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700-series XE40 - Deliveries & Assignments

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1 hour ago, BusHunter said:

Well they are not supposed to get the balance of proterras until the testing is complete in case there is an issue somewhere. They should be testing soon. As far as putting them at 77th/south shops, hopefully they can charge the buses without a tower. There's got to be a plug somewhere. If not then they are destined for chicago, but how you would maintain them comes to mind. 

I guess the delay has to do with the towers construction. The future of the industry is charging pads, at least they can't get run over or knocked down. I feel like this is another Ballard #5900. So far I havent been proven wrong. I wonder why all the emphasis on electric, I thought hybrid was good. Electric just seems too bold a step. But that's where the world is heading. On Uber they want to have either all hybrid or electric cars by 2030. They want to start a platform called uber green where you can request an electric car, but It can be hybrid. There's gonna be incentives per ride to pick up passengers on uber green. Me personally, I was going to buy a hybrid anyway. There getting cheaper than they used to be. 


The Navy pier construction is the key to pandoras box because I feel like once its completed the #700s will be shipped to Chicago garage and magically the #600s will appear not to far behind them at least the pilot #600 should be the first one to pop up. Is it also possible that whenever the full deliveries do come, would a bulk of them serve midway bound routes only out of 74th such as the 55s,59,63s and maybe the 62H? Is 74th even equipped yet to handle the #600s or even begin the process towards getting equipped?


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About time these came out

Here it is guys!!! #701!!!!

This was put out the day before the buses were placed in service. If the buses still are operating on the listed runs, maybe someone at Kedzie can supply the actual times. G46-14 New Flyer Electric B

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7 hours ago, BusHunter said:

Tesla is supposed to be the fastest car off the line. Watch all those youtube 0-60 vids. Its freaky fast. Competes with lambo and ferrari but once it gets to 70 the supercars overtake it. I wouldnt buy a Prius or small car, but I like the full size hybrids. Theres even talk of a full size hybrid pickup with electrics coming soon. GM's big draw is gonna be the electric hummer when it comes out. Trucks get bad gas mileage. When that happens it's all over for the cars. 

I hope it dont be over I rather have a gas car cuz u gotta charge a electric car dont want my light bill to go to hell

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After some long over due snooping I've finally found the location of the charging ports that the #700s use. It is a fairly medium sized port that is mounted up agaisnt a wall of the bay along with a charging cord that comes out from the bottom of it that leads to the charging outlet of the bus. It was hard to find at first but after getting a closer view inside the bay I finally figured it out. So this leads me to wonder if Chicago has something similar setup along with 74th? 

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