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  1. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    Bringing my response to this observation to the proper topic, this and your earlier observations confirm that Kedzie only sent artics out on this route that first week and halfway into the second week that the 130 had been back when Kedzie did cover its service during these past few weeks.
  2. More Bus Moves

    Yeah could have been that the available equipment and operatots on weekdays during that two weeks were primarily at 74th taking into account your supposition on those two points.
  3. No surprise on the timing since you and I both acknowledged that CTA times the summer and fall pick changes to line up with the end and start of the CPS school year. And I agree with you that that couple of weeks should be interesting.
  4. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    The 10 is another home. Kedzie has been running this one with almost nothing but artics since the route returned to service for the summer. The 130 was another as noted above, but after seeing primarily 74th assigned buses the past couple weeks, looks like the route is now more 74th's domain meaning no artics. What stragglers Kedzie has had out here and there on the 130 have been 40 foot NFs.
  5. More Bus Moves

    The #130 must have been flipped to 74th after that initial week it returned to service for the summer. About two weeks or so with nothing but 74th buses seen on this route, CTA had to have reassigned from K to 74th.
  6. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    In addition to that, it's been established several times over that CTA has instituted safeguards to minimize another NABI fiasco happening again. So can we finally stop beating that dead horse almost 15 years after the fact?
  7. Random CTA

    Right people don't want to run into any of that when going to whatever social events that are happening in the city during summer weekends or to/from work if they work weekends.
  8. Random CTA

    I tend to think it's a combination of both but still leaning toward they simply don't care given how blatant they are in their criminal acts on CTA vehiles and property.
  9. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Oh gotcha.
  10. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    As of last Friday from what I saw while at my niece's graduation downtown, the 856 buses were still saying Toyota Park.
  11. More Bus Moves

    The other monkey wrench is Art reporting in the surplus artic thread that he saw one on the 130 on Tuesday, and we all know 74th doesn't have those. Maybe they have K and 74th sharing.
  12. More Bus Moves

    Which would be strange in a way, given last week Kedzie provided all the buses and they were all artics just about. Those aren't the run numbers, but it still seems to confirm that 130 hasn't been reassigned since maths22's tracker is still tied to CTA's API data in some way if I remember right. Something else internally is going on since there have been Kedzie buses popping up on obvious 74th Garage routes. Perhaps the bus operations divisions had to shake up the buses at the last minute among the garages to account for CTA providing buses to cover replacement service for the O'Hare ATS since these strange sightings this week on the bus routes coincide with CTA's providing buses to O'Hare.
  13. More Bus Moves

    Getting somewhat back on topic, hasn't been the first time in recent weeks that 74th was short. A few 1060s and 1150s from 103rd filled in 74th runs on the 49/X49 about two to three weeks ago. Here's another interesting sighting. 74th Garage appears to be operating the 130 today per 8018 and 1455 being on the route today when Kedzie was just running the route with artics as late as last Thursday and Friday.
  14. Biggest CTA artic joke

    For me it was a toss up between making the actual solicitation for up to 900 artics in the first place and buying the 4300s instead of just leasing artics for use long enough to make it through the Red Line project. Buying the 4300s won out because we still feel the effects of that decision by virtue of the fact that CTA has just over 300 artics on hand but barely 160 of them are even on the road during peak times. Adding insult to injury is that knowing this CTA is rehabbing all 208 4000-series artics when at this point they can probably get away with only rehabbing the ones they actually bought and letting the ones they leased go into retirement in the next few years. That would at least cut down on the ridiculously high current spare ratio of about 45%.
  15. The Breakdown Thread

    Whether it's Arizona or the Midwest, 90-plus temps is still hot and just as uncomfortable for any transit customer. So his point is still valid.