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Mobility as a Service (Transit app)


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There was a discussion at the June board meeting at this point about a contract with Transit for an app for Mobility as a Service, which is intended to bring together fixed route, paratransit, On Demand, and TNC services.

Although what will be developed is yet to be seen, it seems short in that other Transit apps take care of fare payment, but it seems that Pace will still be relying on the Ventra app to some extent, and while Google Maps integrates CTA, Metra, and Pace (but not the other Pace modes), integration with CTA and Metra wasn't  mentioned here.

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2 hours ago, YoungBusLover said:

I understand where he's coming from but what's so hard about using a web browser from your phone to look up the same kind of results? Regardless if it's an app or not the tools are there to make things easier on riders.


The advantage of Transit is that if you enable location, it automatically reports everything at nearby stops. You don't have to know the route or stop number, and, if, as in the portrayed screen, have to choose between CTA, Pace and Metra. I don't lnow what the app you had requires to get a reading, but I didn't have to tap or pull down "93 California-Dodge" and then "Emerson-Ridge." It also does trip planning if you put in a destination, although a couple of difficult destinations implied that I should load a bike on the rack.

When I tried it near Old Orchard, it had enough sense to say that the Yellow Line was not available.

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