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Accessing Transportation Data in the Chicagoland Region

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I post this here now because I perceive its topic is pertinent to some of the posters here on ChiTransit .org; especially the statistic-orbiting cluster.
I've been observing what the Regional Transportation Agency (RTA) has been presenting webinars via Zoom on Tuesdays in June. This coming Tuesday, the 28th, the topic is Accessing Transportation Data in the Chicagoland Region [CMAP & RTAMS].
The webinar occurs from 1:00 - 2:30 pm [CT]. That is the link to all four webinars. Scroll down for the fourth one which includes the link for registration. The subsequent web page will request a first name, a last name, and a valid e-mail address (duplicated). An organization name is optional. I have registered with my real name, but if you do not wish to do so, a pseudonym will be accepted.
Since I now have 1 GB fiber broadband here at the abode, and I already had a webcam and microphone, I have been showing my face on camera on Zoom conferences. So, if you really want to learn my name and what I look like, here is your chance. 🤩
There have been intriguing curves in each of the preceding three webinars. This past Tuesday, curb management issues relating to how to handle incursions of non-transit vehicles in lanes specifically designated for "transit only" delved into whether ticketing offending vehicles, or issuing permits to temporarily allow those vehicles to be there were themselves called out as benefiting individuals or corporations which could afford permits or tickets.
I suspect we will get "inside" data on how CMAP and RTAMS shapes the RTA's service plans. I encourage all of you to register for this.

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