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  1. New Eldorados?

    6781 was on 565 (N) according to bustracker this afternoon and 6782 was on 213 (NS)
  2. More Bus Moves

    1930-1932 moved to P in March 2017. 1948 and 1972 were at P this morning but back on C routes for the pm rush hour. 1960 was only out in the afternoon and is probably a loan.
  3. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    The UP lines have the only F40PH-2s that have not been rebuilt to F40PH-3 (150-173). These were given mid life overhauls in 2004-6. The video of the board meeting mentioned that a full rebuild at Progress Rail of a F40PH-2 costs $2.2M. Metra can get the F59PHI for $1.3M each, they have all been overhauled in the last 5 years (some as recently as last year with an average time since rebuild of 3.2 years). It is also getting increasingly more difficult to get Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts for the original F40PH-2 which were built in 1983. Looks like a good deal!
  4. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    They have to be AMTRAK F59PHI 450-470 new 1998 from California (450-464) and Washington (465-470) states
  5. Random CTA

    Novabus LFS (7900-8324) last two delivered September 2016.
  6. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    On mathstracker 6758 was out today and 6755 was last in service 1/31/2018. Conversely 6837 has not been on the tracker since mid-Sep 2017 - ghost bus or withdrawn?
  7. My First Bus Ride - Pace (RTA)

    My first Pace bus rides, before I moved here permanently in January 1998, were mainly from one Metra Line to another (except the first!): Flxible 8349 - 307 - Ogden to Blue Line (1984) Orion I 2007-802 - Geneva to Aurora (1996) Orion I 8714 - 354 - Midlothian to Harvey (all rest 1997) Orion I 2378 - 801 - Geneva to Elgin Gillig 8602 - 572 - Waukegan to Libertyville Nova Classic 2391 - 960 - Mundelein to Des Planes Orion I 2101- 834 - Joliet to Downers Grove
  8. If CTA switched to letters for rail lines

    UP used the Northwestern Station and C&NW for 75 years until 30th October 1955. The passenger trains then entered Chicago on the Milwaukee Road and ended up in Union Station in Chicago until May 1971. The primary reason for the switch was the C&NW was not cleaning the cars inside like they had in the past and the UP was buying newer equipment that the C&NW could not afford and C&NW wanted out of the long distance train service.This resulted in a deterioration in track quality on the C&NW leading to a bumpy ride and bad timekeeping.
  9. Hammond Transit

    Here is his obituary from the Tribune Henry P. Bruner, 93, a former transportation consultant and executive and resident of Oak Park, died Monday in West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park. His 55-year career as a transportation executive in the Chicago area included owning bus and rail transportation companies in southeastern Wisconsin during the early 1940s. He served as president in the late 1950s of Gary Railways Inc., the Gary bus system, and of Greyhound Van Lines Inc., the household moving subsidiary of Greyhound Corp. He retired from those positions in the mid-1960s and operated a consulting business. Survivors include his wife, Katharine; five sons, Henry, Philip, Stephen, David and Robert; and nine grandchildren. A memorial service will be at 5 p.m. Saturday in Austin Boulevard Christian Church, 634 N. Austin Blvd., Oak Park.
  10. Hammond Transit

    When Hammond Transit System began operation in 1976 it was operated under contract by Gary PTC. In 1983 Hammond Yellow Coach Lines begins operating Hammond Transit System under contract, as operation by Gary Public Transportation Corporation outside Gary city limits was determined to be illegal. (Earlier in 1980s Chicago Gray Line bus service into downtown Chicago was sold to Hammond Yellow Coach Lines). In 1989 Hammond Yellow Coach Lines ceases operations, with no replacement for downtown Chicago service, as downtown service had lost ridership due to company unreliability. Hammond Transit System contract assumed by ATC/Vancom (ATC was sold to Vancom in 1989 becoming ATC/Vancom). In the mid 1990's Progressive Transportation Services begins operating Hammond Transit System under contract. In 1996 Progressive was acquired by Coach USA (subsidiary of Stagecoach Group from mid1999) who in 2003 sold their contract transit division, Progressive, to First Transit. First Transit continued to operate Hammond Transit through the RBA takeover in 2010 until the closure on June 30th 2012.
  11. Hammond Transit

    Easygo Lake Transit Chance Opus 0201-0204, 0301-0304 - ex Hammond Tranist System Ford (bodyon chassis) 0311 - ex HTS Champion 0400-0408 and 0500-0511 - new to Easygo RBA assumed responsibility for the management and operation of Hammond Transit Systems through a partnership with the City of Hammond from 4th January 2010 with operation continuing by First Transit. Fixed route and complementary paratransit remained unchanged as the RBA conducts public hearings throughout the service area and prepares specifications for new operations contracts which will include new services and changes to existing services. New services started 2nd August 2010 with RH increases in frequency to every 30 minutes on the main two routes and Saturday service restored. Easygo Lake Transit services provided from 1st July 2010 to 30th June 2012 by First Transit and Easygo Complimentary Transit service provided during same period by Triple A Express. Easygo Chicago provided from 1st Feb 2010 to 31st December 2011 by Free Enterprise with 2x 12 month extensions allowed.
  12. Pace Roster

    Looking at my records the last time 6366 showed up on webwatch was November 2016. Pace 831 posted a photograph on 8/31/2017 at Chandler ( https://chitransit.org/topic/1732-new-eldorados/?page=49 ) of 17522 behind a fence. If you blow up the image and look in the right hand doorway above the back of 17522 you will see 6366. Has it had a crash that has required Chandler to rebuild it or has it been decided it as beyond economic repair.
  13. Pace Bus Moves

    6258 still out on the 626 this morning
  14. Metra Budd cars 04/16

    Yes. Out of the Nippon-Sharyo cars from the 1980s, 31-38 are Metra owned.
  15. Pace Roster

    2830 and 2831 are Pace's two hybrid Orions - perhaps that is why they are green.