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On 7/10/2018 at 1:53 PM, Busjack said:

There were also 145 and 146 locals at one time.

Prior to about 1977, Marine Dr. was connected to 156 instead of some route on Michigan.

Marine Dr in the 1950's (maybe since CMC days) had a single am rush 151 trip sb starting at Argyle.In 1964 some rush 156's in rush direction via Clarendon-Montrose-Marine, soon aftet some rush trips from Foster. Wilson ODX via Wilson-Marine to Irving Park in 1970. All day as 146 only from 1977. Same time 156 via Marine to Wilson all dsy, some rush still to Foster for a while.

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A bit of signage trivia - CSL motor buses all had one-piece front signs. Originally just destination, but after sometime in mid-30's added route numbers. Trolley buses in 1930's had two piece, small route number sign, large destination part.

CMC used two pieces. Large part on curb side had route number and name' small part on street side had destination. Except 1305-1399 which had them reversed. Small destination at curb,  route number and name on street side. This is because they were built for Fifth Ave Coach in New York and this was how New York signs were set up as their destination part was immensely long so they used a single line for each and had only about a three inch high display on that side. CMC and CTA never changed this.

Also, while they had a normal sign display, CMC 1425-1444 as I remember the series correctly were also built to New York spec as with safety windows (fixed lower part) instead of single piece and three steps up instead of the GM standard two at the front door. 



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10 minutes ago, Lloyd said:

Looking for bus roller curtains. Preferably NP. Reply to <LloydWinston721@gmail.com>


Watch ebay...there are quite a few out there from time to time.

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