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  1. Random CTA

    When was the last year that CTA got new buses and are they Novabus LFS or New Flyer? And are they still using the same driver seat as they have on the New Flyer LFs and LFRs?
  2. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    The interior may be Baltimore MTA interior but from what I read the interior was modified before these units were sent to Baltimore. There are some CTA similarities. Such as the rear door. The floor. The darkness of the tint. As well as the tail lights. But interchangable features got changed out to MTA features before being sent to Baltimore. MTA does modify rejects as much as possible before they receive the rejects. Like 9861-9865 were rejected from another TA and the only difference between them and the rest of the 9800s is the floor. 9801-9860 came with black floors as 9861-9865 came with gray slip proof floors.
  3. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    The 12 DE60LFs sent to Baltimore are now operating in revenue service. Basically the only CTA features these units have are the shade of tint on the windows. The skirt design on the sides. The rear door. As well as the floor. Everything else was modified to MTA colors. And the headsigns are either white or multi colored but Im not sure which. I do know the passenger seats were changed out to MTAs standard seats. As well as the grab rails were changed out to all yellow. And as far as the driver seat. It is exactly the same as what the rest of the New Flyers were built with. Black Recaro Ergo Ms with headrests and orange shoulder strap seatbelts. I still have yet to ride one but Ive seen them in service.
  4. Taking Pics/Making Vids Illegal ?

    Even with photographing and filming transit vehicles illegal I still tend to do it and never even been seen by transit officials. Baltimore MTA prohibits photography of transit equipment and I shot a pic of one of the 2010 New Flyer DE40LFRs as I was driving behind it. And I photograph almost anything I find to be interesting.
  5. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    I suspect that it is possible that the LF being discontinued did not effect existing contracts. Only new contracts once the LF was discontinued were not available in LF. And existing contracts could continue as LF until the contract ended. SEPTA on the other hand. They may have decided to get LFRs for the 2010 order. Since they had no choice but to get the ETBs as E40LFRs. They didnt mind getting the 2010 DE40s in LFR instead of LF. As far as Bmores next Articulated buses. If they are not suppose to be the CTA units then hopefully they will be LFR but until January or February we will not know for sure until they arrive.
  6. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    Turns out the 2 DE60LFRs spotted in Rockville were among MTAs current DE60LFRs. The CTA units are DE60LFs. And will not arrive to Baltimore until the first of 2011. Some features may be modified on these units prior to delivery. Such as the seat inserts. Maybe the rear door pieces. And the driver seat will more likely be modified. Headrest installed. Maybe seatbelt change outs unless MTA can deal with dark shoulder strap seatbelts. And I wouldnt be surprised either way with the seatbelts. I dont know if blue slip proof floors can be replaced with black slip proof but either way the floor situation wouldnt surprise me. And even with modifications made Im sure there are going to be some noticable ways that these units were suppose to be CTA units.
  7. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    I think New Flyer should have discontinued the LF when the LFR came into production. Orion discontinued the old style VII when the VII next Generation came out. NABI discontinued the old style when the restyled came out. But kept the name the same for their models. Novabus. All they redesigned was the headlights. And that may be an option for purchases. And Gillig. Their standard low floor is still the old style and no restyle came out. However their BRT model is popular for non BRT use. I cant wait to see the pics of the first CTA New Flyer Articulated that arrives to Bmore. Even if they are LFs chances are the passenger seats, rear door, driver seats, as well as the exterior mirrors may have been modified to MTA specs. I think MTA does modify rejected units as best as they can but there are some ways of noticing the reject. Like 9861-9865 were rejected from another TA and the only difference with them then 9801-9860 is the floor. 9801-9860 have black floors with grooved aisles and 9861-9865 have gray slip proof floors.
  8. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    So Joe Casey may have decided to purchase DE40LFRs for SEPTAs 2010 order. I hear SEPTAs 2011 order is suppose to be Xcelsiors. Since New Flyers website no longer shows the LF as an available model at the least more likely it only effects new contracts that came in after the LF was discontinued. And existing contracts could get LFs. But other then Detroits latest D40LFs that arrived I dont know of any 2010 LF built in the US. So I dont know the exact situation with the LF. I know its no longer available for new orders. It may or may not be available for existing contracts. But either way the reason for SEPTA switching to LFRs wouldnt surprise me as if either they had no choice or Joe Casey got tired of purchasing LFs and decided SEPTA needed a design change.
  9. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    There was word that 2 DE60LFRs were seen in Rockville MD owned by the Maryland Transit Administration. One source said that they are the tics CTA specified tics. But so far we will not find out for sure until they arrive to MTAs property and someone can get pics of the first unit delivered when it arrives. Im hoping they are LFRs so they can look like the 08000s on the outside. But if they happen to be LFs then thats how it will have to go. Since New Flyer discontinued the LF in late 2009 it wouldnt surprise me if CTA had no choice but to get their next batch of tics in LFR. Since SEPTA got their 2010 New Flyers in LFR it wouldnt surprise me if existing contracts got effected by the cease of the LF. MARTA got their 06s in LF and their 2010 CNGs are C40LFRs. MBTA of Boston got their 2010 tics as DE60LFRs. And they were among those to continue getting LFs after the introduction of the LFR. I cant wait until the new tics arrive to Bmore.
  10. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    Another question reguarding what should have been CTAs future Articulated buses. Are they DE60LFs or DE60LFRs?
  11. Taking Pics/Making Vids Illegal ?

    To me there is nothing wrong with photographing transit equipment. However. I only use my digital camera to photograph transit equipment at annual roadeos. But other then that Ive always grabbed my camera phone and snapped a shot.
  12. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    So some CTA drivers dont buckle up? Im not surprised. Every major TA has that issue. Which is why Baltimore MTA uses orange seatbelts on majority of their fleet. And seat belt alarms on the Neoplans as well as 08 and newer New Flyers. So since CTA has shoulder straps chances are all the Baltimore MTA has to do with the driver seat is install headrests and they can either get New Flyer to do it or they can have their maintenance workers install them prior to sending the buses out in service. But I dont 100% think the seatbelts will get changed out to orange. I think MTA will make do with the dark shoulder straps CTA uses. Like they did with 04043 when they changed out the driver seat due to mechanical malfunction.
  13. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    http://www.chicagobus.org/photo/1002-2 I noticed from this pic what looks like a strap infront of the driver on 1002. Does this show that CTA has shoulder strap seatbelts on buses? If so then the only thing Baltimore MTA has to do with the driver seat is install headrests on them. And if MTA decides its necessary replace the seatbelts with orange shoulder straps. I dont think MD requires newer buses to have orange shoulder straps but I believe they at least require headrests and shoulder strap seatbelts these days.
  14. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    I myself always thought Ralign Wells decided to only purchase 12 of these units. And when the time comes to retire all 42 New Flyer Articulated buses it wouldnt really surprise me if all 42 were replaced with 42 new Articulated buses in 1 order. Like 9501-9510 and 9601-9620. 9501-9510 were the 95 NABI 436 and 9601-9620 were the 97 NABI 436. And all 30 got replaced with 8001-8030 which are New Flyer DE60LFRs. So I wouldnt be surprised in 2023 if all 42 New Flyer Articulated buses were replaced with 1 order of 42 Articulated buses.
  15. New Flyer DE60LF rejects

    I was reading that CTA had to reject some Articulated buses built by New Flyer due to funding purposes. How many did CTA have to reject? One reason Im asking is because I was reading some rumor that 12 of the rejected CTA New Flyer DE60LFs may be going to Baltimore. But that hasnt been confirmed at this point. But it would be nice to see rejected CTA DE60LFs in Baltimore. Even though they are the old style end caps. As far as the drivers area. I believe CTA uses the same driver seats as Baltimore. The Recaro Ergo M. Except CTAs have no headrests on them. And Im not sure if they have shoulder strap seatbelts. And Baltimores have the headrest and orange shoulder strap seatbelt. So if CTAs have shoulder strap seatbelts all Baltimore MTA would have to do is add the headrest to the driver seat. And maybe change out the seatbelts to orange. But I wouldnt be surprised if the seatbelts did not get retrofitted with the orange seatbelts.