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1961 Michigan Ave mystery

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I don't know the source of this photo, but I suspect it was scanned from a postcard:


Why is Flxible 8508 signed for Soldier Field?  The downtown parking shuttle (eventually called 149 Stateliner) didn't extend up Michigan Ave.  The "museum campus" area was then served by 126 Jackson.  It looks to be a midsummer day in 1961 (per license plate color) and it seems unlikely the postcard photographer would have been out on Independence Day (when the American Legion fireworks display was held at Soldier Field back then) and captured that many taxis and buses and people in office clothes.  I can't find any Tribune stories about other big midsummer Soldier Field events that year.

Just an example of displaying the wrong headsign?  Or was there some parking shuttle for shoppers that I don't know about?

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From some quick research it can't be running Stateliner as that was run out of Kedzie in 1961, CTA records from 8/61 show this bus being assigned to Lawndale at the time. Interesting enough this is the first time the bus is shown on a roster; this is a practically brand new bus. I checked what other routes Lawndale had at the time and none of them ran around Michigan/Chicago. The headsign doesn't give away much, every garages rollsign had a generic soldier field heading. My bet is some sort of CTA PR photo or fan trip, brand spanking new bus, no passengers, iconic place for a photo.

Sources I used:




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