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  1. My first question is, where is it stated anywhere that CTA isn't doing anything to adjust service for school changes? Nothing in this thread says they aren't. That said, back when I was at CTA, I was directly involved in scheduling the school trippers, and I don't think that many people out there truly understand or appreciate what it takes to coordinate service to the 40-50 (I forget how many) schools that received dedicated trippers or other service adjustments, many of which had multiple trips (sometimes on multiple routes). It's not like this is the first time CPS has ever changed t
  2. No need. The reason the 2200s are always in the middle is because they are not ADA compliant, and they want the wheelchair-accessible cars to be on the ends (for consistency). If the Blue Line had any other series of car besides 2600s, regardless of age, they could be on the ends or in the middle (just like you can find 2400s and 2600s on the Purple Line in all sorts of different arrangements).
  3. The red/white striping just means that the cars are set up for work-train service (I don't know all the details, but it has something to do with special MU capabilities with the flat cars). The 2400s are the only cars that actually have the striping, though. There are 2600s that are also capable of work train service. I don't know if any 3200s have that capability. There are a number of cars that are set up with deicing capability. I rode an Orange Line train a few years ago that had the front part of the lead car closed off and set up with containers and special fluids for keeping th
  4. 5643 is in CTA's fleet, not CHBM's fleet.
  5. That new paint scheme looks somewhat like the CTA Optima paint.
  6. Notwithstanding any FTA funding rules related to the useful life of Addison station, *if* (and that's a big if) it turns out that the subway plan is the best idea, then it would really make little sense to skip that option just because one station (of the dozen or so stations on the NSM impacted by this project) happened to be rebuilt 18 years ago. If the subway truly does turn out to be the the one with the most benefits, then some people will just have to accept that there's a station that only got 23-25 years of life before it was closed (as that's how old it will be once things are buil
  7. My understanding is that the Dan Ryan was not totally rebuilt during its rehab a few years ago. They rebuilt crossovers and did station work, but the long stretches in between were relatively untouched.
  8. Why would they permanently close Lawrence, but keep Argyle?
  9. I know the CTA control center inputs train information into the system so they can keep track of things. From that point, it may very well be automated (based on the schedule) unless a controller manually changes something.
  10. Well, you can buy day passes from CVSs and other stores that sell fare media, but yes, the genius CTA board really made a great move in setting the fare at something other than a whole-dollar level when the pass machines can't take coins.
  11. It's not duct tape, but some kind of a sealant tape. I asked MCTS maintenance about it several years ago. Apparently, the roof brace right there has a tendency to leak when the bus is run through the wash. Why MCTS's New Flyers have this problem, but nobody else does, I have no idea.
  12. My understanding is that the OCU that train operators log into is nothing like the MDT that bus operators log into. The OCU just controls the announcement system (which still has to be manually triggered). The MDT is what passes for a "communications" system on the buses.
  13. That's up to the passenger/customer. Odds are few passengers know how much experience their bus operator has, just like few grocery store customers know how long their cashier has been on the job. All they know is the service they received that day (and, perhaps, past days if they recognize that employee). What that employee went through with the previous customer, or on yesterday's shift, or last year, does not matter to the customer that he/she is facing at the moment. One common theme I have noted in my experience talking to operators (bus and train, CTA and elsewhere, local transit
  14. Frankly, I could write the exact same response. If an article saying nice things about a bus operator is a problem for you, then don't read it. I have a right to speak my mind when I don't agree with what you say (I don't see why you should have free reign of the board, while I should just "move on"). As for you having a problem with my remarks...well, don't read them. Move on. You have gone out of your way to write offensive things about the bus operator in this article. You never did answer my question about your motives behind calling the operator a "suckhole." It isn't hate, you c
  15. You're the only one calling her a "model operator." The headline says she "models customer service," and that's exactly what she's doing. Customer service isn't about seniority, it's about being nice to people. If you take a step back and read this thread from a viewpoint of a regular passenger who doesn't know or care anything about seniority, union issues, etc., perhaps you could even see why a lot of bus operators have the reputation of being rude, surly, etc. If you're going to go around with a chip on your shoulder, it gets notice by the riders. And no, they're not going to excuse
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