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3200-series - Service Dates

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I'm going to go ahead and get this roster started. While I can't pinpoint exact dates of entry, I can post model year of each car


3200's Assignment List: 12/7/15 Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow,

Not In Service

*=Equipped w/LED Signage

**=Full Rehab


3201-3202(MK 1991)

3203-3204(MK 1991)

3205-3206(MK 1992)

3207-3208(MK 1992)*

3209-3210(MK 1992)

3211-3212(MK 1992)

3213-3214(MK 1992)

3215-3216(MK 1992)

3217-3218(MK 1992)

3219-3220(MK 1992)

3221-3222(MK 1992)

3223-3224(MK 1992)

3225-3226(MK 1992)*

3227-3228(MK 1992)

3229-3230(MK 1992)

3231-3232(MK 1992)

3233-3234(MK 1992)

3235-3236(MK 1992)

3237-3238(MK 1992)

3239-3240(MK 1992)

3241-3242(MK 1992)

3243-3244(MK 1992)

3245-3246(MK 1992)

3247-3248(MK 1992)*

3249-3250(MK 1992)*

3251-3252(MK 1992)

3253-3254(MK 1992)

3255-3256(MK 1992)

3257-3258(MK 1992)

3259-3260(MK 1992)

3261-3262(MK 1992)

3263-3264(MK 1992)

3265-3266(MK 1992)

3267-3268(MK 1992)

3269-3270(MK 1992)

3271-3272(MK 1992)

3273-3274(MK 1992)

3275-3276(MK 1992)*

3277-3278(MK 1992)

3279-3280(MK 1992)

3281-3282(MK 1992)

3283-3284(MK 1992)

3285-3286(MK 1992)

3287-3288(MK 1992)

3289-3290(MK 1992)**

3291-3292(MK 1992)

3293-3294(MK 1992)*

3295-3296(MK 1992)

3297-3298(MK 1992)

3299-3300(MK 1992)

3301-3302(MK 1992)

3303-3304(MK 1992)

3305-3306(MK 1992)*

3307-3308(MK 1992)

3309-3310(MK 1993)

3311-3312(MK 1993)

3313-3314(MK 1993)

3315-3316(MK 1993)*

3317-3318(MK 1993)

3319-3320(MK 1993)

3321-3322(MK 1993)

3323-3324(MK 1993)

3325-3326(MK 1993)*

3327-3328(MK 1993)

3329-3330(MK 1993)

3331-3332(MK 1993)*

3333-3334(MK 1993)

3335-3336(MK 1993)

3337-3338(MK 1993)

3339-3340(MK 1993)*

3341-3342(MK 1993)

3343-3344(MK 1993)

3345-3346(MK 1993)

3347-3348(MK 1993)*

3349-3350(MK 1993)

3351-3352(MK 1993)1

3353-3354(MK 1993)

3355-3356(MK 1993)

3357-3358(MK 1993)

3359-3360(MK 1993)*

3361-3362(MK 1993)*

3363-3364(MK 1993)

3365-3366(MK 1993)

3367-3368(MK 1993)

3369-3370(MK 1993)

3371-3372(MK 1993)*

3373-3374(MK 1993)

3375-3376(MK 1993)

3377-3378(MK 1993)*

3379-3380(MK 1993)*

3381-3382(MK 1993)

3383-3384(MK 1993)

3385-3386(MK 1993)

3387-3388(MK 1993)

3389-3390(MK 1993)*

3391-3392(MK 1993)

3393-3394(MK 1993)

3395-3396(MK 1993)

3397-3398(MK 1993)

3399-3400(MK 1993)

3401-3402(MK 1993)**

3403-3404(MK 1993)*

3405-3406(MK 1993)*

3407-3408(MK 1993)*

3409-3410(MK 1993)

3411-3412(MK 1993)

3413-3414(MK 1993)

3415-3416(MK 1993)*

3417-3418(MK 1993)

3419-3420(MK 1993)

3421-3422(MK 1994)

3423-3424(MK 1994)

3425-3426(MK 1994)

3427-3428(MK 1994)*

3429-3430(MK 1994)*

3431-3432(MK 1994)

3433-3434(MK 1994)

3435-3436(MK 1994)3

3437-3438(MK 1994)

3439-3440(MK 1994)

3441-3442(MK 1994)*

3443-3444(MK 1994)**

3445-3446(MK 1994)*

3447-3448(MK 1994)*

3449-3450(MK 1994)

3451-3452(MK 1994)*

3453-3454(MK 1994)

3455-3456(MK 1994)

3457-3458(MK 1994/Budd 1985)2


1= Cars involved in derailment at Kedzie and presumed retired

2= 3458 is ex-3032 renumbered and paired with Morrison-Knudsen solo unit 3457

3= Cars involved in derailment at Kedzie with CPD car and presumed retired

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The only problem is no #3200's are retired. #3351-52's on the long term hold list.

I presumed retirement because the accident was over two years ago. Why not repair 3351-3352 and put them back in service?

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I presumed retirement because the accident was over two years ago. Why not repair 3351-3352 and put them back in service?

Probably for the usual reason--they haven't hit their 25 year FTA life yet, while plenty of 2200s haven't been retired. At least plenty compared to "they will be gone by Dec. 2012."

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What is up with the seating layout on car 3300? It doesn't have any single seats like the rest of the 3200's. The layout is similar to a 2600. The poles that go from the seat to the ceiling curve to attach to where the anchor point would be if it were a single seat.

I've always found it odd.

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3435-3436 are also on LTH list, not officially retired.

#3351-52 have also been in Skokie Shops yard area for the longest time. Probably not coming back, super long term hold. :P

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    • By Busjack
      CTA has solicitations for 261 color LED signs, 261 HVAC units, and 261 Auxillary Power Supply units. Since the number 261 seemed strange but consistent, I cracked open the sign one, which indicates that it is for 3200 series cars. So it looks like they are getting some sort of overhaul, but not the complete one previously indicated.

      The 261 signs are for 261 sign kits, including sign boxes, control panels and capital spares "to
      be used for the mid-life rehabilitation of series 3200 rapid transit railcars."

      The signs are to be controlled by something that looks like the current two knobs.

      And somebody ought to read section 4.5:
      "Each destination sign unit shall include a receptacle to connect a portable test unit (PTU), which shall be a laptop computer. ... "
      "4.5.2. The PTU shall be used to download the destination sign's readings."

      Also on the PTU software:
      " Downloading of software updates to each system."

      So they aren't programmable, are they? This spec does say to start off with the 45 readings already in the 5000s.

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