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    • By sw4400
      I'm creating this topic because we currently have 25 Novas set to go into assignment at some point in the near future. This is the only purpose for this topic, do not use it to cast arguments about the past assignments or anything as such. Let's monitor CTA for the assignments of these buses and post them here(and perhaps a pic or two as well on route).

    • By East New York
      Good day all!

      My name is Dante, and I am a Transit Systems Engineer based in NYC. I have been following this forum for a couple years here and there, so I finally decided to join. One of the reasons is because my new position will have me traveling all over the country a lot, and I have learned a lot about CTA. Glad to be here, and hope to be a helpful part of some discussions.

      Question #1

      I know a little about the upcoming procurement as I have the RFP, but from your prospective, who all do you think has a chance at this contract, and who would you like to see it awarded to?
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