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  1. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    CTA has a very high spare ratio for artics now even during weekday rush hour periods. A minimum of 100 can still be sitting inside the garages that run them at any given time including rush periods. So the Blue Line shuttles won't interfere with normal artic operations during the Blue Line partial shutdown. For the more newer members who may not know, the CTA has 100 more artics than it actually needs because the only reason it really needed them was to run the Red Line replacement shuttle bus routes during the complete shutdown and rebuilding of the Dan Ryan leg of the Red Line a few years ago.
  2. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    No it's not random. It's an annual thing that CTA bus operations bosses plan out every summer season.
  3. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    The swap was because with the summer season, 103rd didn't need as many buses with the high schools its routes served closed for summer break. Meanwhile K needed extra buses to help cover the 10 and 130 as well as summertime extended hours on the 124. Similar reasons behind a few 103rd buses being sent up to C for the summer. The buses were needed for the beefed up service on the 72, which gets extended to the beach during the summer.
  4. Thanks. And I've been extremely busy over the summer. So I haven't caught up yet on all the things I missed in those topics I haven't had as much time to follow. 😁
  5. Hey guys. While out this morning running errands, I noticed with a couple of New Novas operating on the #84 Peterson that when each bus stopped at bus stops, the rear route number displays flashed "84" and then "STOP". Does anyone know if this is a new feature added to buses during this new fall pick, or is it a recent tweak that happened earlier but I'm just noticing today? I pose the question that way because other destination display tweaks don't always happen right at a system pick change. Some examples of tweaks in the middle of a pick are northbound 22's and 147's current flip displaying "TO HOWARD L STN" behind the route number happening some weeks into the winter pick, SB 147 buses displaying "147 to IDA B WELLS DR/MICHIGAN" (in slimmer font) some time during July and most recently SB 146 signs flipping from route name to "146 TO MUSEUM CAMP SHEDD/FLD/ADLER" (on two lines and in slim font) to "146 VIA SOLDIER FIELD" during around late July/early Aug.
  6. So speeding up service for your passengers you have left is a bad idea? Doesn't sound very smart for transit agencies trying to survive the challenges of increased auto traffic making bus traffic slower and therefore discretionary passengers go elsewhere. And that's before even getting into the challenges of rideshare services eating into that along what used to be attractive corridors for transit (i.e CTA's recent attempt to reintroduce #11 bus service south of the Western Brown Line being a dismal failure). The main issue it seems, is that transit agencies have to monitor these services when introduced and make tweaks as needed based on ridership patterns. And let's be completely honest here. CTA's X express routes weren't cut for low ridership reasons across the board. The ridership was actually there for many of them actually with the X20 being the one real low performer that stood out. And that was because CTA made the dumb decision to make the route do local stops west of Central Park along the portion that operated on Madison. It wasn't much of an express at that point since it already had local stop only zone in the downtown portion. But back to my point, CTA's X routes got cut because CTA was strapped for cash and was trying to go for a service cut option that wouldn't be a hard hit from the passenger point of view. That would be seen by many who follow transit in the media, along with us transit advocates and enthusiasts, as part of the contributing factors into why CTA bus service became slower and lost customers because of it. Granted in that it could be argued that former Mayor Emanuel may have been trying to lure in southside votes had he decided to go for a third term, but that's still too easy a dismissal without attempting to look at all the facts since. As pointed out, the X9 and X49 were not hurting for passengers when they got cut in 2010, and they are not hurting for passengers now, three months shy of completing four years after being resurrected. I happen to use both routes for work commute options, and in this almost four years I've observed how the numbers of riders opting for the express over the local continually increase especially when they discover and realize that the express stops at their intersecting rail and bus routes to which they transfer. In regards to the relation between the Milwaukee Pulse Line and local 270, wasn't the local 270 bus service north of Golf Mill already limited due to the fact that the 272 extended further south to start at Golf Mill at its southernmost terminus? It seems the larger reduction effect to local service is that between Golf Mill and Jefferson Park.
  7. Before this reroute to the original route structure, I actually forgot that Wentworth continued a little bit further north beyond Cermak. And on that traffic point, I still find myself amazed that the 44's prior weekend terminus in the bus terminal wrapped around the station was possible because of how hectic traffic could be even on weekends because of the feeder ramp.
  8. I got those points, but from the way you had your post worded it sounded as if you implied the 24 had a direct stop at the station when still routed on Cermak. I was pointing out that it did not, giving more weight to the point that the now having a direct station stop is an added bonus.
  9. In regards to the 24 reroute to Archer instead of Cermak between Clark and Wentworth, it sounds more like it was more due to heavy traffic on Cermak than serving the Cermak-Chinatown Red Line station. I don't recall it having a direct stop on Cermak itself. Traffic on Cermak in addition to how tight the Chinatown feeder is structured between Clark and Wentworth, made it difficult and even dangerous for that to be the case. Passengers disembarked either on Clark or Wentworth at Cermak and walked to the station. Direct service now is an added bonus of the reroute from the looks of things.
  10. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Yes as of yesterday, when the bus schedule changes and relevant bus garage reassignments started going into effect.
  11. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Yeah CTA tried doing that with the entire 1000 series system fleet of New Flyers but soon found that it was more complicated than it appeared when it came time to reassign buses to different garages due to seasonal changes in service patterns on assigned routes, buses being displaced by a newer model assigned at a given garage, buses replacing retired ones, and some of the other typical reasons buses get reassigned. What normally would be a two garage swap easily became one involving four garages or more due to trying to keep numerical sequences intact while also keeping desired number of NFs at specific garages relatively constant. So it became a bigger headache than it was worth. Yeah today is the last day of beach service on the 72 at C as well as the last day of service on the 10, extended service until midnight on the 124, and daily service on the 130 outside of that given for concerts and other non-Bears related special events at Soldier Field, which in that case they'll likely use artics. So C and K don't need the extra buses any longer.Add to that CPS students have their first day tomorrow, the individual garage rosters need to be more equalized relatively speaking to be ready for that. Normal fall pick change patterns here.
  12. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Actually I read. Just ignored it pretty much because it was politico style double speak.😉 Also that can be further narrowed down by whether it had a rear exhaust pipe at the top. 5765-5769 (5765 was also non-Cummins) didn't have the typical external exhaust pipe if memory serves correctly. So if the exhaust pipe is missing, it's one of those. If it does, then it can't be either of those five. If you blow the picture up, you can see the slight slant of the rear of the bus a bit more clearly. You can also see that the rear route identifier display juts out some from the rear surface panels, further indicating that this is the police bus that used to be a former CTA Metro B. And yeah it's likely that the bus was at SS for some type of maintenance work. I remember @CTA5750 mentioning that it's a similar situation for the former 5800 series New Flyer that's now a Chicago Fire Department bus that they keep at the station house located on California at Fillmore on the west side (the last updated location I remember him giving for the bus). The bus may now be CFD property but CTA still helps out with refueling and maintenance.
  13. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Which the rest of us took quite correctly as "this is how the changes should look based on my and other's observations." So yeah. You were in fact being rude on top of not reading closely enough. Now as for the question from a few as to what FG gets in return, the answer is quite likely nothing. With school being out for the summer, FG doesn't need as many buses on hand for the summer as many of the routes there have school day only trips on their schedules.
  14. jajuan

    More Bus Moves

    Reread his post. He was sharing a brief summary of what moved from FG to C, NP and K for the summer increases in service at those other three garages. Not making a judgment on others' efforts on roster tracking. So you were being a tad rude there.
  15. Well that would line up with the body of the final report stating that phase 2 was targeted for mid to late 2019 (even though interestingly enough the diagrams summarizing the implementation schedule targets state early to mid-2019).
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