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  1. I found this photo collection of CTA stuff from the 80-90s, fishbowls, TMC, flxs, MANs, work buses, bus lockers from the Northwestern University library, reminds me of the late mbeneros photos with the quality. A lot of cool stuff like: A cut in half fishbowl 6000 flxible with a paper sign covering up the front flipdot A 7000 MAN with a experimental paint scheme i've never seen before 9800 Flyer with a flip dot sign Brand new 5300 prototype 4000 Americana with a newer type flip dot
  2. Saw this badge on ebay anyone know what the F stands for? I've seen the L (loaner) badges but never a F badge
  3. Randomly web surfing and stumbled on what happened to 907
  4. These look great! Anyone here would probably make u draw every bus model cta has ever had if we were honest 😄. Only error i see is the artic bus drawn is one of the diesel only NABI buses cta had in the 2000s they had that would break in half, the correct model would be this series https://chicagobus.org/buses/4000-de60lf/photos
  5. When Limits was built in 1889, the northern city limit by the lake was Fullerton. So the area around Clark and Diversey would've been a few blocks north of the city limit which gave it its name, just my theory on it.
  6. If someone got a great holiday bonus this year the city is auctioning off one of the CFD bus's (5858), still with full interior https://publicsurplus.com/sms/chicago,il/auction/view?auc=2467477
  7. From some quick research it can't be running Stateliner as that was run out of Kedzie in 1961, CTA records from 8/61 show this bus being assigned to Lawndale at the time. Interesting enough this is the first time the bus is shown on a roster; this is a practically brand new bus. I checked what other routes Lawndale had at the time and none of them ran around Michigan/Chicago. The headsign doesn't give away much, every garages rollsign had a generic soldier field heading. My bet is some sort of CTA PR photo or fan trip, brand spanking new bus, no passengers, iconic place for a photo. Sources I used: http://irm-cta.org/Rosters/Bus/BusAsgnmnts_1961-08-14.pdf http://irm-cta.org/RouteDescriptions/RouteHistories/141-160_2019-05/149.pdf https://www.chicagorailfan.com/rtegar2n.html
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