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Chicago Ford Torrence Plant Operations

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As you know I went over there to see the CRRC building, but I had been to the Ford plant on business. It was dark and I couldn't really see the property. So I wanted to come back in the daylight to see the operations because automotive assembly lines fascinate me as well as buses and trains.and planes. So let me get started sharing my adventure...


This is just the front of the assembly plant with the Ford sign. Thought it should be bigger.


So they have these auto carriers that you see on a regular freight consist. They have like 4 tracks of them about a good 1/2 mile long and they have these long ramps. Guys just drive the cars right in. Cool!! The holding lot is huge about the size of a football field or greater. Theres a good 200-300 cars here brand new just built. Police interceptors, regular cars you name it, but they just build Taurus' and Explorers there. The Taurus is only being built until March when the 2020 Lincoln Aviator gets started. So I was driving around touring the grounds and they have this truck all wrapped, but they are just white trucks. They are excessively wrapped I'm like wth? The other Explorers are unwrapped? I look that up and yeah a 2020 is coming out on Jan 9th so damn I think I just saw the new model before anyone else!! LOL!!


Then further down Torrence they have a bunch of car carriers with new explorers on them. There were a couple with what looks like Toyotas. I can't explain that.


I didn't really want to be noticed so I kept my distance, but I enjoyed my adventure.

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5 hours ago, BusHunter said:

So they have these auto carriers that you see on a regular freight consist. 

At least at some point, one riding the South Shore could see the double decker rail carriers on the adjacent tracks.

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