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Here Comes George Jetson/The Age Of The Flying Autonomous Car

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So I'm sure you guys heard about the autonomous drones Uber wants to have in place by 2020 right, cause it was all over the news. Well being interested by this, I was looking and Dubai actually has a flying drone taxi that it was wanting to put in place this past summer. In September it took it's maiden voyage on a test flight. Very interesting. What technology can't do.

Then if that doesn't blow your mind, they actually have a car in development that is an autonomous car and an autonomous plane all built into one vehicle. Who needs a taxi anyway. Prices are a bit steep, up to 1.3 million a vehicle, but is slated for a release soon. It's called the Terrafugia. This makes a Tesla look like child's play. Funny Dubai once again says it will be the first to sell flying cars to the public.


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