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  1. Sorry --- Yes, I was referring to the Yellow Line. And I understand operating 4 cars to clear the rails and only using 2 cars for Passengers because of Dempster Street Station size and the operations of the Doors. I also asked a general question... Does any one know if the platforms at Dempster will be Extended to berth 4 cars, Since both Howard and Oakton Stations can berth 4 car trains. As often as I've seen 4 car trains operating, I would think being able use all 4 cars in actual revenue service would be a better financial use of operating them, even if just for limited use , considering Mileage, plus the cars have their interior lighting on and I assume are also heated as well.
  2. January 2019 -- Again 4 car trains are in service in the snow. I'm sure the public has also seen these trains.. and have to wonder why everyone is packed standing room only - (during rush hour) - into two cars while 2 cars are completely empty. Does any one know if the platforms at Dempster will be Extended to berth 4 cars??. It seem logical as often as I've seen 4 car trains this month and that Oakton Street is long enough to already berth longer trains. Also this past Friday.Jan 25 2019... I watched as a 4 car train pulled into the SOUTHBOUND station at Dempster. Since they were only using the rear 2 cars for passengers... the front of the train was far enough forward beyond the station to trigger the signal at Niles Center Road. Thus for over the next 5 minutes... traffic was blocked as the signals were operating ...while the train just sat at Dempster.
  3. I can tell you I DID see a 5 car Christmas train -- with the Flat Car in the Center - probably December 2005 on the skokie Swift.
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