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140 buses deferred


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Someone at CTA stated last week that they are looking for hybrid buses when funding becomes available. (But I don't know if it will be with New Flyer considering what happened with the 140 deferred.) Looks as if they want to replace the nova's some are over 9 years old. It would probably take a year to receive any buses once a contract would be made. I just hope they don't lose some of the nova's because of a future service cut.

I guess that timeline makes sense, also given that bus builders other than New Flyer (i.e. Orion and Gillig) indicated at the beginning of stimulus ordering that their order books were full. The first two orders of Novas (through 6708) wouldn't start being eligible for replacement until very late 2012, but if one were thinking ahead, the timing might be about right.

Within that framework, one would have to think about Nova having reentered the U.S. market and that NY MTA will have had their DesignLine 40 footers for a while (not that CTA cared about what other transit agencies are doing).

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Necropost, possibly again, but I see from the headlines on the homepage that New Flyer is saying that Ottawa picked up the slack.

I gotta stop replying to myself, but this latest NF News Release states that production is now scheduled at 41 EUs per week, and, as such, is sold out through 2010. So, I guess it is no longer scrounging around for replacements for the mythical CTA order.

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If you look at the latest New Flyer press releases, such as this one, they contain the legend:

This award was part of the group of orders for 483 new buses (613 EUs) and options for 40 buses (60 EUs) noted in the New Flyer press release of July 16, 2012 as pending from a number of customers where approval had been granted by the customer's board, council, or commission, as applicable, but purchase documentation had not yet been received by the Company and therefore not yet included in the backlog.

Wonder if this has to do with a certain error made in July 2009 press releases????????

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