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  1. Bus accident this morning on Ashland I seen on the bus on the sidewalk I think is #8223 on TV.
  2. ArcherRider

    More Bus Moves

    I see 103rd bus 1098, 1121,1122, 1155 1166,1169 1183,1189,1190 on Forest Glen routes cta math22 website this morning and no old nova run this morning.
  3. I still remember the North Park having the old Nova bus in 2010 to when they transfer out I forgot because I rode 22 36 and old #144 bus routes.and the bus number were upper 6600 to 6708 and some 6400's too if my memory is correct.
  4. My question is will we see the holiday bus in service start this year?
  5. I see 8343 on #85 yesterday on bustracker and #8346 on #77 on bustracker this morning so those two bus are back in service at FG.
  6. No bus driver badge was 37XXX and first ride they collect the ticket but the was second group the bus driver said keep the ticket and 50 people can get on the buses for the group.
  7. It was regular CTA operator driving #8499 and Graham Garfield gave the history of the bus #8499 and bus ride was very smooth and went via Washington,State, Madison to Canal back to Washington,
  8. I was on transit chicago.com and check out 147 Outer Drive Express and 151 Sheridan new schedule start on September 3 2017 and I see that on 151 on Sundays and Holidays will not go to Howard Station anymore start on September 3 and now that #147 will to run later on Sundays and Holidays leave Congress Plaza at 10:30 pm instead of 9:18 pm.
  9. ArcherRider

    More Bus Moves

    4178 went to 103rd because I saw on #6 this afternoon.
  10. ArcherRider

    More Bus Moves

    #1061 is on #22 this morning .
  11. ArcherRider

    More Bus Moves

    Saw #1565 on #60 this morning on bustracker and #1391 is on #77 this morning on bustracker and #1760 at FG because on busfinder it say it on 81W.
  12. I read CTA alerts on Bus Alerts I see #28 Stony Island will start later on weekends and holidays and #39 Pershing effective 4/2/2016 Saturdays service will be discontinue and #18 would run later from 16th/Cicero 8:23pm instead of 6:30 pm and Roosevelt/Michigan at 9:23 p.m instead of 7:20 pm.
  13. ArcherRider

    More Bus Moves

    NF 1194 is on #29 this afternoon.
  14. ArcherRider

    More Bus Moves

    1792 moved from P to 74th because I rode #62 this afternoon go home.
  15. I was wait for Purple Line train this morning I saw 3401-02 with the new LED running box but it already broken because it should read "402" but it read 535 I thought the brown line have a new run "535" but train tracker say it run 402.
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