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58 minutes ago, rotjohns said:

Well considering both routes moved to a Saturday schedule, it makes sense to have multiple buses hit Fedex to promote social distancing.  I'm surprised it wasn't two Axess buses instead of the EZ Rider if the amount of Fedex workers is that steep.  Plus I'm sure work at Fedex has picked up dramatically since everybody's ordering online. It also gives another driver that could've been furloughed a chance to work and stay busy.  

The 386 is fine, not enough people to warrant extra buses. The 379 is the problem, cause almost everyone who takes it are also 79 riders. I was confused as to why they used an EZ Rider as opposed to another Axess; we passed a 379 F trip when we got to Cicero, it was also using an EZ Rider

Also forgot to mention that Southwest has started putting those “intentionally removed from service” papers on buses, and they’ve been promptly ignored everytime. Seen them on 379, 381 and 386

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Same thing happened again today with the 379 in the evening.

In the morning, however, it was just one bus at first. Picked up 10 people at Midway, another 7 or so at Ford City and the usual 20-30 at 79th. However, we got there, she let everyone on, and then sat there for about almost 10 minutes. Then, an EZ Rider showed up behind us, and she said some of us could get on that one. She almost made us late though.

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