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  1. Oh, I understood your Mark Felt references. It's not exactly obscure history that he was the Deep Throat of the investigation into the Watergate scandal. It's just that analogy didn't/doesn't apply to me, so I didn't feel compelled to reply. Not sure to what you are referring. I'm not suggesting that every preacher on the south side knows as a fact about the planned closure. If I wrote something that seemed to imply that, or was so obscurely written that it misled you to infer that, please point it out. That would surely be worth a clarification. Well, this is a bit like the
  2. Indeed, as indicated by the Tattler. Which is why I linked to the Tattler twice - to two different Tattler stories on this topic. Do the attribution links not show up on your browser? What's with the animus? Have I offended you?
  3. You can register to download with a fake name, address and email address. (John Doe, 123 Main Street, Anytown, IL, jdoe@noaddress.com) They don't appear to verify any of the information. They probably request the information so that if there are changes or addendums to the RFPs or other documents they can email potential vendors a notice to that effect. Often big projects have several addendums with more information or a revised due date, and having a list of interested bidders is a good way to get the revised info out.
  4. Work at Granville station has started. It closed Friday night, June 1, as announced weeks before. What they didn't announce until Thursday was that other nearby stations (Loyola, Morse, Jarvis) were going to have limited service for the weekend - northbound service only. It's not a surprise because of limited crossovers in that area, but it is a surprise the CTA waited so late to announce it. Also, according to the CTATattler (see links below)*, it was a big surprise to the alderman and community around Morse when Morse ave and Glenwood ave were closed off to traffic on Thursday mornin
  5. (starting a new thread since this topic really didn't fit under the Red-Purple Modernization thread) It looks like the Dan Ryan branch track project is going to roll out as someone else originally projected many weeks ago – a complete shutdown of the south branch of the Red Line from just south of Roosevelt to 95th. Subsequent to that post, I had heard that the CTA was going to offer a second option of weekend-only work for 4 years, but that the preferred plan was the complete 5-month shutdown. They had decided to present the second, weekend-only option, in order to give the appearance that
  6. I'm confused by the double-negative. Are you saying CTA is NOT going to buy any diesels, that they will only buy hybrids?
  7. Nope, no linkable source that I can find - it doesn't appear CTA, Seattle or New Flyer has posted anything yet. Don't know what you are talking about. I never brought up the discussion of the Red Line closure. After someone else posted it, I commented that I had heard the same thing. And I only made one post about it. Not sure how that counts as "keep bringing that up". Actually, I thought it was only $30 million that Durbin announced. Was there another $10 mill I missed? Nice unnoted post edit ;-) but I think that old New Flyer announcement is a topic you have covered
  8. Another obvious possible use for these which I should have included would be for the mis-named BRT plans CDOT has announced.
  9. CTA is apparently ordering more New Flyer artics. King County Metro has been working with New Flyer and CTA so that CTA can purchase 100 New Flyers that Seattle (King County) changed its mind about. Based on King County's order, the low-floor artics will be a mix of diesel and diesel-electric engines. 67 Diesel and 33 diesel-electric hybrids. New Flyer will begin to deliver the buses late this year and delivery will be complete in 2013. Now the question is: are these buses merely intended to replace the Novas which began service in 2000 and 2001 (12-year-useful life) or are these buses
  10. Why so dismissive if the info isn't announced in a press release (or announced by Claypool)? So CSL isn't Mark Feld - it's still interesting info and led me to look for more details. Here's the link to the contract opportunity . It confirms CSL's info, but raises even more questions. Art, Cta5750, others - any insight?
  11. I heard something almost identical. I'm sorry, I can't identify my source (other than to say I believe he/she is credible and is in a position to know this information). That said, I heard basically the same info as Mayfield detailed. The only difference is that after this plan was leaked (including here), the CTA decided to go to the public with two options for the DanRyan reconstruction instead of just one for five months. The other option they will present in public meetings is one they have already discussed internally and discarded. That plan would involve 4 years of weekend construct
  12. Apparently, the Trib likes the Holiday Train. http://www.chicagotr...1128-2-20111128,0,1889781.column Elves - photo
  13. A friend at a department of Aging senior center says there has been been a major shift in how the free rides program information is being coordinated. Apparently, from the time the new law passed last winter, the RTA insisted on taking control of how to end the free rides program and transition to the new program. Since the law affects all three service agencies, and the RTA had the money, they coordinated how to inform seniors and get the new cards out. Seems to makes sense, but one problem was the RTA didn't seek input from the service agencies. The CTA expressed concern that there wa
  14. I've watched the show often on TV and online. Some of the topics are interesting. Do you really think that the new host Omar Barragan is better than the previous ones? I think he is a big step down from the people they had before - TV/radio personality, Jeane Sparrow, and actor, Dane(?) Rivero. He always looks (and sounds) like he is having trouble reading his cue cards. (Do you actually listen to him or just read the captions?) I find him painful to listen to even though I find the show interesting. I particularly like the episodes about CTA Towers and the IIT tube. And the old pictures.
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