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  1. busfan2847

    Ghost Buses

    Midday storage of rush hour buses rather than returning them to garages.
  2. I was wondering that too. They have not been out since last Thursday (8/15).
  3. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    1342 has reappeared on the bus tracker from 9th August at 77th.
  4. This 6400 (reg M119 823) was the pilot bus, The 6400 sold in 2015 was M118 341. The pilot bus briefly carried the fleet number 6400 but has been an unnumbered mechanical trainer ever since. Exactly the same as the pilot 1000 (M125 505) which is retained as a mechanical trainer (see https://www.chicagobus.org/buses/1000 ). The current 1000 (M164 867) was delivered at the same time as 1475-1571 batch.
  5. Probably just stored especially if in the back yard at NW along the fence.
  6. From the registration that is the original 6400 which never entered service and has remained a mechanical trainer.
  7. F40's 173-178 are in the new livery on the UP lines
  8. The 960 & 961 which provided off peak and evening service from Franklin Park & Des Plaines to Libertyville (960) and Libertyville - Antioch (961) served only the NC stations at Metra fares. They started 2/3/97 (6 months after the RH train service started on 8/19/1996) and were a complete failure. I caught an afternoon 960 once and was the only passenger from Mundelein to Des Plaines! Both routes were withdrawn 8/28/98 many years before the expansion to 20 trains on 1/30/2006.
  9. The supervisor wasn't at Jefferson Park yesterday. Only stopped at Pulse stops and the Transit Signal Priority does not seem to be working. Driver told someone at Jefferson Park that if she wanted the 270 it was operating once an hour and she would have to wait for 45 minutes.
  10. Not true. Caught Pulse yesterday only stopped at Pulse stops. Northbound Pulse stations are in place in Niles but buses not stopping at them yet. Looked like Pulse stations southbound were open. At Golf Mill all services (except Niles Free Bus) stop at the Pulse station.
  11. On the Pace front page in the following section (scroll down on the page): "Pace Eliminating Three Poorly Performing Services Several routes approved for elimination as part of the Pace 2019 budget will take their last trips this summer. Pace's 2019 budget included the elimination of 12 poorly performing services in total and the reallocation $1.2 million into a $1.7 million service enhancement effort that will reduce overcrowding, improve on-time performance, and support the launch of the Pulse Milwaukee Line, which is expected this fall. On August 9, Pace Routes 304 and 326 will take their last trips. Service enhancements on nearby Routes 330 and 331 will help compensate for the elimination of these two routes. Pace has worked to encourage ridership on these routes, but they have not performed to the agency's standards. As a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars, Pace can no longer support these routes which do not generate the necessary fare revenue. Service has already been cut on several other routes this year. Routes 362, 532, 661, 809 and 824 were eliminated, and Saturday service was eliminated on Routes 209, 348, 540, 504 and 546."
  12. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    CTA Headquarters decides which buses are where. Typically they keep batches of buses together - it is neater and easier to keep track of.
  13. They replaced the remaining 1600 and 9800 Flyers and some of the 4000 MANs
  14. I have found an Assett Management Report dated Sep 2018 for Kenosha Area Transit. The fleet at that time was: 2439 Dupont Trolley (1998) 3012-3019 Gillig Low Floor (2004) 29' 3369 Dupont Trolley (1999) 3415 Hometown Trolley (2010) 3501-3513 Gillig Low Floor (2004/5) 35' 3524-3528 Gillig Low Floor (2010) 35' 4004 New Flyer D40LF (2001) ex MCTS 4439 (2016) 4005-4008 New Flyer D40LF (2000) ex Madison Metro 834/3/45/35 (2016) 4009-4012 New Flyer D40LF (2002/2) ex MCTS 4447, 4617/9/33 (2016 or 2017?) 4023-4026 Gillig Low Floor (2009) 40' 4027, 4032, 4034 New Flyer D40LF (1995/7) ex MCTS 4019, 4120/5 (2011) 4041-4043 Gillig Low Floor (2012) 40' 4044-4050 Gillig Low Floor (2013) 40' 4070-4072 New Flyer D40LF (2000/2) ex Madison Metro 844/6/8 (2017) In addition 6 buses were on order for delivery in 2019 and 4 for 2020. 4051-4056 Gillig Low Floor (2019) 40' must be the 2019 deliveries. Do not know what they replaced. The New Flyers that are still owned are probably used on the school trippers and not on regular services.
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