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Pace one day pass proposal


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Recently, I was doing a lot of traveling on Pace running errands while my bike was broken. I went all over from Skokie to Wilmette to Evanston to Niles and back. I probably took about 8 bus rides around the area in one day and spent almost $6.00 on my Chicago Card. Does anyone else think that Pace should develop a one day pass like the CTA has. It is very useful for those who spend a whole day running around like I do sometimes and would save me a lot of $$. What do you think?

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As far as it would save someone a lot of money, it probably wouldn't or Pace wouldn't adopt it.

A CTA one day is $5.75, and CTA doesn't sell cash bus transfers. Out of the 8 rides, you said you spent $6.00, so a decent number must have been transfers. If you had plunked down 8 cash fares, it would have been $14.00, so theoretically you saved $8 already.

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Guest DevalDragon

I don't know why they don't raise the cost of the 1 Day Pass to $6.00, give the extra quarter to Pace, and make the 1 Day Pass good on Pace as well...

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