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CTA 'L' Rosters

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My sources say "THEY CAN DO IT." Thats all I can be concerned with. No speculation on my part. The tail tracks at Ashland are available. 

SUMMARY Reroute schedules......Monday through Fridays, rush hours only.
AM Fourteen put-outs at Howard run southbound to Ashland. Eight SB runs are lay-up at Ashland. Six NB runs return to Howard and are lay-up at Howard.
PM Six put-outs at Howard southbound go to Ashland. Fourteen northbound runs go to Howard and stay in service. Other runs are lay-up at Howard. Here are the run by numbers...
AM SB 820, through 814. 

AM NB 820, through 914, Eight deadheads.

PM SB 812, through, 821, Eight deadheads.

PM NB 916, through, 921.

Here are the times. AM SB 0712 THROUGH 0830 AT HOWARD. 



No Red lines equipment are yarded overnight at Ashland. Equipment used for lay-ups at Ashland change each day.
98th St. yard will remain open 24 hrs. All Red line trains inservice to 95th St. will operate all the way to the terminal at 95th. Fourteen trips will be diverted to Ashland/63. This happens only on the rush hours, Monday through Friday. Lay-up Red line trains at Ashland/63 will only happen during the mid-day. April 03, 2017 is the date. I like calling this 2017 Englewood "A"....destination Ashland/63rd.

I admit, in the months coming, weekend curtailments might happen, but that would not be from the single yard track....construction would need to take the trains out of the way.


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Ashland/63rd yard report.....Well, the Green line Ashland/63rd yard held all of the scheduled mid-day Red line reroutes. They even had room for the non-rush cutbacks that they did....cutting road trains from 6-car consist down to 4-cars. Monday I spent the morning photographing the branch and south side main. Everything went smoothly although the the day's first reroute was ten minutes late at Lake. The lateness was a north side problem. By the time I made it to Ashland, the rush hour was nearly over. The supervisors evidently kept a fluid schedule, dispatching Harlem Greens and Howard Reds. A Green line train wasn't at the platform, so the let a waiting Red line reroute go. Evidently, there are extra supervisors at Cermak to guide passengers. While I back east to set up a shot, evidently some problem developed which stacked up inbound trains all the rest to Halsted. Over the radio I heard that the last crews to Howard would deadhead on a Green line train to Roosevelt and they could catch a Red line train to Howard. Use their fluid dispatching, they had already sent trains north that they needed too. The last reroute were down 30 minutes they then. The weather will be bad for the next two days. Maybe  I'll get out Friday. Photo.....The tail tracks had been used as this picture shows. I wonder did Cottage Grove did with its cut backs. A word about yards....yards have two capacities.....regular and full capacity.




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