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  1. Looks like 6710 was the last in service on the 85 at 00:30 today (3/4) according to bustracker.
  2. It is working again for me too! There is no archive data from 3:40pm yesterday until 8:50am this morning, I assume this was the period it was down.
  3. Just tried it, seems to be completely down now. https://cta.maths22.com/buses-in-service.xml The requested URL was not found on this server.
  4. No, I was going by what had been posted before. The only four I have seen in service are the four Eric95 mentioned.
  5. Here is a listing of car build dates from my records. The oldest in service are BNSF cars delivered in 1953 from the 741-759 batch. The earliest bi-level cars were built for CB&Q in 1950 (700-729). The earliest CNW painted bi-level cars were from 1955 (CNW 1-16 became Metra 7600-7606, 7900/1, 7607-7613). non of these batches remain with Metra. Only 292 of 674 cars are less than 50 years old. All 187 operating cab cars are from 1994-2005 giving a total of 861 cars 741-759 (1953-7), 760-787 (1965), 796-814 (1973), 816-20 (1973) - BNSF steel cars (796-814 were cab cars, deactivated)
  6. I cannot get to the bustracker again. I am getting the following message: "An error occurred during a connection to cta.maths22.com. A required TLS feature is missing. Error code: MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_REQUIRED_TLS_FEATURE_MISSING The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem."
  7. Why not! 7000 series are for cars and 8000 for cab-cars. All of the early cab-cars 8200-8275 have been downgraded to coach only and the few C&NW painted ones have also been downgraded. In most cases the cabs are just locked up. On some cars they have been rebuilt without them. 7000-7099 were not used but I believe allocated to the ex-BNSF steel cars 700-787 and 816-820 (the locomotives were also not renumbered but 500-524 were allocated to 9900-8/10-25) 7100-7121 are the West suburban MTD ordered steel cars for the BNSF 7200-7283 are the ex-MILW (except 7242-56 ex-RI) steel
  8. The last cars delivered were 6001-6194, the last cab cars 8501-8608
  9. Yes, but not for regular service they are either stored for use at Ravinia or withdrawn waiting to be sold. The ones at North and some of the ones at South Holland were used on the Ravinia shuttles although not since 2019. 6220, 6222, 6225, 6238, 6260, 6296, 6601, 6606, 6609, 6621, 6625, 6633, 6639, 6640, 6645, 6654, 6657, 6665, 6667, 6675, 6680 The remainder are ones withdrawn from West that have not been sold yet, or may be for Ravinia if it opens this year. 6279, 6298, 6299, 6320, 6321, 6666, 6669
  10. 5900-5902 were the Ballard hydrogen powered buses (New Flyer H40LF) and spent all their time at Chicago. They were new in 1997 and all three were withdrawn at the end of the trial period in March 2000. I caught them several times between 4/98 and 2/00 always on the 20. The regular D40LFs 5800-5864 were at P
  11. 4003 has been off the road since March and was last used at Kedzie. It had not been used at any other garage.
  12. Archive Calendar has stopped working again
  13. According to the UP notice "Ticket sales at OTC and outlying stations resumed Sept. 28"
  14. Erin, yes you are correct 6784 and 6785 were later than 6786.
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