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  1. The only changes so far are 205 withdrawn and replaced by 208 (E-W part) and 213 (N-S part) with some rush hour changes to 206 to serve Evanston Township High School. The 208, 213 changes took place on Aug 11th, the 205, 206 changes took place on Sep 4th.
  2. Metra and PTC

    and also on UP-NW
  3. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    The first date I saw it in service was 11/11/2011
  4. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    It is 84. On Railroad.net 3 were reported at Western Avenue earlier this week, in Amtrak livery including 470.
  5. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-biz-cta-buses-digital-screens-20181024-story.html "The new screens will be installed in the front and middle of a small number of CTA buses later this year for public testing, CTA President Dorval Carter announced Wednesday while speaking at the City Club of Chicago. The screens will include estimated arrival times for upcoming stops and transfer information, along with ads and public service announcements, such as reminders to riders to keep their bags off the seats. The test screens are being installed at no cost to the CTA by four different vendors, CTA spokesman Brian Steele said. The CTA does not have a budget for the screens at this point, and it does not know how many buses will get the screens during the pilot period. Steele said the pilot program will allow the agency to get customer feedback on how well the screens work."
  6. Metra, Oswego, and earmarks

    They do counts on all lines each year. They were on UP-NW at the beginning of the month.
  7. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    6882 is also active. 6472 has been fitted out as a Community Bus and is kept at 77th. 6581 and 6691 have not been out since mid or late August respectively.
  8. CTA 'L' Rosters

    Took a Blue line from UIC out to Forest park yesterday. Saw 4 8car trains of 3200 series cars. Most cars were in the list Andre sent, but in addition I saw: 3303/4, 3315-22, 3325/6
  9. CTA Bus Garage Rosters Version 2.0

    I have: K: 700 has been out of service (OOS) since 9/18/2017, due to a fire. K: 803 & 806 withdrawn June 2017, 800 in July 2017, 804 the only one in service 1: 1194 77th>103rd 3/18 7: 1342 OOS 12/12/17 fire, 1368-1373 all now at 77th F: 1374-1379 C>F 9/18, 1388/9 P>F 9/18 C: 1390>1394 P>C 9/18 6: 1406 P>6 7/18 K: 1748 P: 1749 (appears both in K and P lists above) C: 1805 OOS 5/17 crash 1: 4300 OOS mechanical trainer since 12/16 7: 6472 OOS Community bus garaged at 77th? F: 6671, 6780 in service 7: 7900 OOS mechanical trainer since 6/16 OOS: All 800 except 804 OOS
  10. More Bus Moves

    1390 to 1394 have moved from P to C
  11. Random Metra

    NS did supply 6193 and 6194 in 2008 as penalty cars.
  12. Pace Bus Moves

    Saw the first 754 this morning. It was 6966 which had come off an inbound 755.
  13. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Yes it should have been 6746 not 6745. 6745 retired in July 2016.
  14. Random Metra

    No, but it runs nearly every day, returning downtown around 4:45pm. Often pass it just north of Clybourn while on #629 on the Northwest Line.
  15. Random Metra

    12 cars were sold to Amtrak in 1973 all built be Pullman in 1958. C&NW 700/1/3 were cab cars > Amtrak 9621/2/4 C&NW 702/4-9 were coach cars > Amtrak 9613/5-20 C&NW 600 was a coach/ lounge-buffet > Amtrak 9600 C&NW 903 was a lounge/ buffet > Amtrak 9601