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New CTA New Flyers/RMTD.....


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Saturday I was travelling early in the morning on my way to Rockford. What a weekend full of buses!. Along I-90 I spotted two New Flyers EB being driven to CT Transit. And then about 20 minutes later just east of Rockford two brand new CTA NF #1430/1431 on their way to Chicago. #1431 sported a nice large "TransitChicago.com" emblem on it upper rear above the windows. They looked so good brand new and shiny. On the same day I drove into Downtown Rockford I followed an RMTD New Flyer #0007 into the RMTD terminal on State st. and got a look at the brand new NABI 0700 series. When I arrived, about 7 buses in different berths were present. 4 Nabis 2 New Flyers an 1 Gillig 30ft. Also I was able to spot the buses parked inside. One Neoplan 30ft is still on the property #9504. I really like the RMTD colors on the new NABIs. I met an RMTD driver, introduced myself and asked him how they operate. He's had good things to say about it. I have to admit the Rockford NABI buses look really cool when they go by. Actually the entire RMTD bus system is very interesting in the fact they are a small operation, it has a rural small town feel to it. With shorter buses, one central maintenance facility, It is a very interesting transit system! I grabbed a copy of their newest updated transit guide, it has a picture of the new NABI on it. Maybe in the future when I retire from the fire dept. I might consider a second career as an RMTD bus driver! :)

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