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Turning passengers into the RR Police

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Has any Metra, BNSF, or UP conductor had to turn a passenger into the RAILROAD Police upon arrival at a downtown station? I bring this up because during lolla someone was playing on the tracks in front of the Wilmette Depot and they tried to deny him boarding but he managed to slip on. The train called UP commuter control and after giving a description of the offender they requested to have a special agent meet the train downtown. Is this a common practice? Thanks.

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It used to be more than now. Metra has become shy about enforcing rules regarding trespassers or troublemakers. Metra cops won't respond and when they do, they have been instructed not to arrest. Brain child of current management. I guess they are afraid they will lose a fare or two. I am sure the contract carriers have been instructed the same way. It doesn't make the employees all that gung ho to enforce anything since they don't get backed up. For example, you get bitched out about not collecting a fare, but yet try to enforce someone not paying said fare or surcharge you get reprimanded. Very confusing, disheartening and quite honestly a questionable practice. Those who don't respect the rules or procedures seem to be encouraged to get away with it and those who do end up paying for it in the long run.  Don't understand it one bit, but welcome to the year 2018. 

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