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  1. You may not be completely out of luck. An old guy taking pictures on the system, who clearly seemed to think he was "in-the-know", said that the CTA has a special commemorative trip planned for the 2200's next week. It won't replace a revenue trip, but will run in addition to the regular service. Is that reliable? I don't know.
  2. Apparently, yesterday was the last day that the 2200s ran in scheduled service. At least, that was the plan. Maybe some of our train-spotters can confirm or refute that.
  3. csl3407

    CTA Holiday Train

    I rode the train on Sat on the Orange-Brown trip. Had a fun ride. Good job on the announcements! They were seasonal and provided transit/transfer info without being too babbling. I hope to catch it again.
  4. csl3407

    CTA Holiday Train

    Do you always get to work the Christmas train? Is that part of your job for CTA? That sounds like fun ... and a nice break from the mundane.
  5. First, there was "chatter" that operations at a garage would be outsourced. Now, as I understand it, CTA "has chosen" to outsource a garage's management, and has selected 74th as the first garage to outsource. (I'm not using the first statement to support the second.) As I understand it, only management (managers 1 & 2, lead managers, general manager, and other admin staff) are going to be outsourced. There was no mention of outsourcing union employees such as operators, repairers and servicers. My question, to others who have more knowledge of these types of operations, is there a direct impact on conditions for union employees and could this plan be a bargaining tool or negotiating tactic with 241?
  6. There has been chatter for awhile about outsourcing operations and maintenance management at a CTA garage. Now that the CTA has chosen 74th Garage as the first location to have outside management run the garage, some interesting questions come to mind. I'm wondering - is this a legit plan or is this just a bargaining tool to use with Local 241 in some way? Any posters with inside info who could shed some light? Any posters with experience who could explain why this is or isn't a good idea? (Any comparisons to the City's experience with outsourcing garbage pick-ups?)
  7. No, see correction. But 3185-88 and 3191-92 are assigned to Blue Line
  8. Pink Line has 40 5000s -- 5001-5002, 5013-5014, 5015-5016, 5019-5020, 5021-5022, 5023-5024, 5037-5046, 5049-5062, 5065-5068
  9. As of today, Pink Line has these 2600s: 3157-3184, 3157-3184 3189-3190, 3193-3200 (38 total) (corrected) and these 5000s: 5001-5002, 5013-5014, 5015-5016, 5019-5020, 5021-5022, 5023-5024, 5037-5046, 5049-5062, 5065-5068 (40 total) (5001-5002, 5013-5014, 5021-5022 are training consists)
  10. Yellow line hasn't had 2893-2894,2895-2896,2897-2898 for at least several weeks. They started going to Skokie in September for use as the Holiday Train. Yellow Line has 2889-2892 and 2899-2900 currently.
  11. I'm not prognosticating about where I think the CTA will move those buses if and when the Archer garage facility is finally sold. It's not sold yet and the buses are stored there now. I don't know what they will do with the buses if they are still around when an Archer sale is closed and I really don't have an interest. I can't speak to what activity Racine saw when peering through windows at Archer. I don't have photographic proof of it, nor do I intend to take the time or effort to procure it. I thought only to share my knowledge about the topic when several posters doubted parts of racine's post that I knew to be true: the CTA has buses at Archer and they are 86 6000s that have not yet been consigned to the scrap heap. Believe me or not - that is certainly your choice. It's not the scoop of the century. None of our lives will be materially affected if you do or don't believe me. I merely thought the participants of this board had an interest in matters like this and thought to share my knowledge.
  12. I read the linked post to which you referred both times today, and still the only question I see is an apparently rhetorical question in a footnote about whether Huberman left computers at CTA. The rest of your post appeared to be statements of assumptions of fact. But no, these 86 were not part of the 120 available for scrap. The 120 were a separate subset of the then-remaining 6000s.
  13. Your eyes are not failing you. Which is why the corrected post says that the buses are stored at Archer, but assigned to the named garages.
  14. Apparently I have started a firestorm with my poorly-proofread post and missing words. I apologize. The intended sentence should have read: Approximately 20 each are assigned to Chicago, Forest Glen, 74th and 103rd, but stored at Archer garage. (When I was editing the sentence, I clearly lost words critical to the meaning.) Sorry about the carelessness. Based on direct knowledge and the contents of the CTA bus assignment report (current report and reports dated at least as far back as Sept. 2010).
  15. I didn't hear anything about improvements to the Orange Line, but Emanuel was at the Orange Line Midway station that morning introducing the new 5000 series cars, before they went into service on the Pink Line. Maybe those cars were the improvements that you heard about - maybe they were talking about the "new, improved" cars. Just a thought.
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