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1. I am impressed to see Pace is up to date on the updates to the RTA system map ( http://www.pacebus.com/pdf/RTA_System_map.pdf ) with the changes to the west division.

2. On the map, the unheard of 889 is there.

This applies to the close up Chicago and outlying area map view page 1 of 2.

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Trainman had previously discussed how the map is done.

Some of the prior mistakes, such as extending 411 into Glenview are still there on the CTA side, even though Trainman said that CTA was not responsible for the Pace overlay.* In fact it gets worse, as 411 is extended into The Glen. The RTA side looks better.

I thought that 889 may be excusable as being cut after the deadline, but it isn't on the RTA side.


*The official CTA Map has the usual box to call Niles Village Hall. So, the RTA folks had nothing to trace.

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