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  1. Good job on the new site! The new logo look's good as does the logo that tells us who is a moderator.
  2. http://urbanmilwaukee.com/2014/11/06/eyes-on-milwaukee-another-bad-transit-plan-by-county-board/ It looks like it was a budget amendment by the county board. I don't find any reasoning in this article.
  3. http://www.ridemcts.com/about-us/news/mcts-will-begin-handing-out-free-transit-passes-for-eligible-seniors-or-persons-with-disabilities-on-march-31st I wonder how much this will cost the system. I understand some people could use the assistance but I am reminded of when this was mandated by the state of Illinois a few years ago. Bus fares have been stable in recent years and I think this will force an increase in fares that would not have happened. We finally have transitioned to a modern fare system and paper transfers are supposed to be eliminated. It would have been nice to see if there
  4. http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post/26083/heres-where-metro-railcars-go-after-they-die/ I thought this was an interesting article.
  5. Saw 4305 this afternoon on the 48. I thought all the 4300s were retired.
  6. I didn't know that. I usually get to Chicago on the Amtrak so I don't generally see the Pace buses. Sometimes I'm the one running and that's my own fault but as for others? Probably not many on further thought.
  7. Maybe someday we will see that. I would like to see destination signs on the left side. I saw some buses with those in Washington DC and I like that idea as a pedestrian or bus rider when approaching the bus from the left. Sorry for the picture being blurry.
  8. The destination shown on the rear destination signs are only used when the route has a branch. For example route 19 has two southbound destinations. Southbound front destination sign reads: 19 KING DR-SOUTH 13TH "flip" to COLLEGE VIA 13TH and the corresponding rear sign: 19 "flip" via 13TH. The other southbound sign is 19 KING DR-SOUTH 20TH "flip" to COLLEGE VIA 20TH and the corresponding rear sign: 19 "flip" via 20th. The northbound route 19: 19 KING DRIVE "flip" to SILVER SPRING and the corresponding rear sign is 19. Most of the older buses are being repainted to the new scheme. The 4600s ar
  9. I forgot my Ventra password and was able to log on with a temporary one by class clicking on forgot password.
  10. Check out this website: http://milwtransit.org/WP/ . It is a small museum that is dedicated to Milwaukee Transit history. They might have the answer you are looking for.
  11. A portion of the lawsuit settlement here. "WHEREAS, the proposed settlement will make about $2.875 million available to MCTS annually from 2014 to 2018 for transit routes and related services specific to the settlement agreement; and WHEREAS, WisDOT is also planning to provide an additional $500,000 annually for marketing efforts related to these routes; and WHEREAS, at this time, WisDOT is proposing to fund additional transit service during the reconstruction of the Zoo Interchange, with a focus on creating new local or express routes, or extending existing t
  12. All buses have the displays inside but they only show time currently. FDL has 5100-5120 I think. THhe rest of the 5100s to 5189 are at KK. Fiebrantz(FB) has 5200-5234, Fon Du Lac (FD) has 5300-5355, KK and FB share the 5400s and Fdl has the 5500s. I have seen some people with the new MCard during this test phase. Andre- My dad drove for the predessecor company and when the county took over The private corporation was created, and the culture has been taught from one generation to the next. There was talk of Milwaukee county bringing operations in house but my fear is that it would become a
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