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Up to 45 Electric Buses

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25 minutes ago, cta5658 said:

I thought it debuted in 1987 by starting to repaint the 4000-Series M.A.N. Americana buses, the 1000-Series, 7400-Series, 9000-Series, 9600-Series GM Buses, 7000-Series and 7100-Series buses M.A.N. Articulated buses and the 1600-Series and 9800-Series Flyer buses.

True, but that was only the prototype applications. I go by what the buses were painted in, as delivered.

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Not sure if it’s visible, but that white sheet of paper says “CTA Pantograph”

Not sure what that roof attachment is either, but I think it’s new, and lined up about where the 63 bay is



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