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  1. Proterras missing from 66 yesterday and today.
  2. The 2009 models (except 2788) are vehicles that were operated by contractors First Student - Westmont and MV-Romeoville on Metra rush hour shuttles that have not run since 13th April 2020.
  3. Could be that Green line is the only line above ground that covers more than one area of the city (West and South). As an art installation the artists would want the trains to travel above ground in the loop so subway lines are out.
  4. 1551 has been out of use since April-2019. The other two were in use until the last week of April this year.
  5. 603 was on the 816 last Friday but finished early at 3:50pm
  6. Yes. See https://www.wired.co.uk/article/shenzhen-electric-buses-public-transport
  7. The first working (66-805) tracks from 5:40am to 9:30am (600 yesterday, 603 today). The last journey (I assume from Navy Pier) was on 65 tracking from 9:10 The second working (66-816) tracks all day from 7:40am to 5:30pm (605 yesterday, 600 is out now today)
  8. Certificate has been renewed and Jacob has added the 600 series to the bus tracker. The addition is retroactive so you can see data from when they first started operating on 3/23.
  9. 8327 has not tracked since 11/11/2019
  10. They have 6 buses at South 20500-20505
  11. OK thanks. I found out it was a mistake in how I was looking at the data from bustracker!
  12. Anyone have an idea of why 1227 to 1235 always seem to move from either 103rd or Kedzie (1230/1/5) for the last few days of each month? They always move back the first day of the next month. This has happened since Sep-2020. 1227-1229, 1232-1234 moved from 77th to 103rd that month. 1230/1/5 moved to Kedzie earlier in 2020. Something to do with servicing artics at the end of the month?
  13. The picture appears to be outside the Complete Coach Works (CCW) base in California. Indianapolis has had some CCW rebuilt Gilligs for a few years. They are 40'. The TriMet might be the first 60' conversion.
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