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Highliner Retirements and Destination


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Any indication how many have gone to the crusher, and the disposition of those on Milw N sidings?

At least those have pantographs, so I assume IRM can run theirs.

There was a note out last weekend to have all the old cars picked up from Rondout. Some wound up at 47th street on the Rock, some are at Purington in Blue Island, and I believe there are some at KYD too. There was a storage track built at Van Buren Street with no power lines which is also rumored to store retired cars. Don't know for sure if anything has gone to the shredder, at least yet.

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The 20 or so cars that were not repainted silver/blue when they were rebuilt were disposed of some years ago. Many survive. There are a couple at a small museum in Mendota, a couple at Boone IA, some others. Right now there are many dead cars at 47th on RI, and a bunch at Rondout. Nothing has been scrapped recently.

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