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    • By BusHunter
      I was looking on CTA's website and they list some of the details for this upcoming project as well as have a few station renderings. http://www.transitchicago.com/yournewblue/

      I was actually surprised they want to give the stations so much attention. I noticed someone put up one of these banners on the subway walls of Division/Milwaukee.

      I was thinking why would they do that ahead of the project. That's going to get ruined at Division because the walls leak so bad there. I was thinking instead of doing that, they should just put up acoustical panels and put it on there to keep it from getting wet. To really get Division looking good again they could add marble/granite flooring tiles right over the red platform. (I saw the tile guy do just this at Clark/Lake (subway) 5-10 years ago). That along with some better lighting and you can see the difference between Clark/Lake (subway) and Division/Milwaukee.

      Upon reading the project details, it sounds like they may be doing something similar, minus the acoustical panels. I wonder would they put the tile ceiling like what's being done at Clark/Division. (they do mention retiling)

      Some things I needed to look up like an armor deck for California/Milwaukee.
      It appear Metra uses this already. A look at it's application to a wood surface can be viewed below.

      I was also surprised they want to add a wavy ceiling at Jefferson Park similar to what is being built soon at Washington/Wabash. They want to remove all skylights Addison through Cumberland and replace those also. It would be nice to add some doors to some of these stations too, they get cold in the winter wind waiting for a bus. Overall it sounds like a nice upgrade.
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