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August 2022 Pace Board meeting

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Among the items vovered:

•Plainfield garage is slated to receive the buses from Joliet around October.  The plan is the buses will start their day (date to be determined) in Joliet and end that same day in Plainfield. 

•Pace receive a $20 million discretionary grant towards the Harvey intermodal terminal at the Harvey Metra Station.   This will be right next to the station as opposed to the current TC.

°  Back to Plainfield.   During the ribbon cutting ceremony MCI had an electric demo bus on site.  I couldn't tell by the picture if it was the electric Dmodel commuter or the J4500 charge.

°  pace approved the purchase of the Gillig electric bus.  No specifics on where the bus will be used in service.

°  Future Pulse service corridors besides 95th and Halsted include Harlem,  Cermak,  and Roosevelt. 

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Plainfield - Probably Friday for all the MCI buses and EZ Riders working that day, then maybe Saturday for the remaining EZ Riders for the move.  Makes more sense to do it, then they have the full weekend.

Pulse - Harlem (307) definitely could use it, traveled down that area on a weekday last week and it was a packed bus down around Archer.  Cermak (322) is hit or miss, but I would imagine it would be appreciated during rush hour especially.  Roosevelt - Different buses run down there depending on the area, could be from Wheaton all the way to the Oak Park area.  Wonder which bus would do that unless they're thinking of creating a new route that would strictly stay on Roosevelt the entire length?

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