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South Halsted Improvements.

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Good afternoon. I was inquiring if anyone had went to the South Halsted Bus Improvement workshop last week @ the Woodson Public Library and if so, what information were you able to gather from CTA and Pace?

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3 hours ago, Pace831 said:

The materials from the meeting are on the Pulse site.

Interesting that the entire corridor is being considered even though this is primarily a Pace project.

  • The queue jumps are interesting, I think on the level they're ineffective, but hopefully there's enough of them to make a difference, provided they go forward with them.
  • The proposed bus lane from 127th to 154th isn't necessary in my opinion, traffic flows freely enough even during rush and the bus moves faster along that section (127th to 147th specifically)
    • Which means to me, as they correctly identified, option #3 is the best
  • The changes I expected to happen to 352 didn't have, glad to see more service btwn Harvey & Chicago Hts
    • I'm thinking whatever 352 runs aren't converted into Pulse runs that still do 95th to Harvey will just be extended to Chicago Hts and current 95th to Chicago Hts runs will stay as it.
  • I'm surprised to see no current service changes to 8A, 108 or even 359

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