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Pace public roster?


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I did hear of someone getting a Pace roster sometime in the past year or so. It was said to be difficult though as they needed to pick up a paper version in person at Pace headquarters IIRC. Definitely no asking "Can I have a current list of the active bus fleet?" in an email and getting a list or spreadsheet emailed back as has happened with some TAs i've contacted. Granted I haven't tried asking Pace as the info. is already available online from other sources.

I have the feeling (and that was reinforced elsewhere by Andre) that Pace doesn't really want the public to know what its roster is, even though one would hope that there is some internal computer control on its equipment inventory.

This is supported by recent comments about the list in the budget, and the stock Facebook response. In fact, while the official source, RTAMS, no longer needs a login, the Pace Rolling Stock Page indicates that the source is a Jan. 1, 2009 APTA survey. The only thing on Jan 1, 2009 that possibly correlates with the 2011 budget is the 2010-2011 "Unknown Future 40ft Bus Order" for 67 (now apparently 96)

As far as other sources, they are the ones that are here. Any other does not seem independent of us. As could also be inferred, just about all of us (except 1 or 2) are independent of Pace and rely on street or WebWatch sightings.

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