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  1. So my pet project recently has been recreating the entire CTA in the game Train Simulator by Dovetail Games. I have completed part of the route but decided to restart from scratch using my own assets. Both the old route and new route are included in the download below. The new route includes the entire Brown Line, the entire Orange Line, the Kimball yard, the Skokie Shops, and a small segment of the State Street Subway (highly WIP; don't expect it to look nice). The old route includes the entire Brown line, Orange line, and parts of the Red and Green lines. Included with both routes are three types of vehicles: the Bombardier-built CTA 5000-series railcar, the Morrison-Knudsen-built 3200-series railcar, and a fictional "Automatic People Mover 400" vehicle (just for the fun of it). All the content is a work-in-progress, so keep that in mind! Videos New 5000-series Model and Texture Demo NEW Brownage (Brown/Orange Lines) Midway - Kimball (3200-series, new route) NEW Brownage (Brown/Orange Lines) Kimball - Midway (5000-series, new route) Brown Line Kimball - Loop (5000-series) Orange Line Loop - Midway (5000-series) Brownage (Brown/Orange Lines) Kimball - Midway (5000-series, old route, narrated) (OLD) Brown Line through State Street Subway* *This happened during a reroute due to a fire. Brown Lines went through the subway to 35th/Bronzeville-IIT Source Files/Contributing The project source files are available on GitHub, which is a project collaboration site. The files are split up into two repositories, along with my side projects. I have a master project located here: https://github.com/users/briman0094/projects/1. In this project are several repositories containing my RailWorks source files, including the CTA assets (track/train/scenery models, textures, etc), the CTA routes, and some other side projects. Keep in mind that the project files are very large and the first time cloning (downloading) the repository will take a long time. Anybody is welcome to offer contributions to the project as I haven't had much time at all to work on it. However, contributions aren't guaranteed to be accepted into the official project. It will depend on how well the contributions fit with the rest of the project as a whole. Contributors should be at least somewhat familiar with how GitHub collaboration works; there is a plethora of excellent documentation on the internet for working with a GitHub project. Installation Currently, the project is not available in a "compiled" or "ready-to-install" form. Anyone who wishes to use the project will need to download the source files and compile them using the RailWorks authoring tools. Installation instructions: All routes require the New York - New Haven route. The old routes require the London - Brighton route. The new route requires the "Racetrack - Metra BNSF" route. Some of these routes should both be included in Train Simulator 2015 by default, and some are available in the Train Simulator DLC shop. Automatic Installation Download the "Automated Installer" archive from the link above Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher Extract the installer and all other files from the archive to their own folder Run the installer and follow the prompts The installation can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on your internet speed. The installer should properly update previous installations and fix broke installations. Manual Installation Download the ZIP archive from the link above Extract the archive to a folder of your choice Copy the "Assets" and "Content" folders to your RailWorks root directory so that they merge with the ones already there For Steam installations, the folder should be at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RailWorks\ For non-Steam installations, the location may vary, but should be in the C:\Program Files (x86)\ directory. Route Details: There should be one route named CTA and one route named CTA (Old) included in the package. The one titled CTA is a new route on which I am using a lot more my own models, textures, etc and less third-party content. The old route has more of the Red Line, however, it is of lesser quality and is not being maintained any longer. The rolling stock used for the Red Line is a a custom-built rail vehicle modeled after the real CTA 5000-series railcars. The sounds should be very familiar to a regular CTA Red-, Purple-, Yellow-, Green-, or Pink-line rider and the physics should be nearly identical to those of a real CTA 5000-series train. The rolling stock used for the Brown and Orange lines is also custom-built, modeled after the CTA 3200-series railcars. Again, the sounds and physics behavior should be very familiar to any regular Brown- or Orange-line rider. Usage Information: The main CTA vehicles are driven like most standard Train Simulator vehicles. The controls are listed below. All CTA trains have a "track brake" which is a form of emergency brake, and this can be activated by holding the "E" button. CTA trains also have a safety feature called ATC, or Automatic Train Control. ATC ensures that the driver is following a safe speed but does not have direct control over the train. If you hear a high-pitched constant beep, ATC is regulating your speed and you are required to apply full brakes. It will then beep every four seconds until you are below the speed limit set by ATC. If you don't apply the brakes within 2.5 seconds, ATC will stop the train and you will have to apply full brakes before being allowed to move again. If you must pass an at-danger signal or move the train in another situation where the ATC restricted speed is 0, you can enable "Rule 6.4 mode" by pressing Ctrl+C. This mode restricts your max speed to 15 MPH and the system will sound a short reminder beep every 4 seconds while the train is moving. The term "Rule 6.4" is a reference to the CTA motorman's handbook section 6.4, which illustrates "operation on-sight" rules, such as when the cab signalling system is unable to be used. The 5000-series vehicles also feature what the CTA calls "ATO," or "Automatic Train Operation." This is a common term in the rail industry, however it normally implies fully automated control of the vehicle, whereas the CTA's ATO system does not actually control the vehicle. This feature is more of a cruise control feature. If you hold the throttle at 100%, the train will automatically coast once you reach the speed limit so that it does not accelerate past the speed limit, and will resume acceleration automatically once the speed limit increases without the driver needing to move the throttle. This feature can only be disabled by disabling the entire ATC system (Ctrl+D). Controls: W/S - Reverser Lever A/D - Throttle Lever E - Track Brake (hold) Note: disables CBTC when pressed Space - Horn (hold) J/Shift+J - LED Destination Sign/Class Lights U - Enable/Disable CBTC Ctrl+D - Enable/Disable ATC Ctrl+C - Enable/Disable Rule 6.4 mode (operation on-sight; max speed 15MPH; used to pass at-danger signals) Note: The train must be completely stopped to enable or disable ACT or R6.4 T - Open Doors Z - Turn 600V system on/off (complete power cutoff/shutdown) The APM400 vehicle drives like a normal train and does not have most of the features of the 5000-series, as it is meant to be driven in CBTC mode exclusively (but can be controlled manually if you desire). All of the vehicles (CTA and fictional) are equipped with Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) which, on the new "CTA" route, will drive the train automatically obeying speed limits and stopping at all stations. Turn this on or off by pressing the "U" button. Note: the real CTA trains do not have this feature, and cannot operate automatically. This is simply a proof-of-concept for the simulator. Credits A big thanks goes out to Dovetail Games and their amazing simulator and content, and especially for their new developer documentation which helped me actually get this stuff in the game. Thanks also to the members of this awesome forum for providing information to make the project more accurate and enjoyable!
  2. hello every one. first of all, I would like to thank the administrators for adding me. I am introducing to you my project. the Metra Electric Route. all tracks are laid to all three branches, complete with stations. and, as a bonus, all tracks are laid and stations added for the South Shore Line to the South Bend Airport Terminal. with this route, I also hope to have route specific trains for it. here is a screen shot if one of the trains I am building. the old Illinois Central Pullman cars.
  3. hi everyone I'm a new member and I came cross a unique and highly detailed bus simulator based on the Cta 124 and 130 downtown bus route. The game is called OMSI 2 Chicago downtown. The link is here. The simulator uses D40LF and DE60LF and has real bike racks and passengers and you can park in Kedzie Garage and even put in a run number in the clever devices IBIS system. http://www.omsi-chicago.com
  4. Wow, I'm in shock, they are actually going to release a Metra simulator from here in Chicago on TS2015. It's going to be of the Racetrack, Metra's Aurora - Chicago route. This is going to be interesting. In the tease photograph, they really rendered the skyline well. It's hard to see if that is a F40PHM-2 loco in the shot, that is sort of rare and also are the last F40PH's ever built. Also interesting is whether there is an MP36PH-3S, included in the game. It should be if it's to be authentic. It's to be released through 3rd party developer Chicago & Southwest Productions Inc., but I can't seem to find out anything about that company.
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