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  1. Did you have an error message saying something about missing MSVCR120.dll or some similar .dll file? I ask because that another issue that might also be happening to you for which replacing any Visual C++ Restributable package that the Windows 10 update may have corrupted in some way. Googling how to fix those .dll files sends you to recommended solutions that also involve getting the correct Visual C++ Redistributable package from Microsoft.
  2. Yeah my memories of Limits are 1980s through its closing in summer of 1994. My memories of artics on 136 start about late 80s a short period before seeing the first test drives of the 4400s before they became revenue active. Before that, I remember only really seeing 40 foot buses. But when artics did start getting assigned on runs, they were in limited numbers because of CTA's artic count then being less than half of what it is today.
  3. The memories of the listed routes are mostly correct from what I remember of info given on Bill V's site in the section giving the histories of CTA's bus routes from the days of CTA's predecessors on up to the present day. Though on the LaSalle Expresses, I believe it was pretty much only the 135 that was assigned there while 136 was pretty much NP's as I only every remember NP Fishbowls, Americanas, 4400s, 5800s, and MAN artics of the 7000 and 7100 series on the 136 when Limits' still existed during my childhood through late teen years.
  4. Both observations still make things inconclusive. It could be Chicago gave a few buses up for spring pick extending NP's upper end of NF 40 footers to 1932, but by it being so few buses it could still likely be a loan of buses instead of an actual reassignment.
  5. From the looks of it, it's simply a loan. Nothing else appears to be out of place among the 1000s.
  6. Also the thing to consider is that CTA only purchased 362 Americanas. So there were only ever enough to get assigned to three or four garages at most if the allotments were kept to 90 to 100 buses. So the lucky garages at the time were 77th (its buses later moved to 103rd after 103rd was built), Kedzie, 69th (later 74th), and North Park.
  7. Yeah look for Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from the Microsoft support pages or google it and that should send you to the right spot. Hopefully that helps you out since your problem sounds very similar to what I had happening some time ago.
  8. As Busjack mentioned, when it came to buses it did have mostly GMC Fishbowls for a while. In its final few years of existence though starting at some point in 1991, it operated with only Flyers including all the 1600s when FG sent its Flyers there as FG got its allotment of Flx 5300s along with the additional fact that GMC 1000s got eliminated out of the bus fleet and remaining GMCs across the system were getting rearranged due to overall arrivals of the 4400s and 5300s.
  9. I ran into the missing textures problem when my laptop updated from Windows 9 to Windows 10. I had OMSI 2 working fine overall but any time I used Chicago buses in any maps I had or tried to run the Chicago map, I had missing tiles and that issue you have with the bus driver and passengers floating on nothing. Turns out I was missing some Visual C++ Redistributable elements after the Windows 10 update. I downloaded Visual C++ 2015 and that fixed the problems for me.
  10. Yes, and as I recall Maple Grove Transit is one of the suburban bus services for Minneapolis and St Paul, similar to but not necessarily the same as how Pace is the suburban bus service for the Chicago region. That's from the standpoint that Maple Grove Transit, like the other suburban Minneapolis bus services, exists because the municipalities in its service area opted out of being part of Metro Transit's network, while Pace is by Illinois law the suburban bus division of the Regional Transportation Authority in northeast Illinois and therefore the sole suburban transit bus service for the Chicago region.
  11. The 130 hasn't been removed from CTA. Where did you hear that? It's service period is Memorial Day through Labor Day. So of course with it now being the weekend before the last week of March, there are no buses running marked 130 as well as it being why 130 isn't listed on BusTracker right now. Route 10 isn't listed on BusTracker for the same reason. The service period is Memorial Day through Labor Day only. OMSI 2 even acknowledges that in the manual for the Chicago addon as they have the 130 in the game running daily all year round to keep some variety since the addon only has two routes that you can drive and aren't AI. Though if there is a place to update the Chicago part of the game, it would be for 124 to account for the changes to that route that came with Loop Link, namely the return of eastbound buses on that route to Washington and the route ending at the Union Station Transit Center instead of at the Clinton/Quincy bus stop.
  12. I can report and confirm from my observations last night and this morning that full sections of the support structure from Track 4, including that over Wilson and a piece crossing Broadway, have been totally removed.
  13. I thank u for the "fix" but I wrote it just as I intended. From my side of it, it was a bit of an overreaction colored from a TV or movie scenario than real life. With the way the media is all over Trump over questions of possible misdeeds, I doubt they would overlook FBI and police going overboard while catching this bank robber. So how about we leave at u simply disagree without changing or fixing my words.
  14. Yeah when I rode the train from there on Saturday, I was able to see that as of that day the old track 4 was stripped of ties and rails from the station at about where the 7th or 8th car of a NB Red would be when stopped at the station all the way up to just south of the Lawrence station. And from your video along with my own observations on Saturday evening, it appears you were right about there being no actual interlocking connections this time moving NB trains from their regular tracks to their temporary tracks passing the station. It does indeed look to be all one connection for the relevant tracks assigned for NB Red and those for NB Purple from Montrose to just south of Lawrence with Track 4 as noted completely gone except for the old supports while passing Wilson.
  15. You're overreacting here a bit to the situation. A lot of what you posed mainly happens in movies and on TV. Real life law enforcement officers rules and policies governing code of conduct that specifically are aimed toward minimizing the chances of any of the concerns in your post of even happening. At a time when there is concern out there among some of the public about law enforcement being too gung ho to pull or use their weapons instead of deflating or deescalating a situation before tensions get too high, especially when it comes to local police of a number big city jurisdictions including this one, do you really think the police and FBI would have been able to swoop down on that bus with guns already drawn before even spotting the suspect in the manner you described and the local media didn't report that?