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Field trips on Metra


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Has anyone on here ever had a field trip or large group use Metra? If yes how was it? Today I was taking the 12:35 out of Ogilvie home from work,and a group of School Kids from Kenosha  returning from a field trip came on and were allowed to ride in a closed off car. Thank you

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I went on a field trip with my 3rd grade class a long time ago. We got on at Oak Lawn Patriot and took the Southwest Service to Union Station. We had a whole car to ourselves, and we only had to pay for the bus transportation to the station and the activities in the city. We took off-peak trains so we could get a whole car to ourselves. I think our teachers called Metra a month in advance to organize all this.

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50 minutes ago, MRChiCity said:

Why would you all say that School Field Trips might use Metra instead of Bus? 

Could be timing.  School bus charters generally have to fit in between school bus runs.  It could be a big problem if a bus can't pick up students from school in time because it was still on a charter.   The school runs are the bread and butter of a school bus company's business and field trips and charters are gravy.  That doesn't mean that school bus companies won't do those longer charters,  but they will cost more.

For the school,  it may be more cost effective to use Metra.   Metra already gives student discounts and discounts for group travel.  For example,  its better for a group of 10 to by a ten ride ticket than 10 one ways .  Metra probably has a department to handle large groups like that.  

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