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  1. San Diego's MTS has an electric powered Gillig low floor model that doesn't sound all that bad. The CPTDB wiki doesn't say what motor is in this particular model for MTS, but its entry for Gillig itself says that the Gillig low floor EV comes with a choice for either a BAESystems Series-EV electric motor or a Cummins Battery System motor. Given the growl that hybrid buses with a BAE engine and diesel buses with Cummins engines have historically had, it's no surprise that the electric Gillig low floors in San Diego don't sound all that boring. Not too much of a surprise since both end
  2. Given how hard it is to get transit capital projects funded even when local, state and the federal governments can get past partisan arguments long enough to get things done, I still say that personally I think the 2030 goal (LA County Metro), 2035 goal (MUNI and some other transit operators). and even the 2040 goal of our own CTA and some others are still somewhat overly optimistic. For one thing, the bus purchases have to be funded. CTA hasn't always been financially stable on that front, which is why it's used purchase piggybacks on existing contracts from other operators to obtain NF artic
  3. True for the most part, though the lanes take a bit more than simple restriping and had some repaving involved as they appear to be permanent red lanes and not simply existing road pavement that's been repainted. Plus the bike lanes have been enclosed with concrete barriers in addition to the city eliminating the leftmost travel lane and restriping it as a parking lane to replace the parking space that was in what's now the bus lane and that was also in what's now permanent protected bike lanes. Either way it highlights the level of complexity and amount of construction effort and time added w
  4. One thing, I've been meaning to mention since late spring/early summer of last year, is that Dearborn south of Wacker got red bus only lanes along that entire stretch from Polk up to Wacker. The interesting part for me when I noticed it last year was that the city managed to accomplish this for CTA buses without the few years of snarled traffic caused by construction as was the case with the installation of the Loop Link bus lanes and accompanying stations.
  5. Yeah from my experience in warmer day months of riding the 8325s that are assigned to FG, the buses were definitely relatively cooler than any of those from 7900-8324 that I've been on. I also chalk part of it being due to the windows being tinted so much darker and blocking out a significant amount of sun glare. That sun glare on the others can really make the inside of the bus warm up a lot and get uncomfortably hot since the A/C in those are so weak and can't keep up with the rapid pace the sun heats the bus up. This is why I avoid the 9/X9 when possible between late spring and early fall a
  6. CTA's press release about the purchase makes it sound like they'll look look 8325 and above. If so, that would be a plus as the tinted windows would block off a lot of glare from the sun and help the bus not get so hot like is the case with the original 425 newer Novas in combo with freaking weak A/C units.
  7. Oh yeah. that's right, via I-190, the bus terminal at Rosemont station, River Rd, and Balmoral. Didn't that change come about at the same time Pace cut 326?
  8. Yeah, I think the dates shown on the maps are more service effect dates and saying this is what overall service across the city and nearby burbs look as of this date, similar to that being the case on the individual route schedules, and not so much map publish dates as a lot of us have come to think of them. One other thing I just noticed is that while they do show Pace Pulse Milwaukee Line is in service, they don't show the limited stop pattern on the route. I guess they figure since it's a Pace route, it's more their responsibility to get that out there about the route. 😂😂
  9. Well the last significant changes to service, the swaps of the north terminus points of the 52 and 94 and the extension of 157 to Pulaski Pink Line, were then with nothing new since. So it makes sense that the date on the map is June 2020. One thing I do notice is that they incorporated the solid and clear boxes around the route numbers the same as how they started using on the bus stop signs. And they confirmed my suspicions of how those boxes are used depending on the route type and its service pattern.
  10. Oh I know about the year A closed. I was speaking on that last three years the Flx 5300s were around from when the first 1000s came into service, which was at Archer in 2006, and when the last of them finally went out of service in 2009. (Those three years were also the years that deliveries of the 1000s were coming of course). The ones that were Archer did get spit between C, K and 3, but what few that had the Alcoa rims that were still active pretty much went to C and K. I think the 5300s that were at 3 in that time were getting squeezed out and pushed to C and K to replace those that were g
  11. That sounds like it's going to be dicier than when the rule was put in place because even with the vaccines out and the may easing up some restrictions with the bars and restaurants I still see more passengers boarding that like the rule in place than those who don't. Even if the bus is an artic, if the bus feels like it's getting too full and past capacity, I see people put up a very vocal fuss and immediately leave the bus in anger or visible frustration. I thought it was a mainly a north side thing with the NP routes, but I have seen folks grumble about buses being over the lowered capacity
  12. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Interestingly enough, 103rd appears to have cycled a majority artics out of service as the PM rush progressed. But NP pretty much kept the typical number of artics seen on 146 and 147 these pandemic days in service.
  13. It might have sounded odd to you because 5757 was one of 20 out of the Flxible 5300 series that had a Cummins engine. Cummins L10 to be exact. It was similar to how 74th had the 25 from the 6000 series (6305-6329) to have Cummins C8.3 engines. The fleet numbers of the 5300s that had Cummins engines were 5745-5764. You could easily spot them by the Alcoa wheels similar to those on the Flx 6000s and the flap over the exhaust pipe. If you were trying to grab one of these, you really had to be careful to also look for that flap over the exhaust pipe since 5741-5744 also had Alcoa wheels but still
  14. Friday evening while riding home from work on the 147, I noticed that CTA added an announcement that plays inside the bus when the operator keys the code into the Clever Device unit that flags the "BUS IS FULL" message on the bus's destination signs after hitting COVID capacity. The announcement says something along the lines of "To improve service reliability, this bus will now run express. Please see bus operator for more information". It kind of had the desired effect of knocking down any questions or complaints to the operator of why he couldn't let more people on when there were still emp
  15. Yeah the 6400s are 18 years old on average, and the oldest of the 1000s are already 15. Even if CTA doesn't retire a series completely, it still has the history for buying more buses to knock out the oldest and worse conditioned buses out of that series. Those two factors in conjunction with CTA showing no real signs of building the infrastructure outside the garages for more electric buses beyond the Navy Pier, Midway and Chicago/Austin terminals lead me to conclude and stand by that conclusion that CTA is not going to stop ordering more diesels before the decade is out. That being said, I ag
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