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  1. From maths22 there appears to be about 200 fewer buses out at rush hours yesterday compared to a Monday 2 weeks ago so there has been some cutback, which also explains why there are so many fewer 6400 out.
  2. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    1122 is still on 85 Central; 1166 on 77 Belmont; 1121, 1155 and 119- are out from 103rd. The rest are not out
  3. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    There were 6 6400 Nova out at F at 8am this morning according to bustracker: only 6805 and 6820 were still out at 9:30
  4. In London the New Routemasters entered service allowing passengers to get on at any of the three doors which had ticket machines. Recently they have changed boarding to be at the front only due to people not paying at the middle and back doors.
  5. The security certificate for this site expired on 2/2/2020. Since then I have been unable to access it from a laptop using several web browsers and I cannot add an exception to access the site. I can reach the site on my phone. I have tried e-mailing Jakob to get the certificate renewed but have not got a reply.
  6. 3445-3456 are the cars with roof boards.
  7. Northern Trust use New Enterprise to provide shuttle buses the same as Northwestern. They are not available to anyone except for people working at Northern Trust or NWU. Aries Charter provides similar shuttle services for other companies - not sure who. If you were planning to replace shuttles then they would need to serve Ogilvie as well as Union Station.
  8. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    Yes. Go to https://cta.maths22.com/ Click on Archive of "All Buses Currently In Service" Goes back to 1/29/2016
  9. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    Typically there are Kedzie artics on the 125 with a few 77th journeys in the morning. In the afternoon all journeys are K, When I arrive downtown in the morning all the 125s I see are Kedzie artics. For example from maths22 bus tracker on Wednesday 18th December am 77th 1200, 1327, 1242, 7907; K 4000, 4007, 4011, 4013, 4045, 4059 & 4204 pm K 1600, 1604, 1643, 1667, 4004, 4007, 4014, 4015, 4044, 4046 & 4055 120 and 121 are mainly 77th am but there is at least 1 K journey using a bus that becomes a 124.
  10. busfan2847

    More Bus Moves

    Been back since September.
  11. They were part of a Seattle order not delivered to Seattle, but I assume already in production. Delivery started six months after the order was placed. The straight clean-diesel were $157,000 cheaper per bus but I do not think that was the reason. From Tribune on 5/12/2012 "Calling it too good of a deal to pass up, the CTA board on Wednesday approved the purchase of 100 new accordion-style buses, averaging $800,000 each, that were left over from a contract initiated by the Seattle transit system. The CTA will pay New Flyer Industries Inc.$80.1 million for the 67 clean-diesel buses and 33 diesel-electric hybrid buses. The 60-foot articulated buses were part of an order for up to 715 buses that King County Metro Transit in Seattle agreed to buy from New Flyer. The CTA will use federal and local funds." "The CTA is paying $740,000 for each of the 67 diesel buses and $897,000 for each of the 33 hybrid buses, CTA spokeswoman Molly Sullivan said. The purchase from New Flyer includes spare parts and extended warranties, she said." https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2012-05-10-ct-met-cta-buses-0510-20120510-story.html
  12. 804 has been back in service at Kedzie since 15th November. 801 was withdrawn in 2014, 802 & 809 in 2015, 805 in 2016 and 800, 803, 806-808 in 2017. I doubt any will be back.
  13. The history of the 308 and 331 are intertwined. The 308 is the older route with the 331 being formed from the 308 in 1969. No reason why the route should have a cta connection when it a major north/south connector in the inner suburbs as are the 330 and 332. 308 - Medical Center - was West Towns route #8. Bus route was introduced by Speedway Auto Bus 9/9/21 and included service north of Hines Medical Center (Speedway Hospital) via 5th Ave to Lake St. From 6/22 service extended to Hillside via Lake,19th, Butterfield, Hillside & Harrison but was withdrawn 5/16/23. Speedway sold to West Towns 7/1/30. In 1969 5th Ave segment transferred to new route #6, now Pace #331. 331 - Cumberland-5th Ave. - was part of West Towns #8 operated between Lake St and Hines VA Hospital via 5th Ave. In late 1960’s became separate #6 and extended north to Triton College in River Grove. From 5/24/76, route was extended and renumbered, basically creating present Pace route #331. That route operated north to the Park Ridge train station until 2/27/83, when the CTA rapid transit extension was opened, serving Cumberland Ave. On that date, route #290 replaced route #331 between the Cumberland station and Park Ridge. By 2000 operating from Cumberland Blue line via Cumberland, Grand, Triton College, 5th, Hines, C, Loyola, 1st, 31st to loop Maple, Ogden, Prairie, Washington & Maple in Brookfield. From 1/2/2004 rerouted between Hines & Loyola via Roosevelt and 1st. From 8/12/2019 service south of 1st Ave/31st St split into two branches M-F daytime. One branch to Brookfield Village Hall via 31st, Maple, Grand & Brookfield and the other to La Grange Metra via Ridgewood, Washington & La Grange partially replacing 304. M-F day & eve, S day.
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