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7 hours ago, Busjack said:

I don't follow you here.The single asterisk only points out that the $2.25 fare (for now) applies at all L stations except O'Hare..

And if you look up above in the that the single asterisk is next to both the $2.25 current L fare using Ventra transit value and next to the $5 O'Hare premium bringing me to my point that the fare chart implies the $5 seems to only apply if riding the Blue Line from O'Hare is your first or only ride as opposed to the admittedly slim instance of if you rode a Pace #250 or #330 bus first and transferred to the Blue Line as I laid out.

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14 hours ago, jajuan said:

If he means taking either a 250 or 330 to the remote lot and taking the free light right to the terminal where the O'Hare station is located, actually it is possible to transfer. The fare chart though seems to imply that the $5 only applies to when boarding at O'Hare is your first ride since the footnote about the premium fare is linked to both the $2.25 Ventra first ride L fare and the $5 O'Hare premium fare entries.

jajuan is correct. I did this this past summer returning from the Blue Nose Brwy. in Hodgkins. The return route was the Pace route #330 to O'Hare, and the Blue Line “L” back southeast. I was charged only 25¢ for the transfer.

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