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All door boarding pilot


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On 8/11/2020 at 8:12 PM, NewFlyerMCI said:

#4090 is on the 79, allowing passengers to board thru the rear. Only a couple have done so so far, but everyone has tapped their Ventra card at the reader

Which shows that folks were looking for problems where it was stated several times over it wouldn't be. Yeah the pilot for all door boarding was announced for the south side with J14 and 192 as the pilot routes, but most people on the south side pay their fares and tap their cards just like everyone else in the city. That it happened that day on the 79 is a consequence of artics having moved from 103rd to 77th and K as part of the spreading out of artics among all the garages that have maintenance facilities for better social distancing on the buses. 

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