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MCTS bus moves

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Is it just me or are MCTS buses jumping around the 3 garages like crazy jumping beans? I've seen buses that have been KK for years at FDL now, FDL buses at FB, and FB buses at KK. I've even seen a few buses from one garage switch to another garage for maybe a week or 2 and then go back to their original garage. Is there a reason buses are being swapped so much?

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I've seen long time KK buses 4819-4829 now at FDL, 4453-4460 long time FDL buses at FB, and 4425-4430 long time FB buses at KK. I've also seen FB buses like 4328, 4434, 4814 and FDL buses like 4370, 4713 doing routes at KK one day then going back to their respective garages the next.

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The short-term swaps are probably day-loaners, if a garage is short of buses for some reason (high count of buses in the shop for maintenance). Also, since MCTS is in the process of receiving a new fleet of buses, existing buses are likely to be redistributed.

Such transfers can be done to simplify maintenance (if the 4800s have slightly different mechanical needs than the other buses, then not having a subfleet of 11 buses at KK may make things more efficient).

Sometimes, certain buses may also have certain equipment (such as APCs, or other test equipment that may be unnoticeable to the passenger), and there may be a desire to have those buses at a specific garage or even on specific routes.

There are many reasons such transfers may be done.

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This is what is at KK station Now

All 4000's and 4100's that are left are now at KK

4300-4319 and 4388&4389 (4300-4310 & 4318,4319,4388,4389 are automated people counter buses)




4716 (temp Loan)


No 4800's


5001 (rotating bus)


All 4200's are out of service.


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On 9/4/2020 at 2:14 PM, artthouwill said:

Way to resurrect this thread.   I need to make a trip to Milwaukee.  I'm sure they have gotten newer buses since 2010.  I also want to scope out Mitchell Field and the Amrrak/Greyhound Intermodal facility 

All vehicles delivered before 2010 are withdrawn (there were no deliveries between 2006 and 2010). The following information comes from the CPTB Wiki site (https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Milwaukee_County_Transit_System)

Current fleet thought to be:-

4700-4750       New Flyer D40LF                     2003                w17-19

4800-4829       New Flyer D40LF                     2004                w17-19

4900-4914       New Flyer D40LF                     2004                w18-19

5000-5008       New Flyer D40LF                     2006                w19                 - 5009-31 cancelled due to cuts  

5100-5189       New Flyer D40LFR                   2010               

5200-5234       New Flyer D40LFR                   2011                                        - 5219 totaled 5/15/18

5300-5354       New Flyer D40LFR                   2012                                        - 5334 w7/4/19 fire

5400-5454       New Flyer XD40                      2013               

5500-5534       New Flyer XD40                      2014               

5600-5627       New Flyer XD40                      2015               

5700-5729       New Flyer XD40                      2016               

5800-5814       New Flyer XD40                      2017               

5900-5922       Gillig Low Floor BRT               2019               

Planned orders 2019

 (21) or (10)     Gillig Low Floor BRT               2020                           

(0) or (11)        Articulated BRT buses             2020               

(11)                  Gillig Low Floor BRT               2021-2023      

Hope this helps!

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