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Transfer list weekend 1-24/25-15 Arrivals 74th = 1266-1270,1301-1304.1306-1310.1784,1786,1791,1794,1796,1858,1859,1861,1862,1854,1869,1041-1046,1060,1062,1117,1290,1297,1300,1330,1343,1346,1350,

1000-1014 have been assigned to Forest Glen.

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3 minutes ago, Mr.NewFlyer1051 said:

100% they moved wit their brothers maybe 1363 stayed maybe it didn’t but yea 1552-1557 are back at their OG garage FG

Yep back from 74th again maybe I’ll get one soon or maybe I’ll get one of the ex-FG 136x’s on the 147 this weekend

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10 hours ago, Mr.NewFlyer1051 said:

4339 on the 50?? very rare to see a 4300 on the 50 it’s not on tracker anymore but it was 15 mins ago

I had to take that run to work yesterday and 1891 appeared as 4339 on the tracker. 

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