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Memorial Day Bus

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It is beautiful! It represents our heores well! I would be proud to drive a bus that looks like this! Unfortunately CTA dosent seem like an agency that recognizes our military heroes.  

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While it's nice that Pierce Transit got a bus wrapped for the occasion, I think it's pretty safe to say folks here are more concerned with there still actually being a significant number of buses being on the road beyond the summer months than they are one or more of them from either CTA or Pace not getting a Memorial Day wrap now that our illustrious governor has succeeded in getting folks freaked about service cuts despite it still appearing at this point that any huge service cuts to still be more fantasy than reality at this point given he still has an uphill battle to sell his proposals to that very same veto proof legislative majority that Quinn had to contend with despite that said same majority and the former governor being of the same political party. 

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