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  1. The history of the 308 and 331 are intertwined. The 308 is the older route with the 331 being formed from the 308 in 1969. No reason why the route should have a cta connection when it a major north/south connector in the inner suburbs as are the 330 and 332. 308 - Medical Center - was West Towns route #8. Bus route was introduced by Speedway Auto Bus 9/9/21 and included service north of Hines Medical Center (Speedway Hospital) via 5th Ave to Lake St. From 6/22 service extended to Hillside via Lake,19th, Butterfield, Hillside & Harrison but was withdrawn 5/16/23. Speedway sold to West Towns 7/1/30. In 1969 5th Ave segment transferred to new route #6, now Pace #331. 331 - Cumberland-5th Ave. - was part of West Towns #8 operated between Lake St and Hines VA Hospital via 5th Ave. In late 1960’s became separate #6 and extended north to Triton College in River Grove. From 5/24/76, route was extended and renumbered, basically creating present Pace route #331. That route operated north to the Park Ridge train station until 2/27/83, when the CTA rapid transit extension was opened, serving Cumberland Ave. On that date, route #290 replaced route #331 between the Cumberland station and Park Ridge. By 2000 operating from Cumberland Blue line via Cumberland, Grand, Triton College, 5th, Hines, C, Loyola, 1st, 31st to loop Maple, Ogden, Prairie, Washington & Maple in Brookfield. From 1/2/2004 rerouted between Hines & Loyola via Roosevelt and 1st. From 8/12/2019 service south of 1st Ave/31st St split into two branches M-F daytime. One branch to Brookfield Village Hall via 31st, Maple, Grand & Brookfield and the other to La Grange Metra via Ridgewood, Washington & La Grange partially replacing 304. M-F day & eve, S day.
  2. 1305 caught fire. 1821 crashed into a building probably causing severe frame damage. Neither could be economically repaired.
  3. 1305, 1821 and 4167 are withdrawn and will not be coming back.
  4. They were the F40LF Ballard hydrogen fuel cell powered buses. They were new in 1997 and all three withdrawn at the end of the trial in Mar-2000. They spent most of their active time on the 20 Madison.
  5. 909 had a promotional wrap. Seen at Taylor/Halsted on the 157 8/10/2010.
  6. 803 and 806 were withdrawn 6/17 and 800 7/17
  7. busfan2847

    Ghost Buses

    If you look at maths22 tracker the buses at Division are for the 8 Halsted and at one point up to 8 were stored there midday. These are buses for split shifts. If you look during the rush hours these are the ones that have Block ID starting SH. Other ones used are SR (lower Randolph), SN (Navy Pier) and SS (South Shops)
  8. busfan2847

    Ghost Buses

    Midday storage of rush hour buses rather than returning them to garages.
  9. I was wondering that too. They have not been out since last Thursday (8/15).
  10. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    1342 has reappeared on the bus tracker from 9th August at 77th.
  11. This 6400 (reg M119 823) was the pilot bus, The 6400 sold in 2015 was M118 341. The pilot bus briefly carried the fleet number 6400 but has been an unnumbered mechanical trainer ever since. Exactly the same as the pilot 1000 (M125 505) which is retained as a mechanical trainer (see https://www.chicagobus.org/buses/1000 ). The current 1000 (M164 867) was delivered at the same time as 1475-1571 batch.
  12. Probably just stored especially if in the back yard at NW along the fence.
  13. From the registration that is the original 6400 which never entered service and has remained a mechanical trainer.
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