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CTA 92 Year-Old Historical Cars Ran Saturday, Sept. 13

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Those who were in the know Saturday, got a treat, a ride aboard 4271- 4272, the two historical cars at the 2014 Transit Jamboree at the CTA Skokie Shops. Employees, their families, and guests were treated to rides in those 92 year-old transit vehicles. Rides started from the east side of the shops with a reverse move moving to the shop lead track there we sat waiting to our spot inbetween Yellow line service. In past years a switchman handled chores switching us back just before Howard Terminal but this year we ran through the entire Howard station and reversed south of the station with signals and track switches handled by the tower. That put a new show inplace as normal customers waiting for normal Red, Purple, and Yellow trains stared in amazement.....you should see the facials....and be sure, the phones were out, snapping. I doubt most did not know the they were looking at.....92 year Cincinnati Car Company.
Taking advantage of a walk around tour of the shops, I spied the class number of a series, 2601-02 inside. Several sets of 2600s, 3200s and of course 5000s where inside the shops. Outside was four unmated 5000s including 5532. Several conversations cleared up discussions heard over the internet about that is in store for the remainder of the 5000s. And finally, the two top numbers of the Holiday Day train, 2898-97, was in the shops in preparation for the soon-to-be-here holiday season. The other four 2893-96 cars were outside. All six cars had been in storage since last December.
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Here's some more shots touring the yard. ..

The 2600s are probably dead (in fact should have been off the property already).

However, unless the damage is only to the skin, 3352 looks pretty shot.^ I wonder why they are assuming that the rehabs will be 257 cars.


*I assume that it was in one of the various crashes at Kedzie.

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