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  1. That is strange that it's transponder showed up at Pace North Shore in May and June from time to time!
  2. 6298 spent most of May and June at Pace North in Evanston. It appeared at that location, randomly, on various W routes on Webwatch! So it is back and a ghost bus.
  3. Looks like the 2003s (6162-6261) ended last month. I have been checking West routes on the bustracker between 8-8:30am every morning since the beginning of May the last "sightings" were: 6210 5/29; 6224 6/5; 6227 5/28; 6235 6/6; 6255 6/26; 6257 6/24
  4. Last time I "saw" it on Maths22 was 13th Dec 2019.
  5. No problem, here they are from Maths22 tracker. I do not have an exact month for 6708. 6679, 6847 and 6882 were stored at the beginning of the pandemic. 6679 stored 3/20, 6688 7/16, 6704 1/17, 6708 <8/15, 6711 7/16, 6745 7/16, 6750 7/16, 6769 8/16, 6782 7/16, 6783 8/16, 6804 7/16, 6806 7/16, 6811 6/16, 6812 8/16, 6831 7/16, 6842 12/18, 6847 stored 3/20 6697 2/19, 6882 stored 3/20
  6. 6400 last use in service dates for buses you have ??? for retired dates (data from Maths22 bustracker) 7/16 6455, 6456, 6484, 6550, 6740, 6864 8/16 6461, 6482, 6559 9/16 6701 12/16 6572 1/19 6576, 6577 2/19 6466, 6468, 6470, 6473, 6474, 6477, 6488, 6553, 6554, 6558, 6562, 6574, 6579, 6581, 6585, 6671, 6674 Hope this helps!
  7. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    #6678 was on bustracker this morning
  8. On Pace Bus Tracker I have also "seen" 6224 6281 6299 20430 was also out this morning.
  9. From about 3pm yesterday Red line: Howard to Sheridan Brown Line: Kimball to Southport Purple Line Express: not running south of Howard From about 6:15pm Red Line; not running Howard to Sheridan
  10. maths22 The security certificate for your bus tracker expired on 5/15/2020 and I am unable to access it.
  11. 307 was extended to BTC on 6/9/2019. It no longer operates on 63rd from Harlem and Archer and instead is extended south on Harlem, then west on 71st, to Bridgeview Transit Center.
  12. Cook County Car 1 was based at Kedzie and served three state owned mental health facilities during its life. It was also used over the Chicago & Interurban Traction line to Kankakee Mental Health Facility for nine years until the line closed in April 1927, and for six years to the Elgin Mental Health Facility via Chicago & Joliet Electric Railway to Joliet, Aurora, Plainfield & Joliet Railroad to Aurora and Aurora, Elgin & Fox River Electric Railway to South Elgin until the Aurora, Plainfield & Joliet Railroad closed in August 1924 More info about Cook County No. 1 from:http://forgottenchicago.com/forum/5/10734/10916/re__dunning_insane_asylum One of the more interesting facets of Chicago State Hospital was Cook County Car No. 1. From 1918 to 1939, this 60,000-pound interurban type car made weekly trips, carrying mentally ill patients from the Cook County Hospital to Dunning Hospital. For many patients this was their last journey, as many would be warehoused at this hospital for the remainder of their lives. Once inside Cook County Car No. 1, one would find sleeping berths, leather reclining chairs and small cabinets. The car had separate sections for the male and female patients. The female patients were closest to the motorman. Usually the crew consisted of two attendants, a nurse, and a physician. Unruly or agitated patients were strapped to the beds. Patients who were infirm were removed by wheel chairs and stretchers upon reaching Dunning Hospital. When the car’s work was finished, it would return to the old Kedzie station at Kedzie and Van Buren via Irving Park Road to Milwaukee Avenue (Six Corners), to California Avenue to Chicago Avenue, west on Chicago to Kedzie, and then subsequently, to the Kedzie depot. Two Irish lads regularly piloted the hospital trolley from its inception of service in 1918, to its last run on 18th May 1939. They were motorman Danial O’Brien and conductor Patrick Gibbons. Since it was of no value to the Surface lines, Cook County Car No. 1 was scrapped in late 1939. Starting in 1940, a $17,000 gas bus brought patients from the Cook County Hospital to Chicago State Hospital.
  13. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    I can open it, but try a PDF version, attached. There are no 6400s being used in passenger service. I had 75 left which are now stored. 6843 was the last in service being used by 103rd on 111 on 3/30 pm. Forest Glen last used them on 3/25. Covid changes by route.pdf
  14. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    There have been service cuts. Comparing 8am on 3/4/2020 to 8am on 4/8/2020 (both Wednesdays), On 3/4 there were 1363 buses in service, on 4/8 this had dropped to 1058 - 305 fewer buses. (Data obtained from Maths 22 tracker). I have looked at changes by route and that is attached - again 8am 3/4 and 4/8 Covid changes by route.xlsx
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