown that strong to ask #50 Damen riders to accept that diversion when the buses on that route are already slowed enough by all the freaking traffic signals and stop signs at every intersection from Foster to Diversey and the relatively high traffic density on weekdays for a street of its width from roughly Armitage to Division due to the bottleneck effect caused by trying to get past the three street intersection of Damen/North/Milwaukee avenues.
  4. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Yeah that stretch rapidly adjusted to taxi and Lyft or Uber ride share services in the three and a half year intervening time between its first elimination and the start of the pilot, more the Lyrt and Uber factor. Like everyone else said, folks didn't flock to the bus on that portion in the 14 months that CTA gave it a chance to run. So it ain't coming back, so no need to demand that CTA waste the money and buses for something that we just got shown people are not riding.
  5. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    I'm usually not a fan of motor coaches that are for transit use but I agree that this newer coach picked up by Pace is sleek looking bus the way the livery is done here.
  6. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    On your point about replacing remaining 6400s, the elimination of #54A and #205 would mainly effect FG as FG operates more runs on #205 than NP does. NP's looks to handle trips on that route more as rush hour and school trips. FG does most of the rest. A combination of future Novas and electrics would still make a dent in what's left of the 6400s though. And yeah we know it's a definite through the existing Nova contract on next year's purchase because the press release gave the mayor the chance to get out in front of another CTA announcement.
  7. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Ah I see where we're getting our wires crossed. Tcmetro's post above that this present string of responses revolve around appeared to be speaking of the option for the up to 25 extra buses that would bring the 7900s roster up to 8349 from the present last bus 8324. The electric buses were only mentioned as far as their possibly being delayed to answer the immediate unspoken question of why the CTA board now has those last 25 Novas on its present agenda for consideration. In that case it shouldn't take until 2019 to get them since we'd still be talking about the current Nova contract and not the yet to be bidded and awarded electric bus contract as you were thinking.
  8. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    Thanks I forgot about the old 98 bus on Roscoe from a long time ago. It helps make my point about that 152 SW mentioned could have performed a short turn at maybe Ashland or Southport and used Roscoe to help get back in the WB direction. in the approximate nine minutes he said BusTracker was showing that it should have been the next bus to arrive at his stop.
  9. More Bus Moves

    Simply put, as got mentioned before part of the summer to fall schedule change. Chicago didn't need extra buses any longer to handle beach service on the #72 and FG needed buses back to do school service on a number of its routes like at the north end of the #91 to/from Bryn Mawr/Nagle for Taft High School. When it comes to reasons for specific fleet numbers, you'd have to ask CTA Bus Operations.
  10. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    The bus could have short turned at Ashland, Southport, or Racine. Those are the next streets after Lincoln large enough to accommodate a standard size bus if Roscoe were also used for example since if I'm not mistaken it also is wide enough in that area to handle buses without too much problem.
  11. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    I'm guessing this would have to do with getting CTA added to the existing production schedule amidst the other TAs that would be on NOVA Bus's schedule since this being an option, they would not have to go through the contract bid phase of the the procurement process.
  12. Route 71

    Well as of that day before your post, those are likely full runs as CTA has a notice up that #71 trips past 73rd/Exchange will begin/end at 104th/Torrence due to road construction on Torrence between 106th and 112th. Buses won't be able to use the regular 112th bus terminal until the construction is done.
  13. CTA bus simulator releasing soon

    Got to keep in mind though that OMSI is a German based simulator and that an actual 100% addition that wasn't player made didn't get introduced until the Chicago addon. North American bus models didn't really start gaining as much popularity on the simulator until then, so they're still outnumbered by European buses for the time being. But they're starting to catch up to the European buses as more participants create more simulations based on a US or Canadian transit atmosphere. In fact one guy who's developed some player made stuff going by the profile name MTA3306 has been working on Xcelsior buses. He started of on an a 40 foot standard, and from what I see of his YouTube videos he's now been working on an Xcelsior artic.
  14. CTA bus simulator releasing soon

    True but OMSI 2 has simulation of time periods as a big feature of the game. So it's possible to see some maps that feature GMC Fishbowls of the CTA #301 body type and some Nova Classics among the bus line ups. It's especially true of maps created by those who are fans of the North American bus types.
  15. Fall Schedule for Bus 2017

    And of course there are the usual changes we always expect at the transition to fall season service; beach services on 35, 63, 72 and 78 end, services on the 10 and 130 end until next summer*, and school trips added to various routes across the system. *Service on the 10 made summer season only last year starting with last year's fall pick service changes and the 130 does still have service hours for special events at the Museum Campus 2 hours before the event start and for about one hour after event end.